Mariah Yeater Walks Out of Teary-Eyed Interview About Justin Bieber (VIDEO)

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In an emotional exclusive interview with The Insider (that has been airing in parts throughout this week), Mariah Yeater continues to insist that 17-year-old Justin Bieber is the father of her child. 

When asked by Kevin Frazier as to why she's just coming forward seeing as the child is already a few months old, a tearful Mariah, 20, responded: 

"I still am.. I'm scared. I was very hesitant. This is a very serious matter [and] it had to be brought to his attention. To everyone's."
It was reported last week that Mariah's ex has come out saying she also filed a paternity suit against him over this child. When asked to respond to this, Mariah first said "no comment," but then took a long pause seeming to get flustered. 

"Okay," she said simply before putting her head in her hands. To prove that she is telling the truth, Mariah has said she is more than willing to take a polygraph test. "I have nothing to hide."

When asked if Justin's paternity test will prove that he is the father, Mariah answers confidently, "Without question." As this story begins to heat up, who do you believe: Mariah or Justin? Sound off in the comments!

There was also more than one point where she had to walk out of interview. That portion is to air tonight on The Insider. Check out more of the interview below. 



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  • Miranda Brown
    Miranda Brown

    She has not provided anyone with the ticket stub for the concert she claims she went to and she doesn't have the backstage pass either. Both of those things are vital to her claims. Mainly because first off she would have had to have the ticket to even get inside and second in order for her to get backstage-and anywhere NEAR Justin- she would need the backstage pass. There is absolutely NO WAY a random security gaurd will just ask her and risk losing his job if she would like to go back stage to meet Justin Bieber. He would have been bringing unauthorized guests/people to meet him and if I'm not mistaken, that's the ONE THING someone is NOT supposed to do because like in the title of his/her job it's for SECURITY reasons. None of the other girls who were in that group have come forward to corroborate her story. In the interview she did with Insider (or was is it with someone else?) the interviewer asked her flat out if any of the other girls could come forward and support her claims. He did not in any way, shape or form say this question (or any of the other questions he asked her for that matter) in a mean, condescending, or derogatory way. But lo and behold she starts crying yet again, doesn't even answer the question, then gets up and leaves......AGAIN!!!! I don't know why she felt the need to a) not answer it and b) walk out of the room when all he did was ask her a very valid question. I don't see how any of these questions could have made her to start crying but in about half of the questions she starts to. There are also no photos that show both of them leaving to go to the alleged bathroom they went to have sex. One can smell the stink of what she claims is the absolute truth all the way in Japan.

  • Amanda Hughes
    Amanda Hughes

    Sorry typo it's supposed to read *however not before crying first*

  • Amanda Hughes
    Amanda Hughes

    To me, there are so many things wrong with her story and that's why I think she's lying. So even if he has the time it takes to go back stage, pick a girl, and have sex with her (I'm thinking it'll take more than five minutes to do this) before jetting off for his next concert (which I imagine isn't a whole hell of a lot of time), there is a few things that don't add up. 1) NO WAY that a security gaurd will just allow her- let alone ASK her- to come back stage WITHOUT a backstage pass to meet him (as far as I know). She would be tossed on her @$$ faster than can think 'WTF just happened?' 2) Even IF she had a backstage pass, there would be absolutely NO negotiating on the issue of a bodygaurd leaving Justin alone with her for more than 2 seconds (IF that). So assuming that what she is saying is true, they wouldn't have been having sex. 3) Like the interviewer asked, if there were quite a few girls for him to choose from, there should be a least 2, maybe 3, out of those girls who saw her there and are willing to testify to that fact. But instead of answering she up and leaves, however but not before crying first. So short simplified version: I just don't think he would have the time to do any of the things she claimed he did because he does have to get to his next destination where the next concert will be. He doesn't have time to waste. He would need to get to the next city and have a good nights sleep if he wants to perform well for the people who paid for the next concert. And in order to do that he would have to leave straight after said concert Yeater said she was at.

