Leonardo DiCaprio Gets Fan Friendly at ‘GMA’ (PHOTOS)

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Considering that he’s one of the biggest movie stars on the planet and has a potentially Oscar-worthy film opening up this week, Leonardo DiCaprio was an open book as he made his way into Good Morning America on Monday.

Leo went with a casual bordering-on-’80s-Miami style as he strolled into the GMA studios, rocking a grey suit with an unbuttoned blue shirt underneath and oversized brown shades. Still, DiCaprio was quite friendly despite the mobs of fans and photographers surrounding him, as he even broke out a marker and began signing photos and autographs being held out for him.

DiCaprio’s got some serious Oscar buzz behind him thanks to his turn in J. Edgar, where he plays FBI founder and controversial political figure J. Edgar Hoover. The film, which opens on November 11, shows Leo playing the counterintelligence honcho throughout his career, from the early days all the way through his elderly years.

The Hollywood Reporter’s Todd McCarthy said this of Leo’s turn in the film:

DiCaprio projects this odd authority figure with energetic earnestness, a strong grip on the man’s mindset and purpose, and an attentiveness to Hoover’s power to prevail over others in matters big and small. It’s a vigorous, capable performance, one that carries the film and breathes new life into the old tradition of plain real folk achieving retroactive allure by being played by attractive stars.

Check out a trailer below: