Woe Is Me Cover's Katy Perry's 'TGIF' (LISTEN)

Katy's 'TGIF'
Watch Miss Perry rock the original. Watch »

Ever wonder what Katy Perry's party jam anthem "Last Friday Night (TGIF)" would sound like if it got a bit of a punk makeover? Well, Woe Is Me is granting you a very special wish then.

The Georgia-based rockers have put their signature stamp on Katy's smash hit as part of a new album titled Pop Goes Punk, Volume 4, where some of the hottest pop tunes in the country get an angsty redux. And despite what seems to be a pop-friendly intro, Woe Is Me then ups the ante by cranking up the metal during the song's chorus. Check it out below!


Are you a punk/metal-head at heart with a pop sensibility? You can buy Volume 4 here and then be sure to check out another track from the album, with The Veil covering Bruno Mars.



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  • Zach harvey
    Zach harvey

    Woe is me is every genre.that statement can be just as acuratr as the genres you nimrods are throwing in there.just look at the first two punk albums.THOSE WERE PUNK.big genre change in the last two.cant say it isnt.

  • James Wesley
    James Wesley

    It's PUNK GOES POP, NOT POP GOES PUNK. Fucking dumb asses,

  • Geoffrey Pack
    Geoffrey Pack

    Lol at the comment above me. Pop-core is an unofficial genre. Get your facts straight. (:

  • Kellan Fabjance
    Kellan Fabjance

    Woe, is Me are not "technically" anything. And stop fucking making up genres. Pop-core is not a fucking thing. I even like some W,IM but you are all such idiots.

  • Kellan Fabjance
    Kellan Fabjance

    No. You are wrong. It can be labeled. Please learn what punk is and then come back.

  • Kellan Fabjance
    Kellan Fabjance

    Not really, but it's cool.

  • Geoffrey Pack
    Geoffrey Pack

    They're also considered pop-core. Pop styled music combined with hardcore style music.

  • Craig

    this song is mediocre, but man you just look like a total idiot.

  • Daniel Marazita
    Daniel Marazita

    Technically, Woe, Is Me is a metal/electronic/punk band. They're electronicore, which is electronice mixed with metalcore, which is metal mixed with post-hardcore, which is hardcore punk. So, yeah, WIM is technically punk.


    woe is me is punk, rock, electronic,and metal u dumbass learn that music theses days cant be labled N THE COVER FUCKIN ROCKS BITCH

  • Kellan Fabjance
    Kellan Fabjance

    W,IM are not "punk", nor are they "rockers". Boring song, just as boring cover. Also it's not "The Veil" it's Pierce the Veil. loooool. Stop covering music news.

  • John Larkin
    John Larkin

    it sounds a fart

  • Ash Sullivan
    Ash Sullivan

    Hance is really an amazing vocalist. Great addition to the band no doubt.

  • dustglitterrain01

    I love Woe, Is Me. Never thought I'd see them on Celebuzz though.

  • Michael Daniel Kirkland
    Michael Daniel Kirkland

    Pierce The Veil is the band that covered Bruno Mars' "Just the Way You Are".... Just so you know.