Readers Respond: Were the Sex Scenes on 'Glee' Tasteful - Or Too Much?


Last night, Fox aired a controversial episode of Glee, in which couples Rachel and Finn and Kurt and Blaine lost their virginity.

The episode, titled The First Time, sparked a heap of controversy before it even aired, drawing criticism from such groups as the Parents Television Council. "The fact that Glee intends to not only broadcast, but celebrate children having sex is reprehensible,” said PTC president Tim Winter.

Since so many Celebuzz readers are also self-proclaimed Gleeks, we asked them on Facebook if they thought the sex scenes were tastefully executed or indeed "reprehensible." Below, check out some of the top responses.

Gadis said: "i luv glee BUT.... that sex scene.. i would say yuck.. but i luv the ppl."

Nathalie disagreed: "I thought it was very tastefully done. Very beautifully lighted too. I was a bit worried beforehand but I am very happy with the way they did it. A lot was left to the imagination and it's the way it should have been handled for that show. :-)"

So did Maria: "Tasteful!!! well done, romantic, sweet. we didnt get to see anything, left to the imagination. nonetheless portrays a lot of teenagers experiences these days, thumbs up!"

Meaghan, meanwhile, felt the episode could have used a little more ... you know: "I thought for sure they'd show a bit more, but some how i knew they wouldn't show much with Kurt and Blaine.  I know its a teen show but ....a little more could have been shown to have an even BETTER effect."

As for Mardie, she was especially taken by the scene between Kurt and Blaine, which she called "very heartfelt and emotional. The perfect setup for the later scene."

Ayesha was a fan of both scenes: "It was amazing very sweet and what the first time should be about love and not just giving it up to just anyone because its something that truly means something. For Kurt and Blaine and Rachel and Finn I felt the love."

Reader Kadiyah seemed peeved with the show in general: "Not a fan of the show! Years ago, the intimacy of TV characters was left to the viewers imagination. Now, there's no mystery. Everything is blatant, painfully obvious."

Finally, Amanda was totally on the fence: "I really wish that they would have saved the special scenes for the next episode to allow for more development between couples. all in all, excellent episode, probably most interesting so far! LOVE GLEE!"

What did you think of The First Time? Chime in in the comments below!



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  • So?

    Haha yep, now that they've seen it on glee. Cause the losing your virginity plotline has never been aired on hundreds of shows aimed at teenage audiences before...

  • MonsterBaby

    Well that shows it..... now all the kids wanna lost their virginity :( ....

  • So?

    Then go to the fucking concert. You don't want anything besides singing? Ever heard of plot development? Why even have them in high school if you're not going to touch on one of the most monumental decisions teenagers make? Go buy the cd and stop leaving stupid comments.

  • Nname

    Too much what? Hand holding, staring into each others eyes and being fully clothed? For the love of god, children are watching!

  • oh my god, you're an idiot
    oh my god, you're an idiot

    Were you dropped on your head as a child?

  • Ans

    There wasn't a sex scene!! They were just cuddling, and their hands intertwined. No sex. What is the big deal?

  • ohmygod!!

    no it was too much. people are biased agaisnt shows. they talk about other things and shows but not glee. it was a little inapropriate. it was honestly. it wasnt totally like ohh porn!! ive seen worse. like they werent making out heavily but it was kind of showin you like....not them doinng it kind of. if you sW it yolu would understand. it wasnt so over the top but i didnt like kirt and blain. because like gay

  • alex

    they weren't even real sex scenes! they were lying there. that's all it was... god calm yourselfs.

  • courtneybaaaby

    suupppport tha gays

  • Paloma Vigo
    Paloma Vigo

    I think it was very tastefully portrayed. After the episode, you could understand it wasn't about getting laid. I was about being with the person you love, trying to make that moment as perfect as possible. There wasn't any nudity, topless, and every character was almost fully clothed (Oh my God, they showed Darren's feet, someone sue Glee -sarcasm-). There wasn't any making out in the bed. They were just looking at each other, and thinking about how much love they felt in that exact moment. I applaud Glee for showing both scenes, the heterosexual and the homosexual one, trying to make people understand love is love, no matter the gender.

  • Paloma Vigo
  • Tereasa Claire Allen
    Tereasa Claire Allen

    It was very romantic even though im not use to seeing two getting it on i thought it was real romantic

  • Asequui L Rollins
    Asequui L Rollins

    It was adorable. I mean honestly, they were just holding hands and stuff...How is THAT too much? o.O

  • Crizomar DaSilva
    Crizomar DaSilva

    to to to much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tammy

    too much to see. just keep signing that's all we need to see. close the doors