Woe Is Me Cover’s Katy Perry’s ‘TGIF’ (LISTEN)

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Ever wonder what Katy Perry’s party jam anthem “Last Friday Night (TGIF)” would sound like if it got a bit of a punk makeover? Well, Woe Is Me is granting you a very special wish then.

The Georgia-based rockers have put their signature stamp on Katy’s smash hit as part of a new album titled Pop Goes Punk, Volume 4, where some of the hottest pop tunes in the country get an angsty redux. And despite what seems to be a pop-friendly intro, Woe Is Me then ups the ante by cranking up the metal during the song’s chorus. Check it out below!

Are you a punk/metal-head at heart with a pop sensibility? You can buy Volume 4 here and then be sure to check out another track from the album, with The Veil covering Bruno Mars.

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