Celebs With Mustaches? Perfect for ‘Movember’ Movement! (PHOTOS)

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Hollywood's best facial hair!
Making the bold lifestyle choice of rocking a mustache is becoming increasingly rare these days. Unless you’re a firefighter, police officer or a hipster, there really just isn’t much room to pull off solely lip hair … that is, unless it’s for charity.

That’s right, it’s not only November, it’s Movember once again — the movement where fellas can let their ‘staches grow freely without having to be self-conscious, as it’s all for a good cause. The campaign is aimed at raising awareness for men’s health, specifically towards prostate cancer and other cancers that men are often afflicted with.

How does it work? It’s kind of like those charity 5k runs, except instead of doing any sort of exercise, you grow a mean ‘stache and people donate to support your endeavor. Learn more about it here, and meantime, allow us to enjoy the goodness of celebrity ‘staches new and old.