Mariah Yeater Speaks Out on Alleged Sexual Encounter With Justin Bieber (VIDEO)


Mariah Yeater isn't backing down with her paternity suit, claiming that she had sexual relations with 17-year-old Justin Bieber and in turn became pregnant. 

The 20-year-old woman told The Insider's Kevin Frazier that she was introduced to the "Baby" singer backstage at Los Angeles Staples Center, and he later asked him to join him some place private. "When we got to what turned out to be a bathroom, his whole demeanor changed," said a tearful Mariah. "It went from cute and gushy to, just, more aggressive."

Mariah says she has proof that Justin is in fact the father reports are surfacing that the teen heartthrob will be taking a  DNA test this week and then plans to sue Mariah. 

The Biebs recently told

“It’s sad that someone would fabricate malicious, defamatory and demonstrably false claims. We will vigorously pursue all available legal remedies to defend and protect Justin against these allegations.”
Justin is currently in Europe for the EMA's but reportedly plans to take the paternity test as soon as he returns. 

Bieber also responded to the "Internet crap" at the EMA's. Check out the video below.  

Biebs' 'Mistletoe' Video
Justin Bieber 'Mistletoe'
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  • nikita

    Justin will never have sex with a stranger and his still young he wanna enjoy his life and have fun not have the responsibilities of taking care of a Mariah get a life cause your whole story is stupid and the baby is not his.....BIG JUSTIN BIEBER FAN.

  • Jaimesha Davis
    Jaimesha Davis

    The sick thing is she's 3 years older than him! If it really happened why didn't she tell him NO?! Was she that desperate:/

  • Jaimesha Davis
    Jaimesha Davis

    She admitted she was paid into lying about Justin being her baby's Daddy on Twitter.

  • RShore

    I'm not the biggest JB fan but I really hope that he isn't the father. There is already enough teenage pregnancy cases in the US.

  • RShore

    I'm not the biggest JB fan, but I really hope that he isn't the father because that would just be sad. There is enough teenage pregnancy as it is.

  • lav

    If he turns out not the be the father she's still gonna say they had sex

  • Maryan

    God sh3 look lik3 a cat sh3 z 100% ugly

  • chi town711
    chi town711

    Bieber is a cute kid. If he wanted to have sex in a bathroom with someone, I'm sure he would've chose a 'pretty' girl. This chick is ugly! He could get any girl he wants, why would he choose her?

  • guest

    f#%kin geaser

  • Shermin Ng
    Shermin Ng

    hello? being a famous person, one has to take a lot of pressure from the media. and one such example is this. being famous also requires you to take responsibilities. yes, they re average people, but they have to take on a lot pressure like rumours, so on and so forth. the media will do anything to get some juicy gossip going on. THAT is some HUGE PRESSURE

  • Lol101

    LOL!!! She is so , Like justin bieber would do her. *yawn* grow up lady

  • Kaylie

    This is the geaser

  • Charles Almon
    Charles Almon

    [img] christie-2-340_324.jpg[/img]

  • Kaligh

    I wonder never mind that geaser will say "justin admit it just admit it!" when she finds out he is NOT the father!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you are on Justin's side reply and say " TEAM JUSTIN!!!!!!!!!!" on the other side get a freicken C.A.T scan!!!!!!!!!!! Justin if you need help with anything just txt me at 610-455-5145 and I will help with anything!. ANYTHING.

  • Kayla

    Ya, I know Justin bieber would never ever do that that mother fucker needs to shut her mouth and tell the truth before she gets sued and maeby before I bust her ass!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU JUSTIN!!!!!! I would do anything and mean EVERYTHING!.!!

  • Michelle

    Haha wow!! First of all she should be arrested for statutory rape I mean he was either 16 yrs old and she was 20 . Yeah good luck getting money from him.

  • PJ

    i thought this crap was going to blow over soon ; but this has gone to far ; so it won't be gone until this case is over O.o ; smh ; the world we live in today is sad ; everyone just want at least 15mins. of fame. what happen to having talent?

  • Devon LikeA'Boss Bowen
    Devon LikeA'Boss Bowen

    She's lying. I could tell by her facial expressions, voice, posture, and how she goes about getting "fame". It'll be a cold day in hell when she hears "Justin is not the father" (maury voice). Follow me on twitter @toodealz

  • daniela12

    Wow this gonna be so funnie when shes prooved wrong she wont even be able to walk out side with out some one yelling out HOE!

  • Ben Wright
    Ben Wright

    haha i doubt she's a genius. she just accidentally stumbled on a goldmine in justin bieber but she'll be soon forgotten undoubtedly like all muck should

  • sarebare

    'Bieber Shirtless in Miami' CLICKS! hehe love you jb <33

  • Gamay

    Really? His first time in a toilet and he was aggressive? That just seems so ridiculous. And why does she tell it now and not earlier? There are so many wholes in this story. I'm not a Bieber fan, but this is just unbelievable. She now behaves like he raped her or something. And I think if it would be true, sorry to say it, but then he would have paid her off. Before she said anything to the press.

  • viia

    she is just capitalizing on justin's fame!! go to hell mariah yeater!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we dont want your dark shadow on justin!!!!

  • Catherine R.
    Catherine R.

    wow. from reading all these comments i hope it serves a lesson to people not to fabricate stories and target celebrities or you will get back what you put out. and these are just comments on a website. lies like these can ruin lives! i hope justin stays strong through this ordeal.

  • pandagurll96

    poor biebs!

  • gaelan.

    and money!!!!! shame!!

