Madonna's New Song Leaks Online (AUDIO)

Madonna's New Song Leaked
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Listen up! No really, make it fast, the leaked Madonna song may not survive long online. 

Just today, a leaked demo for her new single "Gimme All Your Love" hit the Internets. 

Take a listen to the track here:

Madonna's new album comes out next year (she's also rumored to be performing at the Super Bowl in February -- perhaps performing the new single then).

We're taken back by the retro '80s feel. Madge has gone back to her early pop roots! What do you think of the song?

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  • Lucky Starlet
    Lucky Starlet

    My husband (the professional club DJ who has been playing Madge since her "Everybody" days) hates it...and although it's kinda cute in its retro-80s way, i have to say that for Madonna, it's pathetic. Anonymous girl group attempt at a breakout single? OK, whatever. MADONNA? Girl, do we need to stage an intervention? Imagine how embarrassing this must be for Lourdes!

  • Tara Kaberry
    Tara Kaberry

    Cute :-)