  • Sammie

    Think about it: What about all the convicted criminals and murderers in the world? I mean, have you EVER watched a crime drama on T.V.? They all lie til' the very end. And now that she's dug such a huge pit, she feels like she has to keep lying to cover up her other lies. Also: Her random spurts of crying when asked a "difficult question" seem more out of stalling and embarrassement as she tries to come up with a good enough lie. My favorite part was when he asked if any of the other girls backstage could identify her and her nano-second "oh shit" face.

  • Sammie

    Actually genius, she CAN be charged with rape even if he IS the father. At 19, she still is a legal adult who will be seen in court as a person who could make her own decisions in a responsible "adult" manner. Having sex with a 16 year old is a giant red flag for ANY dumbass over 18. Everybody looks at a person's age and goes, "Uh, too young bro".

  • Sammie

    If she doesn't watch her step, a court may rule her unfit to be a mother and take her child away...But, then that would mean something good came out of all this petty, dramatic nonsense.

  • rory

    people don't need a good and logical reason to go through with something. remember balloon boy? the family just wanted to get on tv and they didn't really plan ahead. if this were legitimate we never would have heard about it. his attorneys would have just given her boatloads of money and she would've let bygones be bygones.

  • rory

    he was *in* europe when all this business started. he hasn't gotten back to the states yet.

  • hi ho
    hi ho

    I think she is emotionally challenged. Really looks like she is making this up.

  • me

    who gives a rats ass who did or didnt do what.just cause they are celbs you people act like they are really think they care a rats ass about you?they only care about their FANS MONEY.WHO CARES!! hope they both go away!

  • Sachin Naik
    Sachin Naik

    Looks like she has already planned every thing in advance to put justin into trouble one could be by changing the test results of justin or saying that justins group has paid money for the lab I hope many witness people should be kept there while testing, justins entire group should be there as well as that womans group so that no one cheats there or create further disputes after the test



  • Valli Graves
    Valli Graves

    Okay im not saying it's true but it's annoying that so many people rule it out. Defending Yeater: 1.) Justin was what before famous? A nobody, a WHITE boy, and a virgin. He now has to have a swag coach to tell him how to dress walk and talk. REMEMBER this was over a year ago...who he was a year ago && who he is now is a lot different. He's fake because he does what everyone tells him to. Also getting all this attention out of nowhere? What 16 year old going thru puberty as a virgin wouldnt WANT to take advantage of that. Yes, she's not that pretty but im sure the selection of the other three girls wasn't any better. Its always those 10 year olds that get invited back stage to meet young seeing a 19 year old??? BING! 2.)Also why would his security guard leave him alone? Hello we all know better than everyone else, that him being new and a hit, this security guard wants to stay on Justin's side && also unless for some reason his security guard was a girl, why would he care if justin wants to shack it up with some random girl. He probly does it daily 3.) Maybe she tried making her ex bf believe he was the father because she felt there would be no way to get Justin to answer her she needed financial support from someone, && if he's not the father...who is?...think about it, what star would want to admit to that, she just finally got her story out to the world.. 4.) Uhm any star obsessed with justin bieber would not pass up a chance to screw him, so going to jail for that is not a big deal && a judge should see "why would a security guard let a girl rape him, only he could make it where the two are alone" 5.) Maybe justin bieber should quit trying to find a way out of it && just take the test fairly. 6.) he's not in europe anymore, he's back && "sick" 7.) him && selena didn't start dating til AFTER this, && honestly he doesn't deserve her he's an idiot && selena is amazing, he's gonna bring her down. 8.) she offered to take a polygraph test. She's not scared of the charges, she's STILL going thru, && honestly Justin's lawyers could just be threatening her because they want her to know "they're working on covering this up && she will be sued if not backed away" Defending Justin: 1.) Yeah she's not pretty why would he want her (answered that) 2.) she does seem pretty fake in this video, like she's fake crying && everything && it makes me like wtf? (maybe she's mental or maybe thats just her) 3.) She could know how to fake a polygraph test && is just hoping justin wont take the paternity test. (okay so why would she go on the news && everything...obviously he'll do something then) 4. She might not like him && just wants to ruin his name (i hate him too && hope his career gets ruined) 5. Why would he go straight from a concert to screwing some girl...where is his family, friends, and managers? So i see both sides, but her side just seems clearer to me. I dont believe her but i dont believe justin either. && all these BELIEBERS are so annoying, like ewww who calls actually calls theirself annoying. You dont even know the story you just hope justin sees you && does what he did to her...not gonna happen, who would give up selena.

