Robert Pattinson Gets Quizzed On Kristen Stewart, Forgets Her B-Day (VIDEO)

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Robert Pattinson may be in the doghouse after his interview with The Insider! The Twilight heartthrob was asked a series of questions about his costars, and he seemed to have some trouble answering q's about his on and off screen love interest Kristen Stewart

When asked who his foodie girlfriend's favorite chef was, he grew a little flustered, saying, "I don't know any of their names." The answer, Paula Deen. He added, "I mean, I did know that, with the butter."

RPattz is then quizzed on KStew's b-day of which he bursts out laughing, saying: 

"Oh my God! ... Oh no!" When he can't come up with an answer, The Insider interviewee tells the Edward Cullen actor, "This is not good for you Robert." Rob responds: 

"This is terrible. Is it in April, the 8th?"
He was wrong, KStew's b-day is actually April 9th, but he got the month right. "Oh geez, I'm so bad with that," he admits. "I don't know any of my family's birthdays either. I don't even know when my birthday is."

Despite what may happen when KStew hears her beau doesn't know her birthday, the two will return to the big screen as lovers on Nov. 18 when The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 is released. 

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Breaking Down 'Breaking Dawn'
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  • sarah

    how is forgetting her birthday embarassing and how does that make him weird? I forever get my boyfriend's birthday mixed up with the 26th or 27th....when i am is normal! If you are a kristen fan would you like to know that she "forgot" the YEAR of his birthday, now that is worse..i mean so she doesn't even know how old the person she is dating is?... he obviously does know, as he got her a guitar one year... anyway that said im happy this happened, it's about time rob didn't pay much interest in her, like she seems to do all the time with him...rob move on and find someone more interesting and less emo. :)

  • kate

    "sooooooooo imbarassing.this guy is ..weird" do you know what is embarassing moly? the fact that you can't spell embarassing!

  • amy

    oh well it's about time he doesn't show interest in her....she is forever showing him up in interviews and treating him like trash, you can tell by the way he looks at her, that he is in love with her...he is forever praising her and then she just pulls faces in return, i mean like wth!? Rob you should move on and find someone who actually appreciates you. I know kristen is socially awkward but that doesn't give her the right to act the way she does...poor rob she always ends up embarassing him. About the date thing i tend to get my sister's b-day mixed up with the 7th or the 8th and we are close as's normal. Anyway rob deserves better, than that non-smiling (open mouthed posed) kristen.

  • oniszko2

    I am sure he knows her birthday date and a lot more Rob has a tendency to do stuff like this in interviews, and since they spent the last 3 or 4 together, he knows, believe me.

  • nina

    oh yeah, they are DEFINETELY dating! LOL!

  • why

    You can tell that Kristen loves him so much

  • dont' get it.......
    dont' get it.......

    Huh? Where did the lesbian comment come from? That is just really weird. Do you personally know her? Didn't think so -- leave the poor girl alone. Besides 21 and 25 years old? I think that is probably considered pretty close in age. Its not like he is 45 and in a relationship with a 21 year old. Panic attacks? I think you would have the same if you were chased by the media like they are. So basically your post was just very odd.

  • dont' get it.......
    dont' get it.......

    Exactly -- my husband and I have been married five years and he forgets all those dates - hahaha!!! But he never forgets to show how important I am to him. That is what really matters.

  • Kane

    wow stupid the cast/crew threw that party for her not him. And he always talks about prenups divorce and break ups, he even said if he does get married one day he is getting a prenup. They are together, but you crazy twilight fans are bat shit crazy thinking this is "the greatest most in love couple ever"

  • eggy

    I think he needs to move on. find himself a women his own age and forget everything Twilight related. Plus it will be good for Kristen since she has panic attacks just from being seen with him. I think she's a lesbian as well she could be a role model to them

  • danyy

    I don't think there's much to grab though...

  • Camila Camil Camil
    Camila Camil Camil

    who cares !!!!!!!!!! that's what he is and kristen know that !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • shayna.lane

    one mistake and all of a sudden it gives people hope that he doesn't care about kristen I mean come on how delusional are some people to think he must not love her enough because he forgot her b-day I hardly think this is news worthy normal boyfriends forget all the time does it mean they love you less? hell I get my bf birthday mixed up with robs since there 2 days apart he totally still loves me. He's human, people shouldn't read much into it. As for the janie person above jealousy is an ugly trait

  • Kiley

    There is a video where he is clearly grabbing her butt....It is on Hollywood Life and a few other websites. I doubt he's losing interest.

  • moly

    sooooooooo imbarassing.this guy is ..weird

  • jo

    really. i have seen some of the kristen fans on twitter already upset at rob over forgetting kristens b-day.

  • Kate

    Well, she knew his bitrhday :D

  • KatE

    Funny. I have been with my boyfriend for years and I cannot tell you how many times he has said the date one day later for my birthday. LOL. Men! They honestly can be terrible at remembering stuff like this. I bet Rob's mom has to remind him when all the family birthdays are.

  • kd

    Janie...get a grip. He will NEVER be your boyfriend. Jealous cow.

  • Elena

    OMG Robert is sooo funny hahahhaa¡¡¡¡ And Kristen is so so so beautiful¡¡¡¡ woowww¡¡¡¡ <3

  • LisaB

    He remembered her birthday enough one year to get her a guitar. She was asked what she got for her birthday and she said, "Rob gave me a guitar, which was beautiful" and she couldn't remember anything else she had gotten from anyone. I think he's doing just fine with the birthdays . . . he remembers when it counts.

  • May

    Janie, The green envy is showing. Try harder to hide it next time.

  • Janie

    I find this funny. Kristen thought she was playing all cool when she was asked his birthday saying she didn't know the yr. and she didn't know his fave Jack Nicholson role so it goes both ways. She was her typical snotty self when it involved questions with Rob. She put on her show when his parents were around, but shows her true colors and treatment of him in that interview. She really isn't that into him and it's good he's losing interest in her as well. His image of her will be busted.

  • laneti

    hoho.. .i love my boyfriend, i m almost 10years older than him....LOLi met him via -----Age ``ga`p lov`e c 0;M---- it gives you a chance to make your life better and open opportunities for you to meet the attractive young man and treat you like a queen. i love that !Maybe you wanna check it out or tell your friends--

  • me

    Whether u forget your loved ones bday or not doesn't mean that you don't love them. My husband often forget my bday, but I know he loves me so much.

  • Jill

    Get a grip people. Considering they have spent every birthday together both his and hers for the last four years and he even threw her a party last year, I am sure that he knows when her birthday is and he only said one day off from the actual day. Either he was just flustered cause he doesnt like to answer personal questions or he chose not to . For any of you who still think they are not in a serious relationship you are sad. Both are talking babies on the brain all the time and at the ceremony yesterday they were very handsy. I truly think that Rob likes to play with you haters and non believers. He even said as much in one of his interviews about giving soundbites to all of you. He is making fun of you. Get a grip and move on.

  • snort

    Willing to bet he often forgets he has a gf when Kristen isn't around. Predictable

  • jm

    OK, this is not funny. He knows her birthday, but because he's trying to play around, he didn't get the right answer. Crazy fans of his will have a party because of this.

  • feni

    That is quite bad, I must say. My boyfriend who forgets everything new my Birthday since day one and he doesn't even pay attention.

  • guest

    He wont be able to remember her name next year. pmsl

  • That sad
    That sad

    Rob I can't believe you forgot your girlfriends birthday and yuo been dating for what? three years...that's kind of sad lol=( I wonder what Kristen is going to say?!


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