Courtney Stodden Tries to Quash Rumors By Getting Ultrasound of Breasts (VIDEO)

Court Under the Knife?
Green Mile star, 51, marries 16-year-old beauty pageant winner and singer
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Courtney Stodden is baring her breasts on TV!

Appearing on Dr. Drew's Lifechangers this Monday, the teenage bride lays it all down by getting a public ultrasound of her breasts on the show. Courtney hopes the procedure will prove that she did not go under the knife in any way -- ending rumors of an alleged breasts enhancement surgery.

Check out the sneak preview above and let us know if you believe Stodden in the comments! 

The internet went into a frenzy last week when photos of a young Stodden, looking drastically different, surfaced on the web. The pictures in question sparked rumors that the young bride had plastic surgery to alter her appearance -- including augmentations to her face and breasts.

Courtney made headlines this summer when the 17-year-old married actor Doug Hutchison, a man who is 35 years her senior.

Despite her young age, Stodden repeatedly flaunted her sexuality in skimpy outfits during outings with her older hubby. The couple's PDA reached a new level when the pair was kicked out of a pumpkin patch for behaving inappropriately in the family environment.



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  • putri

    simpel bos makasih infonya

  • Shiloh

    I really feel sorry for her. She has obvious issues with what seems many problems. I hope she gets her issues addressed but it seems she has her mother pushing her to continue these antics. You see her mom in a lot of their shots. She can cover up and still be sexy but at least grow up first..please!

  • Samuel Johnson
    Samuel Johnson

    You are because it don't matter they are real or fake!!!

  • Eric

    Why does she always lick her lips?

  • lynn

    Who cares about her bags? Honestly that women is totally self absorbed. Spray tanning your chest to make your boobs look bigger by giving them fake shadow lines right there makes then fake even if she didn't have surgery and the fake spray tanned 6 pack is just as obnoxious.

  • Kaylee Collison
    Kaylee Collison

    Goddamn Her! Her tits are as fake as any I've seen, can't believe she is still manipulating people into saying they're real, any dummy with remote knowledge of breast implants will know they are such!!

  • princess

    she is just trying to be the next kim kardashian (any one remember her xraying her ass to prove it was real? celebs are ridiculous!

  • KayGreen

    Yea she is pretty hot. I would marry her that dude is one lucky sob

  • Sinn

    Who cares, she is smoking hot!

  • Bman

    Who does she think she's kdding? Those are about as real as a $3 bill. It's not even hard to see.

  • Amanda Chiu
    Amanda Chiu

    Dr Drew is faker than her tits.

  • Mike Fulton
    Mike Fulton

    Another Celebuzz FAKE VIDEO LINK! WOOT!

  • miss.rouso

    it's not they're fake.. what isn't her breast is all padding. i'd rather you get implants and at lease be able to fill up your bra. a tiny boob in a huge bra is not attractive.

  • Jenna Lynn Strange
    Jenna Lynn Strange

    i think she just uses the miracle bra from vs--they make you look two cup sizes bigger

  • HHHL

    I never thought the issue was if her boobs are real or fake, her boobs are real but they are heavily padded to make them look fake.

  • AlaBella

    The problem is that her mother seems to think all is fine and dandy with her daughter, who she calls the new Anna Nicole Smith

  • AlaBella

    The problem is that her parents, or at least her mother, seems to think it's all fine and dandy, and that her daughter is the next Anna Nicole Smith

  • DeeDeeDee

    Dr. Drew should be ashamed of himself! Oh, least he isn't going to be killing any more patients on Celebrity Rehab....

  • momx2

    This just makes me sad to see this teenage girl on stage pretending to be an adult, proving her breasts are real to the world. How ridiculous. And it's disgusting that Dr. Drew would go so low. I'm a mother of 2 girls and I think I have more of a protective instinct for this poor girl than her own parents do! Her parents should be telling her that she doesn't need to be doing this! It's her body, her private business. She may feel grown up right now but in a few years she is going to feel like her childhood was stolen from her. So much wrong with this whole situation...

  • AlaBella

    Anything for attention, right Courtney? And my gosh, she looks like she's going to spread her legs and let that "doctor" stuff her in front of everyone!

  • Tkjack

    World is comin to and end just be patience

  • newpeople

    in all her pics its obvs she is wearing a ton of padding/water bras like 2/3 of her boobs are stuffed. she is fake either way.


    she is insane little bich...

  • courtneybaaaby

    she probabley got her husband to pay them alot of money to say they're real.

  • Irene

    How stupid is that to get a hospital procedure when no one cares. What is she being photographed for anyhow, because she married some freak?? What is this world coming to??

  • JaylikeBird

    I love how people get all tizzied up by this little scenario. Your fussy little attachments are so cute!!

  • Paula

    Dr drew exploits addicts for money no shock he'd exploit a child as well. She doesn't need a press interview she need a dcyf interview. And don't waste time on an ultrasound get her a drug test. Aside from her drug problem and obvious daddy issues - she is a shame an utter shame. Her parents should go to jail. Not for letting that dude marry her- he's gay- she's a sad excuse for a beard. Her parents should go to jail for watching their child spiral - drugs etc her 15 minutes will be over soon- she will overdose

  • simplydiffer

    They're fake, no matter what that ultrasound says.

  • Erin Elizabeth
    Erin Elizabeth

    Dr Drew - how low will you sink for ratings? Give it up old man.

  • TPF

    Doesn't really matter is they are real or fake, she is dumb as a rock and ugly as a, well you know.


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