Courtney Stodden Tries to Quash Rumors By Getting Ultrasound of Breasts (VIDEO)

Court Under the Knife?
Did Stodden have plastic surgery? Celebuzz talks to the experts!
Courtney Au Naturale
The young bride bares it all for a coffee run!
Courtney Stodden Pics!
Check out the teen bride.
Courtney Stodden is baring her breasts on TV!

Appearing on Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers this Monday, the teenage bride lays it all down by getting a public ultrasound of her breasts on the show. Courtney hopes the procedure will prove that she did not go under the knife in any way — ending rumors of an alleged breasts enhancement surgery.

Check out the sneak preview above and let us know if you believe Stodden in the comments! 

The internet went into a frenzy last week when photos of a young Stodden, looking drastically different, surfaced on the web. The pictures in question sparked rumors that the young bride had plastic surgery to alter her appearance — including augmentations to her face and breasts.

Courtney made headlines this summer when the 17-year-old married actor Doug Hutchison, a man who is 35 years her senior.

Despite her young age, Stodden repeatedly flaunted her sexuality in skimpy outfits during outings with her older hubby. The couple’s PDA reached a new level when the pair was kicked out of a pumpkin patch for behaving inappropriately in the family environment.