Demi Lovato Flaunts Cleavage at 2011 Latin Grammy Awards (PHOTOS)

Demi Lovato is one hot tamale!

Sporting a purple floor length gown, Demi took the plunge and showed a lot of skin at the 2011 Latin Grammy Awards red carpet this Thursday night. The starlet stunned photographers as she stepped out flaunting her cleavage in a VERY deep v neckline.

However, Demi wasn't the only actress flashing her curves with a low-plunging dress today...

Meanwhile, across the pond, Gwyneth Paltrow also hopped on board the plunging neckline trend with a stunning emerald Elie Saab gown. The Contagion actress flashed her signature pearly whites (and a whole lot of flesh) with a figure-flaunting dress at the Bambi Awards in Germany.

It looks the ladies of Hollywood have all taken the plunge with this fashion trend! Check out Demi's sizzling hot red carpet look in the gallery above and check out more famous plunging necklines in the gallery below!

What do you think about this skin-showing style? Play fashion critic and let us know in the comments!



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    stttteeeeeuuuuuuppppppssssss!!!!!! ur jus mad cuz ur not da 1st 1 to wear da damn dress, y cant u all stop hatin. u need 2 cum 2 da caribbean n see wat real women looks like. n 4 da record, THICK N CURVY GIRLS RULESSS, ONLY DOGS SETTLE 4 BONES, NUFF SED

  • angie

    shes to pretty to do this. it's like girl we get it, your pretty and now your much older. but dont try to hard! jeez.

  • dave1001

    I'd love to cum all over her beautiful face and tits!

  • Law Student
    Law Student

    Oh please shut up for God’s sake you barmy woman! Most people love her, a few of us don’t, get over it! To me she not special I am defiantly not jealous at all! Or insecure for that matter! She is plain plain plain plain average average average

  • Law Student
    Law Student

    Umm when did I say she could not wear what she wants!? and since when is thinking she is not amazing idiotic?! LOL *loser* *kiss arse*

  • Nickii

    Wow i have never seen so many rude comments. You all who are criticizing her are just jealous and insecure. Grow up.

  • Nickii

    You are an idiot. Leave her alone. She can wear whatever she wants

  • Sarah Jane Lim
    Sarah Jane Lim

    i love demi, but recently she's been showing a lot of boob action and i dont know why... too much boobiessss

  • Andy

    I am very pleased to see that Ms. Lovato has grown up but is not exposing it all like her "frenemy" Ms. Cyrus is apt to do. Very sexy but not naked great combination.

  • lolo mackay
    lolo mackay

    demi is a amazing person and i love the hair and she looks great in that dress if i had her body i would rock that dress

  • danyy

    "nonexistent boobs"? are you kidding me?

  • Karissa

    Shes trying really hard to prove that she feels ok with her body but she needs to cover up her nonexistent boobs. I always knew that her friendship with KimK will not be cool for her

  • Kelly

    You think that's hot check out her latest photoshoot at CELEBU R.COM

  • Law Student
    Law Student

    I think you did when you said 'one of the most beautiful girls in the world' she quite clearly is not! She is very very very very average!

  • hira

    Demi Lovato is a gorgeous young woman!! Wish I looked like her.

  • Krist

    Yes she is beautiful and so is the dress!

  • jen

    She is soooooo pretty.

  • dhsdk664

    That does not make any sense??? I haven't said anything stupid.

  • simplydiffer

    Woah, someone got busty. What happened to that fabulous shade of red she dyed her hair? :'( She looked soooooo good.

  • Tweenbeater

    As soon as you keep your stupid to yourself....

  • B Gree
    B Gree

    She is beautiful. Dress is ugly.

  • Law Student
    Law Student

    Her face looks like her body should be alot bigger

  • Law Student
    Law Student

    Am I the only one who thinks she is nothing special AT ALL? just because she may have a decent personality does not make her beautiful physically

  • dhsdk664

    Demi is one of the most beautiful girls in the world, and yes she looks great and the dress fits her and her body perfectly. To the haters keep your hate to yourself!

  • alexandra

    she does have boobs. don't hate.

  • Kriss

    Demi is a beautiful girl and an amazing person.

  • serra

    she doesn't have any curves, any boobs to show, ı don't understand why she tries this hard. She can look much more pretty in a cute dress.

  • ana

    what is she doing there?

  • Melissa

    You are a Beautiful Women but its sad expecially at your age that the world makes you think wearing a dress that your boobs out is sexy or beautiful or wearing a short dress or skirt is what makes you sexy. I think the celebs need to dress a little more modest expecially the young stars who have young people who look up to them.

  • 5gina378

    She does not dress slutty!!!!! That dress looks great on her body. So if you does not have anything good/positive to say, than don't say anything.

  • haiden

    I love the dress. You must be blind!

  • maryamcullen

    I really Don't like the dress..

  • JadeH

    Im in LOVE with this look, she looks so stunning!!!

  • pepita

    mmmm demasiado escote para mi gusto no me gusta, se ve media puta :/

  • miss.rouso

    stunning! the whole look is perfect.

  • siri

    Your'e a slut! Demi is a beautiful and in-spiring role-model. Demi looks great.

  • Nicole

    I have nothing against her, but she doesn't need to dress slutty

  • lexi

    What a slut!

  • courtneybaaaby

    she always wears the best outfits

  • DeMarco

    She’s got the most incredible body and it is a shame she couldn’t show off more of her great body with that dress She should really make the most of her prime and wear something a bit more exciting instead of concealing her incredible physique.

  • Kayla

    You look so beautiful. Love your clothes and your hair :)

  • @cbefjhb


  • Msjacob Latimore