Style Showdown: Kim Kardashian vs. Demi Lovato! (POLL)


Besides their proclaimed friendship, what do Demi Lovato and Kim Kardashian have in common? An amazing sense of  style!

Both of these fashionistas know a good look when they see one. About a month ago, Demi was seen wearing a cream Isabel Marant fringe dress at The Grove in Los Angeles. Just a few days ago Kim K. was spotted wearing the exact same dress while promoting the Kardashian Kollection in Australia!

Both of the girls look beautiful, but we have to ask: who wore it better? Take our poll!

It's obvious why the girls love it: this dress flatters their curves with just enough detail. While Kim pairs the dress with a polished ponytail, Demi sticks to her Bohemian style with loose waves. 



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  • StaceyXDXD

    KIM I loooove Demi but the dress makes her hips looks saggy if hips can be saggy :S but oh wells

  • Bob

    yeah and i bet your a fat count too.

  • Unbrokenbb

    Demi is just plain awesome!!!!

  • Sania Thobani
    Sania Thobani

    DEMI !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rach


  • Chris Q.T.
    Chris Q.T.

    Demi haha i feel so cruel

  • JMan

    If I see another beige outfit I'm going to go crazy. There are sooooo many beautiful colors out there, use it. Love them both. I wish Demi would stick with her Glam Rock tho. It was more unique.

  • Laura Mayancela
  • Isabel Alejandra Díaz
    Isabel Alejandra Díaz


  • natalie

    Neither of them look good. And the dress is ugly anyway so who cares.

  • Andreea Diana
    Andreea Diana

    Kim, shes more curvy and it looks better on her

  • nina

    I'm just sick of everything involving the name "kardashian." They had their 15 minute of fame now they need to go move to cuba or something.

  • S

    I think demi mim needs to watch what she wears jys bcuz u have curves doesnt mean ur hot in everything she looks wide and fat not flattering @ all ewwww

  • krla15

    Demi!!! rock that body!!!

  • michelle

    Who ever said they are fat should get glasses ore you are fat ... Pick one

  • Sally

    Demi wears it well.

  • Kiki

    Demi Lovato of course, she looks beautiful

  • frudufru

    Both look and are fat...

  • Jemma

    Both stunning (and not hoes who ever said that -.-) <3 DEMI FTW <3 such an inspiring and gorgeous 19 year old :)

  • ursula vashu
    ursula vashu

    It's obvious! KIM

  • cissyhilcy

    kimmie k

  • Lauren

    Both Hoes and both look trashy!

  • Chic-ka

    Im a HUUUUUGE Kimmy fan but on this occasion the dress didnt work. She looks wide and a bit chunky. When you have big boobs you shouldnt wear a round kneck (it makes them look even bigger and your head smaller)

  • nianh

    Kim wore it better <3:)xx

  • brooke

    Kim wore it better

  • Lovatic!

    Demi Lovato of course!!

  • Kim Narolesky
    Kim Narolesky

    Kim Kardashian wore it better!