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  • Abe Gurko
    Abe Gurko

    Let’s face it, no one knows what to do with that hideous Oscar telecast. I am sure Brett Ratner saw the handwriting on the wall and used the “fags” reference to bow out of making a fool out of himself. It is astonishing that for a long while now, not just last year’s Anne Hathaway & James Franco debacle, the Oscar telecast continues to be the most boring, predictable, uninteresting show on Earth. http://bit.ly/vHb6DB

  • Lorraine Carano
    Lorraine Carano

    This is very sad. I'm sorry to hear this but as long as he only does movies for adults from now on, it is good enough for me. It will be interesting to see if they select one or two young rising actors to host again like last time or one or two comedians.