Snooki Debuts Seductive Perfume Commercial on ‘Funny or Die’ (VIDEO)

Snooki Gets Catty
Me-ow! 'Shore' star dresses up in a sexy costume.
Snooki's Tumble
The 'Shore' meatball takes a fall.
Even though Snooki doesn’t take herself too seriously, she’s out to prove her latest venture — perfume — is the real deal. The Jersey Shore star stopped by Funny or Die to shoot the commercial, in which her leading man calls her “ray of light cascading across my soul.” Seriously! Of course, the commercial is complete with a few surprises including pickles and bottle of champagne. Check out the hilarious video above.

Snooki will debut the fragrance this week on HSN. According to a press release, it “is a heavy blend of kiwi and sugar notes” and is “bubbly, flirty and sweet” to match her personality.

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