Report: Justin Bieber's Alleged Baby Mama Mariah Yeater Made Paternity Claim Against Ex

JB: Not My Baby!
Justin Bieber addresses paternity claims. Watch »

Mariah Yeater made headlines earlier this week when she claimed that Justin Bieber was the father of her baby, but according to TMZ, this isn't the first guy she has made a paternity claim against.

TMZ is claiming that Mariah insisted that her ex-boyfriend John Terranova was the father of her child in December 2010, and the two got into an altercation after she showed up at his home to make the claims.

According to John's grandmother, Frances Lippe:

"The two got into an argument and police were called because Yeater allegedly broke a car window out of rage. Later that day, according to the police report, Yeater returned to the home to work out a payment plan for the window and got into another altercation with Terranova and allegedly slapped John 3 separate times in the face with her open right hand. Yeater was arrested and charged for battery. A court date has been set in Vegas. Lippe tells us after the altercation, they never heard from Yeater again."
Mariah claims that she and JB hooked up after one of his show's at the Staples Center in LA last summer, and that Justin is the father of her 3-month-child.

The Biebs called the lawsuit “sad,” telling

“It’s sad that someone would fabricate malicious, defamatory and demonstrably false claims. We will vigorously pursue all available legal remedies to defend and protect Justin against these allegations.”
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  • Avan Jogia
    Avan Jogia

    Lies everywhere there is a lie. She said that they were mutally attracted to each other on his concert common man there is alot of hot girls out there and he chose her She has done this before to her . Justin is my friend and I do respect him and Selena

  • Rose Dawson
    Rose Dawson

    I dont think she's ugly but I think she did to get a brain fix. Not trying to be shallow but she has done it before and doing it again? Like srs. The baby looks cute but dont even look like Justin

  • sdfgh


  • Cody Rice
    Cody Rice

    why wow he with a skank like this

  • Guest

    I cannot believe how many shallow people there are and how many people hate on a person or persons that they don't even really know. I am not a fan of the situation and I am not choosing either side, but what I do think is that we need to or well all of you need to have a reality check. Just because you read all on Wikipedia about Justin Bieber doesn't mean you know him know him. Cool, he's done charity work, that's great. IT DOES NOT mean he's an all around perfect person because no one is perfect. Another reality check - this woman here, she's a mother to a beautiful baby boy. She's also a HUMAN BEING. She might or might not have had sexual relations with Justin Bieber, but give her respect. I am not saying believe her story, but don't act like teenagers. She's not ugly. Perhaps too much cover-up, but she's not ugly. People grow up. Get a life and stop trying to live someone else's.

  • justaguy

    Uh oh...this chicks got the crazy eyes

  • justaguy

    That's right wide...good girl

  • A

    Yes, because if he had the chance to be with Selena or ANY OTHER GIRL HE WANTS, he would pick her. And be stupid enough to NOT use birth control on top of it. The only way that happened is if she drugged him. Ok everyone out there, her or SELENA??? Come on.

  • Sissi

    ONE WORD ... bitch!!!

  • knowngroupie

    he did, stop hating, it aint a gud look!

  • knowngroupie

    u guys think any dude wit blue eyes is the baby daddy........ on the real the baby aint all that cute.... justin is a nigga trapped in a white boys body thats 4 sho.....

  • knowngroupie

    who said she is after money...... only way she can get money is if he the daddy! if he is the daddy she deserves every penny. because of the shit he put her through!....... "she's just after money" thats a stupid comment!

