Ryan Gosling’s Silent Acting Skills Spoofed By ‘Funny or Die’ (VIDEO)

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As they say, actions speak louder than words! Thanks to his leading roles in hit films like Crazy, Stupid Love., Lars and the Real Girl, Drive and The Notebook, Ryan Gosling has had his fair share of amazing lines. But, as a new video released by comedy website Funny or Die points out, some of Ryan’s most intense and passionate scenes are those in which he doesn’t say a single word; he just lets his eyes and abs do the talking for him!

In the hilarious video, Ryan stars in Quiet Ryan, a film in which he portrays himself and says everything he needs to without ever opening his mouth. “He’s just nice to look at” reads the mock movie trailer. And we have to say – they’re right!

What do you think, does Ryan make you swoon even when he’s not talking? Sound off in the comments below!

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