Darren Criss Pumps Iron With ‘Glee’ Guys (VIDEO)

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The Glee guys finally got a little down time between filming and decided to hit the gym for a little… body building?! Cory Monteith decided to film Darren Criss, Harry Shum Jr., and Mark Salling pumping some iron and lifting weights and uploaded the hilarious video for all their fans to see.

So are they really working on getting some six-pack abs and bulging biceps? Not exactly. Don’t be fooled by the “intense” workout; the guys have quite a surprise if you watch long enough — and reminds us why we love them so much. 

Just in time for the holidays, the cast of Glee is released an amazing holiday album, which is set for a November 15 release. Naya Rivera gets a song of her own on the album! Be sure to listen to her seductive and sultry cover of “Santa Baby” HERE!

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