10 Things You Don't Know About 'A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas' Star Neil Patrick Harris (PHOTOS)

Neil Patrick Harris is best known for his roles in Doogie Howser, M.D. and How I Met Your Mother, but fans of the cult-classic Harold & Kumar films love him for his cameos as ... Neil Patrick Harris. 

Neil will be reprising his self-parody role in A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas, which hits theaters November 4. To familiarize you with the brilliantly hilarious actor that is Neil Patrick Harris (and help you differentiate between the real and parody versions of him), we've compiled a list of 10 fun facts.

Be sure to check out the gallery and let us know if you plan on watching the third installment of the Harold & Kumar franchise!



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  • v

    LOVE him! he's hilarious!

  • Stef

    NPH is one of the best & has an adorable family!

  • jack

    F all you haters NPH is the man and Harold and Kumar wouldn't be the same without him

  • courtneybaaaby

    i already knew this, so really this isnt 10things i didnt know about NPH

  • Aya

    Kal Penn got puffy....

  • Sue Vinsant
    Sue Vinsant

    As I recall, you were in second grade, not three years old when you played Toto.

  • Sue Vinsant
    Sue Vinsant

    Neil, I think you are wonderful! So proud of all you have done!

  • NPH

    I beg to differ. My performances may be similar, but that does not make them any less funny to the masses. I ask you, nameless poster, could you do any better? I welcome you to try. Signed, wait for it.......NPH.

  • Alison

    I'd really have to say that you're the minority in this opinion.

  • fed up w no talent celebs
    fed up w no talent celebs

    Does anyone really care about NPH ? He's an untalented cardboard cut out who has no personality, no acting skills and performs the same way in everyyhing he does. I don't understand why he's popular but it shows that any talentless hack can make it in Hollywood.