  • knowngroupie

    how bout he's her brother!!!! its justin's baby

  • Adrienne Smart
    Adrienne Smart

    She should be in jail she is an adult aiding and abetting minors and has sex with them (out of her own mouth)

  • abana

    im not too sure about all the baby stuff but that girl needs her hair me k haha

  • JT

    I can't get over the whole- "she should get into trouble for statutory rape" comments. First off, Selena Gomez would be guilty of the same crime. Secondly, the boy was 16. Any 16 year old straight boy would be quick to stick his boy parts in any wiling female. Famous or not. Why not grab some random girl from the audience and sex her up? Maybe he thought since she wasn't attractive, no one would believe her? Or maybe she really is bat shit insane. But so are many of you who think he's not capable of fathering her child. One thing is certain, she's already made a pretty penny off of this beautiful little boy. If Justin is the father, he should have to pay and/or at least be present in the boys life. Just remember- he's a celebrity, he's young, he's attractive, talented, but most importantly he is human. We're all capable of doing ridiculous things and it's only natural to make mistakes. Don't hold him to such a high standard. I'm sure if this isn't his child, this will most definitely not be the last baby daddy moment of his career. -they should of taken this to Maury.

  • Too cute for you
    Too cute for you

    Idk about. You guys but I think we should keep that to our selfs...js

  • jrock

    must be those sexy ass butter biscuit teeth that turned him on!

  • Melissa Bennett
    Melissa Bennett

    I don't understand why anyone would think that Justin Bieber would cheat on Selena Gomez with someone that looks like Mariah Yeater. Seriously..

  • Amanda :)
    Amanda :)

    oh i know he isn't a virgin, but we also all know that he definitely did not fuck MARIAH YEATER.

  • Amanda :)
    Amanda :)

    "PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH" as she presses her filthy body against it... LMFAOO

  • pamela

    pobre bebe esa mijer lo que esta es loca y enferma hay que internarla

  • Chris

    Mariah Yeater is crazy!

  • Jennifer


  • Amanda

    well if you know her do you know who her babysdad is cuz she sure in the hell dont lmfao

  • Concerned parent
    Concerned parent

    I feel dumber having read these comments. All of you need to stay in school. I'm not saying I'm perfect but most of you sound like retards. I'm very scared for the future of this country if we have to depend of idiots like you all to run it. Do you all not see the current problems in this country? Please, do yourself a favor and continue your education.

  • kahli


  • kahli


  • kahli

    I dont get ppl like her BITCH i bet you didnt know after every concert he leaves wen he walks off that f****** stage!!!! Stop tring to ruine somebody elses life to get your life happy!! Selena if i were you i would make a date to this perosn just see why she doing this shit!! Girl if your ling he will probably sue yo tail!! Just leave it alone and let the random dd you had sex with handle the baby dont liee on a star!!!!

  • Di

    I don't think he was desparate enough to sleep with her. She is a money hungry person looking for a free ride. She is not very attractive and the kid looks nothing like him. Everyone is always looking for a free ride and this chic is one of them.

  • NotJustin'sBabyMamaThat'sWhoIAm

    She isnt ugly. But i dont think Justin wud jus lose his virginity to some random adverage girl. and then without protection? Come on. He's not stupid

  • NotJustin'sBabyMamaThat'sWhoIAm

    Poser. And omg im so sick of skinny girls giving themselves muffin top for more "curve" Jus happy with ya got and put on underwwear ur size and go find another baby daddy. Hmmm try Charlie Sheen! thats more believable babe. p.s I agree with Katie noone cares we just think its funny

  • Veritas

    Yes. You are the only one. I see spite, pity,shame and disbelief. Read with a friend who can help you with comprehension. Good luck.

  • anonymous

    Three words: What is that?

  • katie

    -its really stupid how everyone is wasting your time,wearing about this hoe.k?no one really gives a fuck,she just wants attetion thats what everyone is giving her



  • HannahB

    Pathetic little liar! Its a case for lawyers not the police. When you get older you will remember how you told everyone this silly little lie and feel really embarrassed. My sister works with the rich and famous and could have anyones number she wants its on her works system for a very big company but she wouldnt give it out to me or anyone!

  • Sophia Nguyen
    Sophia Nguyen

    Miriah Yester is a liar. She blamed everything on Justin Bieber

  • brooke

    i have justin biebers phone number mymomgot it because she is a police officer and she is working on the baby case.

