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UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed. Thanks for participating!

Want to stream The Eagle for free on your computer? How about chatting LIVE with the film's star Channing Tatum during the movie? Here's your chance!

Celebuzz is giving 10 lucky readers the chance to win their own access codes to stream The Eagle on, the new online movie theater and social platform. Winners will also be able to chat with Channig live and ask him questions during the stream! Streaming dates will be held on Sunday, November 13th and Thursday, November 17th.

Here’s how to enter to win:

Follow Celebuzz on Twitter and ‘Like’ us on Facebook, and then leave a comment below telling us which Channing Tatum character you fell in love with and why. Be sure to note which screening you wish to view. 

PLEASE NOTE: You must sign in to Celebuzz (or use Facebook to sign in) in order to comment and win.

This giveaway will close on Thursday, November 10th at 9 AM ET.


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  • wheat636

    I first fell in love with him in Step Up, but he brings the same adorableness to every movie he's in! I can't wait to see his new one.

  • Melissa Pentecost Mann
    Melissa Pentecost Mann

    Here's the vid!

  • Melissa Pentecost Mann
    Melissa Pentecost Mann

    Channing is such a talented actor!!!! Not only is he the epitome of the word beautiful, but he is amazingly artistic! I love Step Up, G.I. Joe, and Dear John, but my favorite by FAR is a piece of work he shot with a buddy which has not been released in theaters, titled "Half a Clown"...Here is the link...I am wowed every time I watch this!!! I would also be available for either screening!!!

  • Tiffany Diahann Shelton
    Tiffany Diahann Shelton

    Thursday the 17th would work best for me :)

  • Ezinne Nzewi
    Ezinne Nzewi

    My favourite Channing Tatum character would be from Dear John as it was the first time that i had seen him play a more vulnerable character which showed how versatile he is as an actor. Nov 13 screening would work for me

  • Becky Gorham Lovell
    Becky Gorham Lovell

    My absolute favorite Channing character is Antonio from 'A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints.' It was pretty much the first time we saw Chan as a raw and gritty actor and it proved how amazing his acting skills really are. He was so real as that character. It just made me want to see more and more from him! ....And he has not disappointed since then!!! Seeing as how I've already purchased a ticket to the Nov. 17 screening, I guess I would say the Nov. 13 screening would work! It would be awesome to watch the movie with him twice! Thank you for the opportunity!

  • Hannah

    The first time I saw Channing Tatum was in She's the Man, when he played Duke Orsino. That movie is one of my favorites--it's hilarious! I first fell in love with his character because of the many shirtless-scenes (haha), but his charcter's honest, down-to-earth, sensitive personality shone through, and I love the whole dynamic between him and Sebastian/Viola. Ever since then I have loved watching other movies he stars in because of his acting abilities. He portrays his characters so well and is amazingly believable! I would love to have the chance to stream The Eagle with him! Sunday the 13th would work better for me, if I was chosen. Thank you!

  • Aubrey Deavitt
    Aubrey Deavitt

    Step Up is my all time favorite movie, and I loved Channing Tatum in all his movies, but I really loved him in G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra. He was the perfect person for the role. He was bad-ass in all the action scenes, a gentleman when it came to the romantic scenes and was great overall. I love watching all of his movies, and usually will anything with him in it because so far all of his movies have been awesome!

  • Cindy Underwood
    Cindy Underwood

    I hands down loved Channing Tatum in She’s the Man. He is the reason this is my favorite movie. I fell in love with Duke Orsino. This was the first movie that I ever saw him in and I thought wow this guy is gonna be super famous, he’s way too good looking and talented not to be. In the event I win, I will be able to view the screening on Sunday, November 13th :) Thanks.

  • Cindy Underwood
    Cindy Underwood

    I hands down loved Channing Tatum in She's the Man. He is the reason this is my favorite movie. I fell in love with Duke Orsino. This was the first movie that I ever saw him in and I thought wow this guy is gonna be super famous, he's way too good looking and talented not to be. In the event I win, I will be able to view the screening on Sunday, November 13th :) Thanks.

  • Betsy X
    Betsy X

    I liked Channing Tatum from the first moment that I saw him on She's The Man. He definitely caught my attention. I then fell for him when I saw him in Step Up, because a man who can dance is really sexy. Channing Tatum is an amazing actor, and I have seen most of his movies. I know that The Vow, isn't out yet, but in my opinion, I believe that it's going to be one of his best roles yet! (: I'm not quite sure when I will be able to go on live stream. I don't have a webcam on my computer, so I would have to use my mom's laptop. But the thing is, I don't know when she's going to take it to work with her :/ But my guess is that Thursday might work better than Sunday??? AHh this sucks. I don't know. Both days might work out ! We'll see .

  • Ann-Marie Ramsaroop
    Ann-Marie Ramsaroop

    I have a soft spot for Channing in She's the Man because it was the first movie that I saw him in. He was absolutely phenomenal and his character, Duke, was relate-able. He played the jock that was also insecure. He wasn't the typical arrogant popular boy. Instead he was just like any other teen with a crush, who didn't know what to do or how to act in front of the person they like. Plus, he was awkwardly adorable and so funny.

  • Tracey

    Step UP when he overcomes his past to make something of himself and how he goes from a man with a haunted past in 'the Eagle' to a confident man able to leave the past behind.