  • Valli Graves
    Valli Graves

    Idono who we all is...

  • Starr Proppa
    Starr Proppa

    Well, I dont think he is... that's just your opininon... And is you watch the video good, that tramp is lying.... she fake crying n shit... She needs to cut that shit out!!!

  • Starr Proppa
    Starr Proppa

    What A Lying Bitch!!!!! Justin needs to hurry n get his name outta this shit... I think maybe he had sex with her but all that shit bout her being pregnant for him, FALSE!!!!! she needs to get out of LA LA LAND....

  • team yeater
    team yeater

    justin is the dad and no she cant be charged with rape the lawyers no what they are doing they get paid money unlike all of you saying she will go to prison they wouldint risk that.......

  • Rodz

    she's ugly! justin will never like this girl! she walked out because she can't say anything! she doesn't have enough reasons!!!! Maybe I can call her "The Girl Who Lies"

  • Enny

    Man,that girl is crazy,she asked her ex,and another guy n now Justin.she was fidgeting n why would be stuttering unless you're lying.why would u be scared unless u know u are lying.she was fidgeting like someone is pointing a gun at her n saying:"talk b*tch or ill blow ur head off",u know,thats the expression she during the interview.i saw a pic of her she look like she had just fought her out an asylum w security.the baby does not even look like Justin in anyway,plus how are we sure the baby's not her cousin or something.

  • Nora

    aahahhahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhaha i was literally laughing throughout the whole video, this is pathetic, this womans pathetic.

  • DeSire

    That was my first response too but now thinking about it...for some reason i get the feeling that it could be a lie and that she didnt think about the "rape" issue. thats just based off of her face when she said "He came on to me" .... cop out excuse. but at the same time, if i was a big enough fan to go to a concert, i wouldn't care lol i probably wud have sex with him too lol

  • DeSire

    Even though it takes a quick swab to kick off the dna testing, it IS a serious case with a lot of people on the line so you also have to take into consideration who performs the swab test, who transports it, who processes it, and who explains it. There is a lot of legal work that has to go into it thats a bit more than just a few second swabbing. but i do agree that no matter how tedious or lengthy the process may be, because it is serious, they should jump on it right away

  • Ciera

    Shes lying! He never met her she said her ex boyfriend was the father and another guy Steve was the father. She a fan Of justin and just wants fame.. This isn't the way to get it she going to end up behind bars and hated. For crushing young girls heart for saying that a kid singer had sex in a bathroom at a concert with a 20 year old. Sure his girlfriend selena is 19 but they aren't sexually active. It's not rape. But he being 19 when it happened and him 16 he was a minor. That's low-rated rape. If you look at all his baby pictures on the Internet or at his concert on the big screen the two boys tristen and Bieber do not look anything alike she looking for fame. And putting all this crap On justin!

  • bell

    Why would she lie? If it turns out to be true, she could go to prison for having sex with a minor. I don't know anyone who would openly admit something that would put them prison if it wasn't true.

  • lola

    Why didn't he take the test before going to Europe if he is so worried about his reputation?

  • rorah

    she takes SO LONG to reply to the questions, which leads me to believe that she's making it up as she goes along! And so melodramatic

  • Priscillia

    This is just a big bogus lie. She's fakin everything. Her stories are just not together. Its a lie.

  • Katie

    This chick is wacko...I have to say she is a pretty good actress...I mean I can cry on command too...why would a security guard leave Justin!! It doesn't make any sense! She will go to jail whether the child is his or not!! Haha!! Looks like someone didn't think it threw!! I can't wait to see her "evidence" this trial is gonna be halarious!! <3justin<3 also if she got to meet him would u take tons of pictures...where's hers?? :P!!!