  • Darian

    BACK OFF JB continue with ur job and earn ur own money that way cuz he aint the father nd the only reason ur doing this is bcuz u wanna be known and u want money earn your own money nd dnt tke anyone elses

  • Ariana

    u rlly think justin wud get with a 20 year old, the only reason ur doing this is because of money now back off nd go find ur real baby daddy

  • Fadima Tuta Secka
    Fadima Tuta Secka

    ohh my god shes face is old ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Fadima Tuta Secka
    Fadima Tuta Secka

    did u kw wether he is the one take ur time before u rush

  • Fadima Tuta Secka
  • Fadima Tuta Secka
    Fadima Tuta Secka

    i love all ya comments

  • Unholy Sinn
    Unholy Sinn

    Oh, and I forgot to add something. GO FIND SOMETHING BETTER TO DO THAN FOCUS ON THE STUPID CELEBRITY SHIT THAT DOESN'T MATTER! How about you guys go look and see how fast America is falling? How soon we are to an economical explosion and how close we are to destruction? How about you go worry about those instead of sitting here bitching about some fake "Hes the daddy" bullshit that people have pulled SO MANY TIMES. Who CARES if its his kid or not? Who cares about any of the shit the celebrities do?! Why the fuck SHOULD we give a shit? Its THEIR business NOT OURS. The paparazzi should go get a life. The very fact that we are more worried about celebrities then we are about anything else, worries me. It SCARES ME HOW MESSED UP THIS GENERATION IS. Stop worrying about the pop stars and go take a look at America's poorly paid SCHOOL SYSTEM. When America goes down hill and the government isn't able to afford to educate everyone and to keep the schools open.... I WILL BLAME ALL THE PEOPLE WHO SAT ON THEIR ASSES AND DID NOTHING BUT WORRY ABOUT EVERYTHING THAT WAS COMPLETELY INSIGNIFICANT! ALL the people who worried about which Celebrity screwed or cheated on who and blah blah blah. I mean seriously. Give this a thought. And if you actually get it.... SPREAD THE WORD. Spread the word about how America is failing. Spread the word about how Celebrity life DOESN'T matter. Spread the word about how the school systems are poor and failing because everyone is more focused on stupid things! Spread the word. Maybe some day it'll get us somewhere. Hopefully, it won't be too late for us.

  • Unholy Sinn
    Unholy Sinn

    Oh dear Jesus. Look, I'm going to put it down like this.... I do not like Justin Beiber. His music is not that great.... And he still needs to hit puberty... REGARDLESS of this fact, this child is obviously not his. I mean SERIOUSLY, why would he be so willing to come take the DNA tests to prove its not his if it really was? -_- And to the uh... INSANE psychopathic Beiber lovers..... Please, for the love of God, get a LIFE. You will most likely NEVER meet him. He will NEVER know you even EXIST. So get over it. You can love his music, think hes hott.... Whatever the fuck you want to do. But STOP OBSESSING. The obsessiveness I see in his fan HORRIFIES me. You all act like your will to fight for the death for him, when you've never even met him and probably never will! You are not his friend. You will never be his friend. He may "love his fans" but remember.... When he says this he is not specifically calling "you" out and saying "Hey, babe, I freaking love you". He loves you as a celebrity loves his fans. As a dog loves someone who throws him the ball(and even that is a little too personal!). You guys pay to listen to him sing like a girl and go to his concerts. He loves the fans because they make him famous and give him tons of cash. That's it. That's all there is. So please, extremely obsessive "Beliebers".... Go see a therapist, a doctor, a psychiatric.... SOMETHING. Talk to them about your obsessiveness.... And help your mental health by getting over him. Also, this woman is really not ugly. Shes not the most attractive in the world.... But you also have to understand that her "muffin tops" come from HAVING A KID? Or did all the judgmental people forget that she had one? Lawl. I'de LOVE to see you guys after you had kids- and if you don't have some amount of fat built up around your midwaist, then you can complain about her being "fat". She isn't fat. INFACT, If you actually look at her- shes skinny! The ONLY fat part about her is her midsection and that my dear fail trolls, are due to HAVING A FREAKING CHILD. If you didn't know this, you seriously need to go study the effects of pregnancy on a woman's body.

