Lindsay Lohan Checks Into, Then Gets Released From Jail

Lindsay's Bikini Time
Lohan's summer vacation with the family.
In what seems to be a legal happening that could only take place in Hollywood, Lindsay Lohan checked into jail to serve her 30 day probation violation sentence, and was released just shy of 5 hours later.

Lindsay used the night hours to check herself into Century Regional Detention Facility according to TMZ, where she turned herself in just before 9pm PST. Cut to 4.5 hours later at 1:30 am PST, and Lindsay walked out following her brief detention.

Lohan was ordered to serve 30 days as part of her intricately worded sentencing, where she had to serve 30 days in jail, and then depending on how she further fulfills her community service and psychotherapy sessions, she could either avoid jail or be slapped with the remaining 270 days of the cumulative 300 day sentence Judge Stephanie Sautner hit her with on November 2.

“The first time you violate, you will do the rest of these 270 days,” Judge Stephanie Sautner warned, saying that she is essentially “putting the keys to the jail in the defendant’s hands” by giving her the option of accepting these terms.

After Lindsay’s initial 30 days in jail, which she must serve, Judge Sautner said the following:

“The remaining 270 days will be stayed as follows: You are to return to this court on December 14. Between now and Dec. 14, you are to perform 12 days of community service at the morgue and four psychotherapy sessions. If you do that, then the 270 days will be stayed until January 17. By January 17, you are to perform 12 more days at the morgue, and 4 more psychotherapy sessions. If you do that, then on January 17, the days will be further stayed.”

On October 19, a judge revoked Lindsay’s probation, and she was handcuffed in court, but eventually let out on bail. She was told to complete a minimum of 16 hours per week at the Los Angeles morgue, and by the looks of it, she has made good on that order (despite showing up 40 minutes late on her first day).