New 'Kourtney & Kim Take New York' Preview Shows Relationship Drama (VIDEO)

Kim's Message to Fans
Kim Kardashian speaks to fans post-breakup Read More »

There is a new preview out for the second season of Kourtney & Kim Take New York, and it looks like this season takes a serious turn.

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick try to figure out their future, while we get a glimpse into what went wrong with Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries' marriage.

"Your wife has to find out you're in a different country on Twitter," Kim says to her new husband after Kourtney brings up that Kris has gone out every night that they have been in New York.

Tune into see what really went down after Kim and Kris said "I do" when KKTNY premieres November 27 on E!.

Kim Files for Divorce
Kim Kardashian Divorce
Kim & Kris' marriage is over! Read More »


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  • Betty

    Funny how the kardashians have brainwashed alot of these's sad!

  • NaeNae

    and if she wants to wear $100,000 pair of diamonds in the ocean then she can. she bought them, earned them and if i had money like that i would prob. too. its her lifestyle. get over it. literally.

  • NaeNae

    IF YOU DONT LIKE THE KARDASHIANS - THEN DONT WATCH THEM OR READ ABOUT THEM. DONT EVEN LOOK AT THEM. PERIOD. Why would you be so worried about them or waste your breath talking about them or typing/reading about them, if you dont like them?? It makes no sense. get off them.

  • reneta guzman
    reneta guzman

    Hey every body I know all of you have a lot to say about kim and kris and what you think happened, but who really knows its all just hear say. The only people who really know what happened and why are kim and kris. Its there busness not owers and who are we to judge them and how they live. But I can say that yes kris humpfeys is a down to earth guy who does have to work hard for what he has and that his parents are very sweet welcoming people who are also hard working and he gets a lot of that from his parents. They have told me in the past many times that there children have to work hard for what they want in life. That they never went easy on kris and kayla they expected great things from there children cause they knew there children could do the hard work and suceed. And every thing kris has is what HE urned he didn't get his money from mom and dad or his wife, that was all him. So please. Every one if you don't know then don't say or act like ya do, cause its just so wrong and right now that's not what the couple needs right now. They need all of ower love and support and encouraging words not ones that tear them down.

  • AlaBella

    What went wrong with this marriage is that Kim married for show. I'm sure she got jealous of Khloe's wedding's ratings and didn't want her sister stealing her spotlight

  • Glenda Sabo
    Glenda Sabo

    Are you serious? In Bora Bora, Kim wears like a trillion dollar pair of earrings in the ocean? Who would wear expensive earrings in the ocean??? And he playfully throws her in and then tells her that it is her own fault...why have earrrings that cost so much you have to insure and he goes out and finds it? If that happened at all? And she fusses at him for toothpaste splatters and the dogs on the bed.....helloooooooo, she has makeup, hair, nails, etc......she doesn't clean or cook.......I will not watch again or buy anything of theirs. It is time that family take their millions and kiss my butt!!!!!!! Money hungry bunch of people. Kris H is so not like them or his family and probably laid back and nice Christian people...grow up? He really has to work harder than she does for his millions.....the whole family makes me sick....all but Bruce and he doesn't get a chance in HE** to be a real man in that mess. Notice Kloe and her hubby....even he doesn't get to say much....can you say "all about me, me , me"!!!!

  • Anon

    Am sure any of you ladies if you were married to that jerk you would divorce him as fast as she did,we saw the wedding episode and bora bora we knew how he treated her.He doesn't deserve anyone until he matures.

  • lisa

    U all need to stop raggin on kk she did what she had to do



  • Tammy Eisler Baez
    Tammy Eisler Baez

    hers fans made her milllions , and what has she done for them , NOTHING !!!!!!!!!!!! t shirt give away how greedy she is !!!!!!!!!!! and all her lies , its not reality its a freakin soap show !!

  • Sopie

    I will never watch their shows again. I'm done.


    ****Plain and simple people....BOYCOTT all Kardashian shows/clothing/stores/purses/purfume...anything with there name on it**** Why buy or watch ANYTHING of them anymore! AMERICA is just SICK of ALL OF THEM! I for one will NOT watch there shows no more ever again!****BOYCOTT THEM ALL....Then they get no money from us and then they will just ALL GO AWAY! Who care about them anymore! No one! ****BOYCOTT****BOYCOTT****

  • agree with Obama
    agree with Obama

    Mom Jenner to Kim: Doll: You need to get rid of that husband of yours because he is not letting me control him. You need to get in lots of fights with him and really get under his skin. You need to go off and do that movie MARRIAGE COUNSELOR directed by Tyler Perry and seduce him. Remember what I taught you about upgrading and you're not getting any younger. Kim: But Mom I don't love him and don't want to be a beard. Doll: Our reality show is being boycotted it is just a matter of time it will be cancelled, you need to do this for me and our "Brand". Kim: Yes, Mommy:(

  • rosa

    yeah, now they are going to put every single wrong thing kris did to justified kim decision of getting divorce.. oh please maybe kourt planted the seed on kim's decision cause shes very sneaky person and she doesnt believe in marriage.