  • Marion Hirth Græsdal
    Marion Hirth Græsdal

    omg she is an UGLY bich

  • Jessica Sanchez
    Jessica Sanchez

    Wow that girl has some balls to say Justin is thw father of that baby of hers!!!!! She just wanted the money, nowing how famous Justin is that all that ugly thing cares about!!! What the hell she just cant go around saying that this person has a baby, she needs to get a life!! Justin is very sweet and would not go do it in a bathroom!!!! Mariah your stupid!!!!!!!!!!

  • Belieber

    Why would we be jealous? No one would make up a lie that Justin is a daddy knowing that Selenators, Beliebers and Jelenators would be against them.

  • Belieber

    Obviously, she's lying. In all the videos I've seen, she's stammering and doesn't tell the viewers anything. And she looks like she would bang a homeless man and then sue him. Justin could have almost any girl in the world and I doubt he would pick her. "He asked to go somewhere private" Please slut, Pattie, his friend and his hairdresser was there the whole time. She accused her ex for the same thing and lost all the money so now she wants Justin cause she thinks he'll buy her diamonds. Dear Mariah Yeater, You are not Selena Gomez. Sincerely, Belieber

  • Lisa Oneill
    Lisa Oneill

    hell no he is not that baby's daddy.......

  • Lisa Oneill
    Lisa Oneill

    she is just after MONEY.... look at her she is nobody ... Why would he be with that WHEN HE HAS A GIRL THAT IA SOME THING TO LOOK AT....

  • cheyenne

    omg she is old looking but what if it is his baby

  • Candice

    she is gross, i think he has more class than that

  • Juliana

    So what if Justin Bieber is or isnt the father of this girls baby?? If it is hell have to pay child support if it isnt then the girls gonna look dumber than she already does I saw her interview and she did nothing but stutter and she went to jail for domestic abuse for hitting her x boyfriend that is also said to be the father of this child for the first persons comment on here its really not the babys fault and nothing should have been said about an innocent child that cannot speak for himself and for the person ranting that you pay tax dollars to take care of people who are on welfare apparently you have no idea how it is to be a single parent I am a single mother of 3 my husband left us and lives with a new gf and doesnt pay child support and I work a full time job and my tax dollars go right back to me i dont agree with a lot of these things but if i didnt have the help that i do my kids would starve or not be clothed because they would be fed I just think people really need to grow up you dont know what its like to be anyone but yourself so before you point fingers at someone think about it we all have problems some make take their problems easier than others but before you start pointing your finger make sure your hands are clean!!!!!

  • Get real
    Get real

    Yes, leave it to the Big People. LOL!

  • fuck u
    fuck u

    wow if u rlly wanted him for money do something w/ ur life fucken gold~digger p.s. stop making urself look stupid in public

  • Estefania Belieber Forever
    Estefania Belieber Forever

    Justin Bieber is not the father I only say that Justin Bieber is with Selena Gomez and also believe in Justin. And if you think justin is the father as you want not the father: D also as you know him you tell by your face? you're dumb forgiveness but do not think I BELIEBER and never stop believing justin bieber And if you be whole again m; JUSTIN BIEBER IS NOT THE FATHER (;

  • Estefania Belieber Forever
    Estefania Belieber Forever

    Justin Bieber is not the father I only say that Justin Bieber is with Selena Gomez and also believe in Justin. And if you think justin is the father as you want not the father: D also as you know him you tell by your face? you're dumb forgiveness but do not think I BELIEBER and never stop believing justin bieber And if you be whole again m; JUSTIN BIEBER IS NOT THE FATHER (;

  • awesomeartifact

    I am not really a fan of justin beiber, but I feel really bad for him. but this is just ridiculous!