  • angel aripa
    angel aripa


  • jerry

    "they walked justin to the car, now why would he lie" 'no comment' hahahahah sprung!

  • Me

    Ok, how would that be funny? This lady is crazy. Why would anyone do that to someone?

  • kaatttthiiiee

    i cnnot wait till justin bieber take the dna then it will be bye bye mariah for good thankkyou

  • celie

    for money! and she already has made herself look like a total idiot

  • globalIDD

    bet you're ugly


    man-child. really???? what even is that. HES SEVENTEEN. back off him!


    if i'd accomplished ONE of the things justin has i'd put myself on a pedestal. next time dont be so transparent with your jealousy.


    finally grow up and take responsibilites??? WTF


    you spin alotta shit, why dont you join mariah



  • hannah

    justin is really convinced dat he didnt do anything with her , he must do the test and get over it , so he can carry on with his life , if mariah is lying well she just bad for ruining someone for just lies justin do the test so you can look forward and if u are the father do the right thing for the kid .

  • courtneybaaaby

    this chick is hilarious

  • Nicole

    Why didn't she scream for help if she was so tearful?? Not a jb fan but if he didn't want to put a condom on why did u still have sex with him? Stay in school

  • tracy

    she's already selling her story to tv, if I was Bieber I would of done the test right away so she doesn't get the fame/money she wants from news media

  • dope

    she needa see some professional help. like for real, girl. just keep dreaming.

  • sweetbitch

    Bieber was eatting the beaver (;

  • cooljb

    that isn't his baby she just lying to get his money i know justin would never had sex with that ulgy b i a t c h

  • wormhole

    How did Justin do it? He went from vaguely androgynous to looking somewhat gay now to what? Flaming? Whats next? sex change? Nah you have to have a sex to change it.

  • Sardine

    Leave him alone poor kid!!

  • Mary J
    Mary J

    So they should force her to abort a child that has already been born? Kill her baby? Wow.

  • Yves

    I'm definitely not a Bieber fan so I would like this to be true... LOL! (sue me tweenies) That will put this man-child into his place from the pedestal he seems to think he belongs. His will finally grow up and take responsibilities. I just hope they choose another independent DNA testing place aside from the one chosen by Beiber's lawyers because you know, you can slide money if its the right amount in any place.

  • Alicia Kristine Baim
    Alicia Kristine Baim

    The lengths that people will travel for fame and celebrity are unreal. This girl may be a genius, though. Even if the entire thing is fabricated, she's already made some pretty decent money for herself and her child with interviews and other appearances. And regardless of the outcome of the DNA test, I'm sure she'll be offered a lot of money to write a book or be interviewed by powerful print and TV magazine companies looking for her reaction. Justin Bieber's celebrity is unrivaled right now, and his fans are going to cushion this girl's pockets for quite awhile, I can guarantee that, just by watching her TV interviews or buying magazines with her "exclusive" interviews.

  • Bo

    i know how it works with DNA.. it was only a "wouldn't it be awkward if...". & i'm pretty sure the girl is lying, she's probably a pathological liar.. & has sucked herself so deep into this & got a kick out of the publicity so much, that she's become to believe her own lies.

  • ma

    Force her to have an abortion? What kind of sick f- are you?

  • natasha

    Everybody needs to just calm down on pointing fingers, like justin said he is going to take a dna when he gets back frm europe. So until then just hold ur peace cause no one knows... but my opinion pretty sure he's not the father. She's not cute... just

  • Annie

    Ok why would she make all this up if she knew it wasn't his? She knows that if it's not that she will get sued.. And will make herself look like a total idiot. So I must say that I think it's got the potential to be the truth! It might be fabricated a little, but why lie?? And for the person who said something about justins dad being the father... Even if it were it wouldn't be the same DNA as justins. Only identical twins have the same. I hope I'm wrong and it's not his but if I were him I would be shakin in my britches! Lol

  • BrIt

    Did you ever think she might not be lying!!!!!!!

  • haha

    i smell bullshit

  • bill

    has anyone explained to her what 'statutory rape' is? what an idiot.

  • Asequui L Rollins
    Asequui L Rollins

    I'm not a Bieber fan at ALL but this chick has problems...I mean, I have nothing against Justin, but when someone accuses a guy I can tell isn't some asshole with a violent sex-drive of impregnating her, you cross a BIG line. I'd sue her ass too. Sufficed to say, Bieber has my full support here.

  • teki

    Ok.... What will she say when JB take DNA test and we all see he's not father?? oh, I know... She'll say: " Justin is laying... He paid for that..." Come on people grow up... GO JUSTIN

  • Alexa

    lying or not bitch is fucking ugly

  • Bo

    You know what would be awkward.. if his dad or other relative had a one-night-stand with her and so it might turn out that the baby & JB do have the matching DNA.

  • kamipj786

    You can watch it here

  • Lollipop

    she seems very scared... and i don't believe her at all... and it's not because I am a Bieber fan.

  • Jamie Metzger-Maxaner
    Jamie Metzger-Maxaner

    Would this just be too funny if it was true lol i hope it is just for the funny factor lol

  • Jamie Estep Carbone
    Jamie Estep Carbone

    This girl is milking it for all it's worth! She must be desperate for attention to do this.

  • joyceceleb

    she's nothing to do...???

  • guest

    i can't watch it either... :(

  • kamipj786

    i cant watch the video :(

  • kamipj786


  • Miranda

    Eww shes a lieing biatch thats horrible

  • John

    Mariah is a lying b i a t c h. Mariah's lawyers will be sued into oblivion.