Jennifer Lopez's Black & Nude Minidress: Yay or Nay? (PHOTOS)

Jennifer Lopez is currently in Buenos Aires, Argentina searching for talent for her upcoming reality show, Q'Viva--The Chosen!, and her wardrobe choices have noticeably reflected the warm, Argentinian weather. On Thursday, J.Lo was seen wearing a belly-baring midriff top.

This time around the "On the Floor" singer wore a sexy, abstract nude and black halter mini dress that showed off her signature curves and rocking figure. Jennifer polished off her outfit with a black studded clutch and sunglasses, and a top knot bun.

What do you think of Jennifer's daring dress? Yay or nay? Play fashion critic and give your review in the comments!

The pop diva is also lined up to produce and reportedly star in a live-action, film version of the iconic video game, Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego? Meanwhile, catch Jennifer in January when she returns to her judging duties on the 11th season of American Idol.


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  • gelareh

    what's the brand of this dress??????

  • gelareh

    i want to know that what's the brand of the dress of Jennifer Lopez that wears a daring black and nude mini dress on Nov. 4, 2011 as she films Argentina for her new reality show, 'Q'Viva.'

  • miss.rouso

    love this outfit. looks so good on her.

  • Jasmine

    Her time is over to try and be the super star she once was, time for her to grow up and be a mom. Plus her legs and thighs are not all that.

  • jerryann

    i think i wore that dress to my eighth grade homecoming dance.

  • monica

    JLo your old stop trying to look young. instead of trying to look for a baby daddy for your kids be a mom. i see kim kardashian is learning bad habits from you. are you her friend because you feel left behind and want attention as well. to me your another hoe thats been around hollywood and take away marry man but what goes around comes around your a single mom now.

  • Rebecca Sterling-Akers
    Rebecca Sterling-Akers

    I wish I looked like that and I haven't had any kids yet! Sheesh.

  • Alex

    You guys wish u looked half as good as her ..envy is a bitch

  • Edwin

    JLO LOOKS HOT!!!! Lmfao At The Hater!! Jealous Much? Lol JENNIFER LOOKS REALLY GOOD WOW

  • babii

    Jeniffer Lopez Is BEAUTIFUL & If I Was Her Age With That Body I Would Show It Off Just Like She Does You Go Girllllll Show These HATERS How It's Done <3

  • trilia

    Da woman stil luks super hott fo ha age dis dress z stunning,on ha nd m nt even a beeg fan of ha'z bt she luks great

  • Meghan

    This dress DOES NOT fit her, and it looks horrible

  • o_O

    Pornstar...wait.. milf.

  • Guest

    This may have been cute when she was 20 but the woman is 40 and a mother of twins. Now it's only pathetic. Dress and act your age, woman.