  • Shyanne Torres
    Shyanne Torres

    Lmao , why cant she answer the question ? bc she has to think about what to say ! like really ? she mad stupid , its funny how she said "the security left me & justin alone" ummm ? mad people are around him 24|7 they wouldnt leave him alone with a stranger & plus she had her ex bf tested & he wasnt the father so that means she had slept with other people , so everything coming out her mouth is bs .

  • N

    Why does she laugh whenever he asks her something ??!! anyways i just wanted to say that Justin didn't make the test because he's in Europe and he'll do it as soon as he returns to the US..

  • courtneybaaaby

    i find her hilarious!

  • Rosmery

    First of all justin bieber is in Europe and when he comes back from europe he will take the DNA test which he will come back this week

  • Lauren Brooks
    Lauren Brooks

    Shes lying, look at the state of her.. Little tramp!

  • KeepingItSteezyWithZeezeee

    Even if this whole thing is a lie, she's going to be a BIG deal, and that'll make people want to interview her, which will give her millions of dollars. And she's already a big deal, and i'm sure she made a lot of money off of this deal.

  • Molls

    In that video you can tell she is lying. And she has been coached by her attorneys. They've even had her "clean herself up" by removing all her piercings. She comes across as not being very stable or mentally sound. These money hungry attorneys are leading her on and prompting her to believe her own lie. That's dangerous. She's already accused two former BFs of being the father and they told her where to go. And didn't she already file a paternity suit against her former BF? She's out to get some money, hoping Bieber will settle out of court. I hope he fights her to the end.

  • Raven

    Hey he sang with Usher who is now his buddy. Usher used to be a big icon amongst girls until his "I'm not the father" incident. Guess what, he's the father and his baby mama was also crazy. I hope Justin's the dad. I don't understand that child, he reminds me of a young Drake. A suburban kid sagging his pants yet again and a girl falling for his "charm" and "gangster" attitude. I hope Selena gets pregnant, too. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! HE BETTER BE THE FATHER!!!

  • Shirley Griggs
    Shirley Griggs

    How many times are you going to jump into a pregnancy test, drug test, or DNA test every time someone that wants fame from you accuses you of something. Justin has the right to take his time with DNA test. If you ever was worried about being pregnant when the time was not right most people hurry into taking the test just to not have to worry anymore, perhaps Justin is so certain about his noninvolvement that he feels that he does not need to make her his top priority.

  • Danaa

    Loool seriously though. Why would Justin choose her out of all the other girls.. She ain't THAT pretty.

  • Bridget

    If the baby does turn out to be his...and it IS statutory rape... can you really make a victim pay child support in a rape case? I don't think a judge would support that.

  • ...

    She needs acting lessons.

  • wilder

    this chick is straight up bullshitting she pauses and has to think of what to say everytime the guy asks her a question if ur not hiding anything it shouldnt take forever to answer the question this dumbass just needs to shut up and stop trying to start shit espicially when she has no proof on anything shes saying

  • maria

    those who don't know, Justin will take the paternity test. he's traveling right now and will probably come back in 2 weeks and that's when he'll do it.

  • anonymous 2
    anonymous 2

    this girl is so dumb if she think that this 15 min of fame and this money she getting off these interveiws is worth making her self look foolish in front of the whole world if these test results come back negative. And if they do come back positive we've learned 3 things: 1.justin beiber is stupid 2.justin beiber is a quick pumper(lol:)) 3.mariah yeater is going to jail for statutory rape smdh...the things people do

  • Anonymous

    Justin You ARE THE FATHER, OR JUSTIN YOU ARE NOTT THE FATHER!! You guys really should watch the Maury Show. That show just cracks me up. :^)

  • dont' get it.......
    dont' get it.......

