The Meet & Greet: Singer Lily Halpern Talks Big Time Rush Crush

Big Time Rush Rock Out
The popular boy band performs a concert in LA.
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She may only be 18 years old but Lily Halpern has already worked with a lot of musical heavy hitters.

Lily, who just wrapped up a tour with pop sensation Big Time Tush, recently sat down with Celebuzz to chat about her past and future plans. Lily also spilled the beans on her BTR tourmate crush and, more importantly, which member has been crushing on her!

You toured with Big Time Rush this fall. What was it like on the road with the boys?

It was so much fun — just being able to hang out and be around the guys was great because previous to that I always toured with kids a lot younger than me. So it was great to hang out and I learned a lot from them because they’re such seasoned performers.

I heard that you’ve also toured with Cody Simpson. That’s awesome!

Yeah, that was my first major tour! Just being able to be a part of that with Cody and Grayson [Chance], who are two of the sweetest guys in the world, was great. It was such a great thing for me to start with because both of them had their families there and it was such a welcoming environment. It was pretty wonderful!

Speaking of beginnings, tell us a little about how you got into music and why you wanted to become a musician.

Well, it was one of those things where I just can’t really imagine doing anything else. I was a senior in high school and everyone was really excited about the colleges they were going to and what major they were going to choose — and for me it was just music. I couldn’t really have that excitement about anything else.

Do you ever think about going to school?

Well, I applied to a bunch of colleges because I went to a pretty intense prep school. It was one of those things where I didn’t know how to tell my parents that I wanted to move to New York and give it a go to become a pop star. Everything happened so quickly that I had to quit school as soon as I moved. I still do want to go to college and eventually I know I will, but right now my main focus is music. 

How did your parents react when you told them you were moving to New York?

I think that’s one of the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. I don’t really have a musical family — they’re all about sports so I was kind of the outcast. My brother was a big athlete and I was the one sitting in a corner writing music and day-dreaming. When I told them I was going to New York, they weren’t the happiest people in the world — but they love me and they support me and once all these great things started happening, they realized this wasn’t the worst idea in the world.

Since we’re talking about great things, your new video “Colors” stars Grey Damon from Nine Lives of Chloe King! Tell us about meeting him for the first time.

You don’t see anyone that good-looking in real life! Just seeing him in person — he is just so gorgeous! We had a lot of chemistry. We got to be pretty good friends pretty quickly. I get to see him a lot now when I go to LA. He is an amazing actor and a beautiful man.

You can say you’ve worked with a lot of people in the entertainment industry then. Who are you dying to collaborate with next?

I think it’ll be really fun to collaborate with Jason Derulo. We work with a lot of the same people and we’ve hung out a lot. We’ve been to each other’s concerts and release parties but we’ve never gone into the studio together. I think it would be really fun. 

You also have a love song called “Wishlist”. Who is on your wishlist of celebrity crushes?

Ryan Reynolds is beautiful! But as for people I actually know that I think are good people, probably James Maslow from Big Time Rush. We spent a lot of time together on tour. He’s really a wonderful person. He loves dogs and I love dogs and we’re pretty good friends. I definitely have a bit of a crush on him.

Well, it’s not as awkward now that you’re not touring with him anymore.

No, it’s so funny! He was in a popstar magazine and he me called and told me he told the magazine he had a crush on me. I was like, “Oh my God! I have a crush on you too!” All of the Big Time Rush guys are so cool. They’re so down to earth with the amount of celebrity they are. They’re all in Canada right now so I kind of miss them.