Khloe Kardashian: Family Dance Party at El Floridita (PHOTOS)

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Hi dolls! On Monday night after Rob’s incredible performance on Dancing with the Stars, the entire family went out to celebrate Lamar’s birthday at El Floridita, an authentic Cuban restaurant. They teach Salsa dancing and have a live band, which is so fun! It was literally our ENTIRE crew (sans a few people) which is so rare these days, making the night even more special. Some of the DWTS cast came too!

It turned into a huge dance party and Rob even tried out some of his dance moves on my mom (which you’ll see in pics). It was a blast! Of course the most popular person in attendance was Mason, as per usual LOL. I wonder if there will ever come a time where we’re not all fawning over him. He’s just so cute and yummy I can’t help myself!

It was the perfect family evening and we all had a blast! I of course went into photographer mode and was just snapping away, so click through the gallery for an up close and personal look at our family night out :)

Happy birthday, Lam Lam!



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  • bebe87

    They're all full of shit, Khloe, Kourtney, Kris especially KIM. Give Khloe less than one year and she will be divorced as well. Take that to the bank everyone and she will ALSO blame her Lam Lam.

  • Rachel Ramos
    Rachel Ramos

    I just looked through your pictures. I love the fact that you guys are a close knit family. I wish I could be part of that since my family is not really like that at all.

  • mn

    That's an easy one to answer...b/c ethnic genes are stronger than white genes. And that chick looks pasty, pale and sick.

  • crissie

    That's what family is all about yall,keep the luv going!!!!!

  • snooty67

    Mason is a ill cutie!

  • michaela micky pillay
    michaela micky pillay

    I lov evry1 u guyzz are such an awesum fam

  • Ана Перковић
    Ана Перковић

    love these two

  • memyselfandi

    why is mason so ethnic looking, Kourtney is 1/2 white. But married Scott shouldn't the baby look more white. Weird

  • charlita mcmillan
    charlita mcmillan

    Mason is so cute he is just so loved by everyone awwwwwww.

  • vincent trommy
    vincent trommy

    They get no respect here. Kris Humphries should have seen this coming. All they care about is money. Do something to help others with your celebrity pinheads! Life is not about glamour and makeup dolls!

  • Jennifer
    Jennifer "Colombia"

    Who is he?

  • Jennifer
    Jennifer "Colombia"

    LOL ^O^

  • jessinta

    why is kris only wearing 1 earing?

  • meee

    one earing swagggg :P

  • Florin Lupascu
    Florin Lupascu

    augurii per la bela famiglia

  • allym


  • love mason!!!!
    love mason!!!!

    Love mason, he is so lucky to be the first everything, son, nephew,grandchild, etc.

  • Chulis Luna
    Chulis Luna

    Omg Rob is so so cute love him!!!!!!

  • rachelj

    he looks just like his father!!!

  • MARY

    Sooo cute !

  • Carol Artiles
    Carol Artiles

    omg he is soooo cute

  • Janine

    Omg!! I love rob !!!! An love the kardashians!! X

  • Selepa Pinataake
    Selepa Pinataake

    , nqaaawr cute (: haha

  • Selepa Pinataake
    Selepa Pinataake

    , nqaawr cute (: ,

  • Jane Hayes
    Jane Hayes

    rob is so handsome.. Lamar is super hot!!!

  • Sarah


  • Jane Hayes
    Jane Hayes

    i love you mason!!!

  • Angela Caruso
    Angela Caruso

    what a perfect little doll <3 Perfect mix of mommy and daddy! and such a sweet heart!!!

  • Tarra Hardacre Martinez
    Tarra Hardacre Martinez

    mason needs to lose the pacifier and get a hair cut!!

  • simplydiffer

    Love Khloe. She's the only Kardashian that keeps it 100%.

  • sp

    ... i think she looks good, everyone else is orange and tanned and they look like they have skin cancer already, but she doesnt <3

  • Lola

    Cute pic, but Is the baby getting a mullet?

  • Karina Morán Manzano
    Karina Morán Manzano

    Saludos desde Panamá!!!

  • Nancy Watson-Hein
    Nancy Watson-Hein

    Kris looks amazing, who was your surgeon? You can't even tell you had surgery. WOW

  • Bryanna Martinez
    Bryanna Martinez

    Missing An Ear Ring

  • Karina Morán Manzano
    Karina Morán Manzano

    Besos a toda la familia!!!

  • Addisha Fields
    Addisha Fields

    i love to watch the show by the way

  • Addisha Fields
    Addisha Fields

    oh no she needs to take ah serious tan

  • Leanne Fell
    Leanne Fell

    Oh Mason is adorable

  • Noelia M. Soto Isern
    Noelia M. Soto Isern

    he needs a haircut! badly! still cute!

  • Milagros Martinez
    Milagros Martinez

    i love your pictures <3

  • sarah

    soo adorable, its called love

  • Mario Carter
    Mario Carter

    Damn look at that HONEY BADGERR in the back..!

  • dj

    To the dumb SOB that called Khloe ugly, look in the mirror. That young lady is beautiful!!!!

  • cary

    Saddened by how Kris umphries' family must feel right now.Humiliation...glad life goes on with the Kardashians no matter what.

  • cary

    Saddened by how Krishna Humphrey family must feel right now.Humiliation...glad life goes on with the Kardashians no matter what.

  • missunderstood

    i love this pic...

  • courtneybaaaby

    khloes so ugly

  • Lisa Shone
    Lisa Shone

    they never seem to have their own lives, so sad:(

  • Lisa Shone
    Lisa Shone

    happy bday!

  • Nora

    its cute, but i dont like it when people do that. find it weird

  • erica102084

    happy b day to lamar and congrats to khloe for find the love of u life

  • erica102084

    making his wish??

  • erica102084

    yes its lamar rob just gaved it away lol

  • erica102084

    is that lamar?????????

  • Lollipop

    This is a great picture lol.. so funny.. and cute at the same time.

  • Lollipop

    terrible photography, the bottle is in focus.

  • angelis toro
    angelis toro

    Happy Birthday Lamar many good wishes for you !!!

  • kristin

    I love seeing Mason in the audience on Dancing with the stars. He is quite possibly one of the cutest kids I've ever seen in my life!

  • angelis toro
    angelis toro

    God bless you all,specialy mason he's adorable he looks like your father khloe,i know he taking care of all of you bless!!

  • Lollipop


  • angelis toro
    angelis toro

    you guys look so much alike that 's scary but it good .I love your family values can we be friends !!!!!

  • angelis toro
    angelis toro

    how can someone become friends with you guys ?do you did to have money be rich or just yourself???

  • Anonymous

    Wow what an ugly kid is Mason. Sorry but that's just my opinion. With his adult face. UGh!!


    or go to the beach :)


    why her face is so white, it looks ugly and unhealthy. She rather buy other colour foundation