Selena Gomez is Casual Chic for EMAs Conference (PHOTOS)

SelGo Raps!
Selena Gomez spits some flows in an EMA promo. Watch »

Selena Gomez has landed overseas!

Starting her hosting duties for this year's MTV Europe Music Awards, SelGo went casual chic for the award's press conference on Saturday. The brunette beauty opted for a clean white shirt and accented her look with chunky accessories and hot pink heels.

How chic!

This year's EMAs will include appearances from Katy Perry, Hayden Panettiere, and JWoww and Snooki from Jersey Shore. There will also be musical performances from David Guetta and SelGo's boyfriend, Justin Bieber

Will JB perform a duet with his gal pal? We'll just have to wait and see!

The EMAs airs this Sunday, November 6!



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  • Sonia


  • twilight-lover

    if u zoom in u can see some hair on the left side of the corner of her upper lip!

  • Katherine

    I'm glad she looks much more matured now since she is heading into her 20s, she knows she needs to be taken way more serious & her style is undeniably chic! Ubber love it! Can't wait for the EMA's! Coldplay + SG hosting = AWESOMENESS

  • maria

    She is one of the most gorgeous people I have ever seen in my life, both inside and out. She can't be human, she's soo perfect!

  • maria

    How the hell does she look old? You must be blind or your just a jealous bitch who doesn't know how to give respect. She looks gorgeous, Selena is one of the prettiest girls in the industry! She's 19 but she looks 16...your just dumb, don't leave such ignorant comments you dumbass.

  • maria

    the fuck? No she doesn't!

  • WEN

    she looks old!!woman

  • missunderstood

    She's so beautiful!!!

  • Dalia

    i looooooooooooooooove you soooooooo much , i want to chat with you , i hope your email is right, please,selena i really love you , you're my celebity crush , i love more than any celebrity and more than anyone.

  • Dalia

    you look fabulous , i love you selena and you're my favourite celebrity , i hope that i could meet you some day.

  • Natalia

    i cant wait for the EMA she will do it great love you selena!!

  • twilight-lover

    she needs an upper lip wax!!

  • twilight-lover

    beautiful love the shoes colour


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