    Here is the tricky part. Even when the DNA test comes back negative (just go with this for a second), she still has "tarnished" his name in that there will still be that little bit of doubt as to whether they actually did have sex. Although her comment that it only lasted 30 seconds ---- bummer for both of them because I don't know anyone who can get the job done in that little of time hahaha. I hope he sues her butt off.

  • Elizabeth

    This girl/woman looks 30. Is she really 20, rough life?

  • Team Bieber
    Team Bieber

    This is BS haha no one believes her and I am glad Justin will take the test when he gets back to LA. This woman is making a fool outta herself and she is dumb and should be sued for all her money. Sorry but it just doesn't add up.

  • meow

    I do think it's interesting that she is trying so hard to look 'believable' and legitimate now. The piercings are out and she doesn't look like some slutty club kid. Those eyebrow-raising pics of her with plastic wrap on her face were cute, right? Yeah, not so much. .

  • Elina

    She's getting payed for that interview and all the others. Of course she'll pretend and act it out till she's proven a liar with the paternity test because of the money she's making.

  • Bethany

    I think this is immature and stupid... why are people starting to believe this Yeater chick. Things like this happen all the time... haven't you heard about what happened to Leonardo DiCaprio? Same thing. She's just doing this for her thirty minutes of fame. In her sick/twisted mind, she probably does believe they had sex, and I honestly don't think he did. I mean, why would he choose her over Selena?! That girl is freaking gorgeous. Plus, I'm so glad she can stand up and call herself a child molester in front of all those people and she will gladly take being charged with statutory rape of a minor. Oh, and I love the fact that she didn't ask Bieber to be in their 'sons' life but to rather just pay her money. Wow, it's a sad day when someone exploits their baby for money and fame.

  • ah

    I believe she's lying or her lawyers are dumb. If he is the father then she can be accused of statutory rape by the state and imprisoned. Again, her lawyers could be dumb.

  • meow

    That's.....just what I said. =) And yes, she totally missed the point. Too busy watching Maury, I guess. LOL

  • Barbie

    This dumb broad is so hungry for money and attention...any chick that would screw Justin Bieber in a backstage toilet seat is extremely low-class anyway...doesn't matter if he's a celeb or not he's still a stranger! Find the REAL father of your child, get a life, and some psychiatric help while you're at it!

  • Nathan

    You missed the point she was takes Seconds to do the swab...which he could have already done if he was serious about it.

  • meow

    To get results of a DNA can take 3-4 days. And yes, editing on Maury cuts all the time they were waiting. But the swab is quick and Justin should have done it right away to get results ASAP and show the world.

  • kk

    I hope that Justin is not the father and this woman is made to be a sicko liar BUT there is doubt .She is willing to take a polygraph,a DNA test and seems so sure of herself. Why would she put her self thru this if she was not 100% unless she is a sicko. Lets see ,who knows!

  • miss.rouso

    my question is.. why in the world would justin pick her out of the many other girls he could have done something with?? she is making things up because once the truth does come out.. everyone will still be talking about her. yes, she'll be the idiot that lied but everyone will see it as "news worthy" you've got some serious issues chick.. just sad!

  • Belieber

    This is so NOT true... We all believe in Justin <3

  • Mitzie James Moser
    Mitzie James Moser

    She's lying.

  • Jamie Estep Carbone
    Jamie Estep Carbone

    This whole thing is very strange! I'm kind of interested in hearing the outcome.

  • Brooke Mills
    Brooke Mills

    A DNA test takes 3-4 days. Despite what u see on Maury (its called editing). And women do this shit all the time.....dont u watch Maury??? lol

  • Brooke Mills
    Brooke Mills

    that b*tch is lying....she just wants her 15mins

  • Jessica

    1. Why would she set herself up to look like the biggest fool in America if there wasn't some possibility? 2. How long does it take to take a DNA test? A couple seconds? If Justin beiber was THAT concerned with clearing his name, he should have opted for a swab the SECOND this rumor surfaced....the fact that this is taking so long leads me to believe that justins "people" are working REAL hard to cover something up. It's all just too weird.

  • John

    She's a lying idiot and her attorneys will be sued into oblivion.