Hayden Panettiere Interrupted By Naked Man While Presenting At EMAs (VIDEO)


This video is NSFW but it's certainly hilarious. While presenting at the MTV European Music Awards, Heroes star Hayden Panettiere was surprised by a streaker!

The Irish young man ran onstage completely nude, offering up an eyeful for both Hayden and the live audience. The stunt may have been staged, however, because Hayden carried herself rather calmly when the streaker hit the stage and no security guard attempted to stop him.

"I'm a big fan," the guy told Hayden when she allowed him to speak into the microphone.

"Thank you, you should come grab a pint with us after," the actress responded.

The streaker said he would "love that," telling Hayden, "Um, I don't have my phone on me, though. You know what? I'll just leave you to it, and I'll see you at the aftershow?"

Watch the video at your own risk and let us know in the comments what you think: Was this stunt staged or impromptu? 



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  • audrey

    it was obviously staged. if it wasn't security wouldn't be just standing in the background doing nothing.