Mariah Yeater Walks Out of Teary-Eyed Interview About Justin Bieber (VIDEO)

Bieber's Baby's Mama?
This woman says Bieber is the father of her baby.
Bieber Shirtless in Miami
Justin lounges around while on Miami vacay!
In an emotional exclusive interview with The Insider (that has been airing in parts throughout this week), Mariah Yeater continues to insist that 17-year-old Justin Bieber is the father of her child. 

When asked by Kevin Frazier as to why she’s just coming forward seeing as the child is already a few months old, a tearful Mariah, 20, responded: 

“I still am.. I’m scared. I was very hesitant. This is a very serious matter [and] it had to be brought to his attention. To everyone’s.”

It was reported last week that Mariah’s ex has come out saying she also filed a paternity suit against him over this child. When asked to respond to this, Mariah first said “no comment,” but then took a long pause seeming to get flustered. 

“Okay,” she said simply before putting her head in her hands. To prove that she is telling the truth, Mariah has said she is more than willing to take a polygraph test. “I have nothing to hide.”

When asked if Justin’s paternity test will prove that he is the father, Mariah answers confidently, “Without question.” As this story begins to heat up, who do you believe: Mariah or Justin? Sound off in the comments!

There was also more than one point where she had to walk out of interview. That portion is to air tonight on The Insider. Check out more of the interview below.