  • Truth

    I personally think it is sad that someone would drag another person through the dirt, just for their own 15 minutes of fame. Clearly the girl is unstable, just check out the interview with "The Insider". She can't even form full sentences, let alone remember the questions the interviewer asked her to answer. She is an uneducated, pathological liar, who has no regard for herself, her baby, or anyone else. The fact that she filed for a paternity test in the first place shows how blindsided she is in the first place. Mariah, you're going to get charged with statutory rape! Also, I enjoy how she also filed a paternity suit against her ex boyfriend, who was the first person who was "definitely her child's father"............. But because she had "sexual relations" with Justin for "30 seconds" he's the baby's father? I don't think so. I also don't think it's possible for someone to you know what in 30 seconds...a bit unrealistic if you ask me. Bottom line, Mariah Yeater is mentally unstable and a pathological liar. I feel bad for the child that is being put through this. I feel bad for Justin who has to put up with such a crazy allegation. I feel bad for Mariah's family, because let's face it, this is just embarrassing. When Justin takes this paternity test and it proves he's not the father, I hope Mariah takes a good look in the mirror. You can't do this to people and get away with it.

  • bing

    good gawd.. so obnoxious.. with her wacko looks and teeth from hell, i'm sure people would believe her when she goes around saying JB is the father of her baby.. ha!

  • bing


  • bing

    what's up with her pictures?? seems like she's bent on showing off to the world her teeth which are undoubtedly sooo unfortunate-looking.. like gross.. and yeah, she also looks retarded on most of the pics.. guess people won't have a hard time believing that this girl is a sickoo.. liar liar pants on fayah! :D

  • Freud

    Am I the only one who senses a little jealousy in most of these comments?

  • Russianred

    She actually looks better with the tape! Poor thing she looks used and abused; she must be living a hard life. Why would she post these horrible looking pictures of herself. Sad thing thinks she looks prudy.(pretty) LOL

  • Nada

    u think she's crazy ... !! of course she is crazy .. isn't weird that she came out nw after the baby was born by 3 or 4 months .. i mean y nw and if any 1 calculate 4 or 3 months from nw plus the 9 months of Pregnancy it means that justin hasn't even turned 17 .. so how .. and y would he choose her and she is 20 y he didn't choose any girl of his age or any thing ... i think that shows that she is lying .. !!!!

  • Brittney

    Okay, This might be a messed up situation, but I guarantee if that baby is his, no ones going to know about it, their gonna take a paternity test and then Justin's attorneys are going to pay her off to say its not his kid. And he's going to have a "change of heart" and decide not to press charges anymore. But truth is I guarantee Justin's not a virgin like he claims, I mean come on people he's a 17 year old who has females falling all over him, most kids now a days have baby's by 17. Look at Jamie Spears little sister, a baby at what 16 or 15. He's just a regular teenager with a really good crew of people making him look innocent, Eventually he'll get tired of looking perfect and rebel just like all of them.

  • Alex

    everybody shut up. I hope to god this is true, but no one is stupid enough tod do that skank. beiber's a bastard but I can admit he can get much finer ladies than that. i <3 the magazine article, It's a lie. Beiber's never had his first time #fact. twi-hards and beliebers: you are a dying breed, thank fucking god. Cant wait til you're all gone and Beiber's balls finally drop.

  • danyy

    Dear Lord.

  • danyy

    Dear Lord.

  • danyy

    Dear Lord.

  • danyy

    Dear Lord.

  • Mrs.Bentley

    people like this have problems but does not give you the poeple commenting the right to bully her. leave it in there hands it is ok to have feelings towards this but there is a time and place for things and the things u guys are sawing can hurt some one. you guys need to chill and get back to your life and let the big people deal with this.

