Adriana Lima’s Shocking ‘No Solids’ Pre-Runway Diet Plan! (PHOTOS)

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Adriana Bikinis in Miami
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Ever find yourself watching the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and wondering how in the world the models get their bodies to look so perfect?

Well, question no more! Adriana Lima, a veteran VS angel —  and owner of one of the hottest bodies on the planet — decided to share her diet secrets with the world!

Luckily, Miss Lima isn’t one of those celebrities who claim they can eat whatever they want, be completely lazy, and still have the body of a goddess.  Her stunning fashion show physique is the result of hard work, and Adriana doesn’t get it from being a couch potato.

The supermodel opened up to Nylon Magazine, telling them that about a month and a half before the big night she works out twice a day, eating only lean protein and green vegetables with an occasional protein shake or cereal bar for a snack.

Then, nine days before the show she actually quits eating all together — by going on a liquid diet.  Lima’s diet is then full of only protein shakes to keep her strong and lean.

She then stops drinking even water — no liquids — for 12 hours until the moment she puts on those infamous wings and struts down the runway.

So, that’s how it works? No one ever said it was easy being an angel!

Check out the full article here, and click through the pictures above for a few of Adriana Lima’s hottest looks!