Report: Justin Bieber Will Take DNA Test for Mariah Yeater's Paternity Suit

Justin Bieber Mariah Yeater
JB: Not My Baby!
Justin Bieber addresses paternity claims. Watch »

Justin Bieber is putting an end to Mariah Yeater's claims that he fathered her newborn child.

TMZ reports that Justin will take a DNA test when he returns to the States to clear his name in the paternity suit. Following the results of the test, Justin and his legal team will sue his accuser for the hurtful allegations.

Justin, who is currently in Ireland for the 2011 Europe Music Awards, will take the DNA in two weeks to prove that he did not father Mariah's baby.

A source close to Justin told TMZ that once JB has proven that he did not father the child, he and his lawyer, Howard Weitzman, will then sue Mariah for making false claims about the singer.

The Biebs recently told

“It’s sad that someone would fabricate malicious, defamatory and demonstrably false claims. We will vigorously pursue all available legal remedies to defend and protect Justin against these allegations.”
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  • xchloex13

    Shes just trying to get money but when the DNA comes back that hes not shes going to lose it all!!!!!!

  • kamipj786

    It would be soooo fucking hilarious if he turns out to be the father :P lol

  • John

    Mariah's lawyers should be really nervous, they will be sued for malicious prosecution. Justin will bankrupt these guys.

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  • pearl brown
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  • simplydiffer

    I think this is so cute. Justin Bieber's first Baby Mama accusation. Maybe he's actually here to stay.

  • MonsterBaby

    FINALLY rather then denying it .... Finish this crap gossip story

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    I honestly think she is out to try and get some money from JB obviously she don't know who her baby daddy is. I can't wait for the results she think she broke now her pockets going to hurt and you gotta new born. Damn

  • Evy

    The situation is very sad..but I really don't think the child is his..I like to think Justin is smarter then that..but I gave to admit sueing her is a bit much..clearly this girl is sick and obviously obsessed with Justin so she fabricated this outrageous insane idea that he is the father..poor thing..what can I say Justin has a way of bringing the insane out of woman....but she's sick and needs mental help...why would he be careless by getting a stranger pregnant..when he has his wonderful Career ahead if him....these are just my opinions...

  • April Parker
    April Parker

    ha ha me too..... he is prolly not tho

  • anonymous

    if justin is the father will selena stick by him or not i don't know but is'nt it illegal cuz she wuz 19 and he was 17. lets all think about this why will she say justin is the father if she know perfectly well she will go to jail if she is proven wrong maybe jb is the father just saying i still love u justin but i really don't know what to believe right now

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  • HannahB

    I will laugh if Justin is the father but I will laugh even harder when its proved he is not the dad and Mariah gets sued!

  • Jess

    can't wait for him to sue her for deformation.

  • iamcasey723

    well at least he'll be able to prove that he is not the father now...this girl just wanted some attention and i can't wait till bieber sues her:P

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