  • Baby your hot bang me
    Baby your hot bang me

    Omg wow if this is all true justin might be blind cuz to bang someone like hur! Oh wow poor little kid you just using him fo publisity and money! hoe

  • Sam

    Found the dad!

  • evey

    if true, then that statutory rape, she was 18 he was 16, lock her up and throw away the keys

  • Filloreta Dakaj
    Filloreta Dakaj

    which guy want to have sex with her ? maybe the ones who get refused by cute girls , but Justin Bieber ???Never !! C'mon people this is the way which bitches use to get famous . that baby will feel ashamed when it grows up , of course if it doesn't becomes like mother .

  • Jessica

    I'm not a fan of Justin's, nor will I ever be one. But honestly, this girl is trying to get in her 5 minutes of fame. So everyone just calm down. There are more important things to worry about in this world.

  • ArmyWifeAndPROUD

    I don't think this is true. However if it is I'd love to see the courts give full,sole, legal custody to JB. Strip her rights as a mother. It's clear she can't take care of this child.

  • Chelsea

    that girls ugly, n btw if he DID do it, he was 16 and she was 19....this makes justin bieber a minor and it can be seen as rape, she clearly dont no who the father is...personally i absolutely hate him, but i dont hate the truth

  • HannahB

    I think you will find you worded that wrong! People with ugly personalities like you will be deemed the ugliest. Have a nice life :D

  • Will

    no way he cummed in 30 seconds with that unless she was giving head

  • Will

    no wonder he cummed in 30 seconds

  • Royciebell

    OMG not another teenage girl will see a Justin bieber poster in there room with their parents knowing about this

  • PJ

    i wunna see a pic of her with Bieber ; sinve i heard she sed they met backstage ; don't yu think the first thing they do is take a pic w. Celebs? like really ; she just want fame n publicity n get money ; smh

  • NR

    There's the real baby daddy!!

  • NR

    that's attractive... O.o


    Bahahaha. This is amazing. I hope he is the father. Every Tween in the world will be bed-ridden with grief for three whole days until they find someone else to latch their crazy, parasitic little mouths on....I do kind of feel bad for the kid though. Either way, it's mom is bat-shit crazy.

  • -------C

    i guess we found the real baby dadddy. . . . . .

  • Douglas Martin
    Douglas Martin

    holy shit i know her and im in one of the pics thats fuckin nuts

  • well....

    I am just goint to say this, because honestly I feel like I look like her since I have the same body type and everything. She is not ugly and she is not huge. She is a bti crazy thought to think she could get away with this whol scandal

  • kare

    all beiber fans and their moms have utters its a giant freaking herd out there XD grow up and listen to real music like gwar, lamb of god, devildriver, amon amarth, etc. remember it's only a show if you get a fucking battle wound from it.

  • Amanda Chiu
    Amanda Chiu

    Still better than lindsay lohans teeth.........

  • Reality

    how much you wanna bet she dropped high school or didnt even go to college???

  • Reality

    she may be targetingg this audience , but if i were her and seeing all these bad comments about myself ... i sure wouldnt want this fame anymore

  • Reality

    "just because shes ugly doesnt mean he would sleep with her" blah blah blah blah excuse me lets check reality who wants an ugly girl???

  • Reality

    aahh , so it runs in the family x)

  • kare

    dear sweet lord, he's actually a dude?!?! the end is coming

  • Kent Householder
    Kent Householder

    I'm the real father... So I guess this means im off the hook? lol

  • Alexa

    she looks like she has utters...

  • Krystina JuneBug Crim
    Krystina JuneBug Crim

    omg seriously who actually thinks justin bieber slept wit tht ugly bitch!!

  • Not a fan, but....
    Not a fan, but....

    Also, I hope he countersues her for slander.

  • Not a fan, but....
    Not a fan, but....

    I am not a Bieber fan, but like he would pick HER out of allllllll the girls in the crowd? Yeah, right. ISH. She has meth face and gross tattoos all over her muffin top. Why would he bang HER when he could most likely have his pick of an actual HOT girl at his one of his shows? This girl needs psychological help.

