Behind-the-Scenes Talent Get Honored at the 5th Annual Hamilton Behind the Camera Awards

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Many times we don’t think of the hard work that goes on behind-the-scenes of our favorite movies. To recognize some of these extraordinary talent,  the 5th Annual Hamilton Behind The Camera Awards presented by Los Angeles Confidential magazine at Conga Room, honoring off screen talent was held this past weekend in Hollywood and Celebuzz got to speak with a couple of the brilliant honorees.

The red carpet event brought us costume designer Janie Bryant, prop master Russell Bobbitt, stunt choreographer Vic Armstrong, screenwriter Yasmina Reza, among others. We got the chance to talk to Mark Ricker, production designer of the movie The Help, about what his challenges were in creating the setting for the movie:

“It’s really about creating the world that supports the characters, that was the challenge. Not that it was difficult, but that we had all the readers of the book and we wanted to do honor to what they imagined. It’s a unique position to be the set designer and bring it to life.”

Chris Weitz, director of A Better Life who was one of the main honorees told Celebuzz that it felt fantastic being honored and went on to state:

“…especially because this is a series of awards that are dedicated to people who don’t usually get recognized, which is to say crew members who are doing fantastic work often unrecognized. A lot of the people who are being honored tonight have done many more movies than I have and those are the people whom I’ve learned how to make movies from and it means a lot to me.”

Some major celebs in attendance were the Mad Men heartthrob Jon Hamm, mega movie star Harrison Ford, executive producer for the Transformers movie series Michael Bay, well known writer/director/producer JJ Abrams and Puss in Boots star Antonio Banderas.