Readers React: Adriana Lima's Shocking Diet Secrets!

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When Victoria's Secret Angel Adriana Lima opened up to the world about her extreme pre-runway diet, Celebuzz readers were sent into a frenzy! Sides were chosen!  Opinions were expressed!

While some agree that Adriana's diet -- which consists of a month and a half of lean protein and vegetables, a two week liquid diet, then a 12 hour "drying out" period of no liquid at all --  is completely healthy and acceptable for a supermodel, others are arguing that it is borderline ridiculous.

Here's a sampling of our reader reacts to the story:

AlaBella says: "Feeding off protein shakes for a week, and then starving and dehydrating yourself for 12 hours is NOT what I call a balanced diet."

Jamie says: "That’s why she gets paid the big bucks! I’m sure she is super healthy and everything she is doing is monitored."

Crystal says: "why the hell would anyone do that to themselves that’s not healthy and it’s a wonder that she hasn’t ended up in the hospital."

Cary says: "but her body looks healthy, unlike other runway models. Imagine what those really anorexic models do."

vsfan said: "It’s a bit extreme but she is eating! Protein is good! And the not drinking water 12 hours before is probably so she wouldn’t bloat. I’m sure she knows her body and what works for her."

Ayo said: "Why are you all talking as if Adrianna starves herself like this every single day? I personally deduced that she does this PRE RUNWAY!!!!! Get it? She’s got other days of the year in between photo shoots and modelling to balance out her nutrients and eating habits. She probably eats the odd slice of pizza as well, but I’m sure she doesnt compromise on her exercise."

Yikes! Looks like this diet has caused some controversy. We want to know what you think! Is Adriana's diet appropriate for a pre-runway show shape up? Or is the diet going too far and setting an unhealthy example? Let's keep the debate going in the comments!



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  • julie

    Far better than the cocaine and cigarettes diet actresses are not unfamiliar with! Of course there are occasions when models adopt extreme measures, I believe gymnasts do something pretty much similar at times, ballet dancers as well. That's the way it goes for them! Some in a healthier way than others. Hers isn't even an unhealthy diet! Way to go Miss V.S. angel!

  • Marissa Livedotte
    Marissa Livedotte

    Better than the champagne and cigarettes super model diet.

  • celebritynevsin

    Very sexy Adriana.

  • hrivera91

    Crudeness isn't beautiful either.

  • carrissa

    Okay let me get this right ya'll think that its just so awful that she is actually eating the right things yes it does sound extreme but its really not all the things she is putting in her body are completly healthy she has been a victoria secret model for eleven years and has been modeling longer then that i think she knows what she can handle..

  • courtneybaaaby

    anorexic isnt beautiful, so eat bitch!

  • Cindy

    Just a second. Adriana Lima, models, actors and actresses ARE the commodity of their livelihoods. What a model does to look their best in the lead-up to their shows or films might seem extreme to normal people, but it's the equivalent of frantic preparation for any big event in any other person's workplace. I bet Adriana Lima doesn't have to work until midnight for a week straight and ignore her family to make sure all is in readiness for a big event launch; or stay up all night for days on caffeine to finish a piece of software for a deadline; or work behind a desk all day without any physical activity. Those are also unhealthy, extreme behaviours that many other people do FOR THEIR JOBS - usually (and hopefully) just for specific, big events, with the exception of sedentary desk work, which is a proven killer and is done regularly by a large sector of society. As long as her regular regime is healthy and active, she's probably FAR healthier than the majority of desk-bound paper-pushers or key-tappers likely to be reading this article!

  • iris

    I think that she shouldn't be doing that and no liquids that's just crazy a human has to drink something. Doing a pre runway diet just for you could look better that's wrong should love yourself.that's how you look not get yourself sick and ending up in the hospital trying to be something that your not be yourself it doesn't. Matter if yoyr differnet that's the point