  • haha

    It is going to be so funny if it turns out to be true.. Then all the stupid fans will not like him then

  • Jen

    Rats do have know.

  • hannah

    i mean seriously who would want to bang that i mean this chick looks like a rat with legs

  • GBS

    Who would want to kiss a tackle box?

  • Michelle

    It may very well be possible that it happened as she claims. We have to remember that Justin Bieber is human & thus makes mistakes too. Also, most guys will not turn down an opportunity of sex with a relatively attractive girl. And just because she went after her ex-bf first is not proof of anything. She could have been sleeping around, Justin Bieber included. My question is, was a paternity test done for the ex-bf. Though it could be true, I don't believe it is true. I think she is just out for fame & hush money.

  • Sketch

    Well... she seems like a very special girl :) I foresee the justice system tearing her to bits.

  • /s, Jebb
    /s, Jebb

    First, as far as "he would never be with her" - look who Michael Jackson married. Not exactly a beauty queen. Looks have nothing to do with it. Secondly, the sad part of this story is there is apparently a child out there with a psychopathic mother. Even if tests show he is NOT the father, there is a serious problem here.

  • eyekantwospel

    Who WOULDN'T hit that?? I mean...come on. She's special.

  • chase michalski
    chase michalski

    im pretty sure this isnt real. shes ugly as fuck and he could bang a girl that is a million times better lookin than her

  • courtneybaaaby

    yep lets just rape 10 year olds

  • mary

    let the paternity test talk

  • Alex Larsen
    Alex Larsen


  • Alex Larsen
    Alex Larsen

    It's called a DNA test. Justin, please take one so we can all move on and stop hearing about this. Also, this girl clearly needs so psychiatric help.


    Doesn't matter had sex!

  • ODB

    Idk bout u guys but I'd smash lol

  • Victoria Butler
    Victoria Butler

    Found the baby daddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hes right there lol

  • Ruby Martinez
    Ruby Martinez

    i think shes what is she doing?

  • derek

    that ho is hurtin for a squirtin.

  • rainbowpanda

    she is fukin ugly jb would never tap dat

  • Michelle Tressler Diaz
    Michelle Tressler Diaz

    I don't like JB, but it seems to me like this girl done lost her mind.

  • Barbara Pilgrim
    Barbara Pilgrim

    You have to have a license to drive and to die, yet anyone can have a child. Then people wonder why child abuse is so rampant. This gal is a piece of work. The welfare of the baby is what's at stake here. If a person is so willing to make a total ass of themselves, what does that say they may do to their child?

  • Sarah

    I hate Justin bieber but what she did was wrong I think she should drop this because when the go to court and to the test she will be charged a lot of money.

  • Funshiart

    I tink she is nt ryt in d head.wat nonsense.neva mind JB ur fans r wiv ya.

  • tamarajo

    shes just after justins money, because she has no clue who the baby daddy is and she need financal help. so maybe they did hook up and shes using that against him for news and making the headlines. so maybe ill get tried of it and justin will just give her some kinda,money. but justin aint that stupid so shes just making a fool outta herself.

  • josh

    We are now in 2011, its called DNA, take a fucking paternity test and lay this bitch to rest if u are in fact not the father of her child. So sick of hearing about this. Then sue her for slander or somthing. Can we move on in "news"?

  • Eww

    lmao. juss would never bang THAT. you gotta have a working vajayjay to bang a person and obviously, he wouldnt make the mistake of wanting to bang a man when he has 237298493286483743209 girls out there waiting for him. IMPOSSIBLE. and even if he was tryin to lose his scent on the gay trail, it wouldnt be to a man. juss sayin.

  • Kd

    Who gives a rats azz?

  • Eww

    Broo this is grosss. he would probobly rather bang a ten year old girl than this bitch. NOWAY.