Jessica Simpson Reveals Her Pregnancy Cravings (VIDEO)


After months of leaving the media guessing if she was even pregnant, Jessica Simpson is finally talking about being an expectant mother. With every pregnancy comes cravings and Jessica revealed hers to The Insider, saying: 
"I'm actually craving a lot of fruit."
Fruit?! We weren't expecting that! Jessica says she's been eating a lot of cantaloupe and her favorite food is peanut butter and banana mashed up. However, she did admit that she's not turning down a Twix bar either. 

Jessica, 31, is making the media rounds to promote her new website BeautyMint and disclosed that she's having to lather on the lotion a lot more now that's she's pregnant. "I was just saying earlier today. ... It takes me forever to get ready for bed because I'm putting on all these creams, praying for no stretch marks ... putting it on my boobs, belly, thighs. You have to do a lot more things. Then right when I'm about to fall asleep I'm like, 'Oh gosh, I'm starving.' Bring a refrigerator up to the room."

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  • max rev
    max rev

    Calm down Joe

  • dave1001

    They sure are, and the idea of her rubbing lotion all over them is making me pop the hugest boner! Oil them up good, Jessica!

  • Marcelina

    Her boobs are so huge!