Flashback Friday: Watch Kelly Clarkson Audition For ‘American Idol’ (VIDEO

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Who’s that girl? It’s our American Idol, Kelly Clarkson

Before she took the whole thing and became a top-selling recording artist, Miss Kelly had to audition just like everybody else. We also see her sassy side when she trades places with Randy Jackson at the judge’s table and tells Ryan Seacrest to fix his highlights!

Pop quiz: What song did she sing to impress the judges?

Surprisingly, it wasn’t a power ballad but rather “Express Yourself” by Madonna. Kelly blows it up!

Kelly has a new album out called Stronger. Is she ever! Kelly says this is her best-sounding record yet, and we can’t find fault there. Her voice has never sounded sweeter. 

Celebuzz recently quizzed Kelly — about herself! We asked her some fun facts like the which records she’s broken, other artists that have name dropped her in songs, and more! Her personality — and pop culture knowledge — truly shines. Another reason we heart Kelly!