  • emmy411

    John in Dear John<3

  • Kristy Kowalski
    Kristy Kowalski

    Channing Tatum is an amazing actor and is excellent at playing all of his roles! My favorite would have to Duke Orsino in She's the Man. I can watch that movie a million times and still love it. First of all the name Duke just fits his athletic character; I love that name sooo much! Second, he is so hot in this movie! There are so many shirtless and workout scenes, it really makes me love Duke even more! I personally love soccer, so it was great to see my favorite actor play my favorite sport and do so many awesome moves! His character really inspired me to learn new skills and moves in soccer and overall helped me to become determined to be a like him! Third, his character really captures my heart when he shows how sensitive he really is and protective. He is willing to stand up for the ladies and really shows respect to women. It was also so cute how nervous he got around girls. :) overall I LOVE Channing Tatum and I am a huge fan and I could probably write all day about how much I love his characters in all his movies! The streaming I would be able to attend would be the one on Sunday, November 13th. I would be soooooooo honored to go to the streaming of The Eagle; I will love Celebuzz and Channing Tatum forever! <3 (: - <3 Kristy Kowalski

  • Cecilia Finch
    Cecilia Finch

    First saw him in She's the Man. Loved him and that movie. Really loved him in Dear John as well. He's so talented. Nov. 17th for me. :)

  • Nicole

    Shes the man :) 'duke' I love football and having him in the film made it my favourite film ever, I've watched it 3 days in a row and I plans to watch it for the next 4 :D much loves!

  • Elizabeth N Brad Thornton
    Elizabeth N Brad Thornton

    When I first saw Step Up in the theater, I fell in love with Tyler Gage! His character was kind of a bad boy, and he was a great dancer. Honestly, I love to dance. I can remember several occasions when I was younger going out with my friends to the clubs. I was always the one on the dance floor having a good time.Then, I found out about She's The Man, and had to see it. That movie is hilarious! I absolutely love his performance in this movie. November 13th would work best for me :0) ~Elizabeth (Huge Channing and Jenna Fan)

  • Tiffany Diahann Shelton
    Tiffany Diahann Shelton

    I would have to say that I fell in love with John Tyree. I had read "Dear John" before I saw the movie and thought it was amazing. When I heard Channing Tatum was going to play John I got really excited to see the movie. Channing brought the character to life. Watching this movie you would think that it was actually his life, and that he went through all these struggles. Channing Tatum is an amazing actor that can bring any character to life.

  • joy3337

    Well,it's hard to choose a character I fell in love the most ,because all the Channing's roles are great! But I think I am most in love with his ''Dear John"'s character! He is just born to wear a military clothes! lol ,I thibk that Channing just can't have serious face! He got amazing smile! I think I am inlove with his smile :) His character in "Dear John" is a boy that every girl dreams of.Savannah felt inlove with him just for 2 weeks,he's a person which can impress everyone:) Well,I am looking forward to see "the Eagle". :)

  • outlaw4728

    I believe that 'The Eagle' was Channing's actual acting breakout role. Playing Marcus Aquila was as great and as it should have been. With all of the things that Marcus was going through during the movie, Channing displayed that and showed the audiences what each moment felt like to that character. And the new '21 Jump Street' looks hilarious. Channing will definitely play that role as well. Obviously not as serious of a role as 'The Eagle', but nevertheless, entertaining. I could attend either showing. Thank you!

  • unitedbiskets

    Marcus Flavius Aquila from "The Eagle" will forever be my favorite Channing Tatum character. Yes, Channing looks good and is funny in many other movies, but Marcus is the most complex and nuanced character he has ever played, and his struggles with honor, loyalty, failure, friendship, and belonging made the movie what it is. And yes, he also looked good sleeping shirtless in his bed of furs.

  • Lindsey

    Hello!! Channing tatum is my favorite actor of all time. I personally think he does an amazing job in all his roles. If I would have to pick one I would say Dear John. I love him in relationship movies and being a strong supporter of the military made me love the movie even more! It would mean so much if I could video stream with him! I could video chat him on nov 15th... Tuesday. Thanks :-) Lindsey

  • june

    i love him in gi joe. duke was good role him. seeing him doing the action was awsome. i feel in love with im in that movie. it make me watch it over and over. hope that they make another one and he in it.

  • Noemi

    I love Channing Tatum & his character is super hot. <3 He's a great actor.


    Channing is my absolute favorite actor. He is so versatile and always does amazing with any role he is in. Dear John will always make me cry and that's his role that made me admire him so much as an actor. Step Up is also an awesome movie because his dancing is amazing. I love love loved him in Fighting because he was just so tough and I loved that movie

  • Brandi Shropshire
    Brandi Shropshire

    First discovered him when I saw Step Up. Loved his character Tyler. He was a bad boy but deep down was a sweet sensitive guy. He stole my heart in Dear John too. Its hard to just pick one character, he plays them all so well.

  • Gracie Conaway
    Gracie Conaway

    I instantly loved Channing Tatum in Step Up . He played a tough character with a soft spot and his dancing was flawless! I think that movie and She's The Man stole my heart and will forever be my favorites!!

  • Brandi Suttner
    Brandi Suttner

    Would have 2 be John from "Dear John" because my 8 yr old daughter developed a crush while we watched it 2gether.She thought I could simply pick up the phone & invite Channing

  • Kate

    Loved Channing's performance in Dear John. I thought it was gonna be too sad but the girls all pressed me to watch. Glad I did! Excited for Eagle, I would watch it anytime!

  • JeryLyn Woytas
    JeryLyn Woytas

    I'm not going to give the roman name that he played in 'The Eagle', but that was the first time that I, actually, saw Channing Tatum and, I mean seen, him as the actor he is. This film was the first, outside 'Dear John' that I saw where I appreciated him as the mature actor he is.