Giveaway Alert! Nicolas Feuillatte's Holiday Limited Edition Champagne!

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UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed. Thanks for participating!

The most wonderful time of the year is right around the corner! With lots of parties and celebrations coming up, it's the perfect time to grab a nice bottle of champagne for that special occasion.

Not sure which champagne to choose? Celebuzz is here to help! We're giving away one bottle of Nicolas Feuillatte's Holiday Limited Edition champagne -- along with the 35th Anniversary cannister, a personal favorite of Alexander Skarsgard at the Hamptons International film festival.

Think this giveaway is for you? Enter our contest! Here's how to enter:

Follow Celebuzz on Twitter and ‘Like’ us on Facebook, and then leave a comment below telling us how you would celebrate with your Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne. MUST BE ABLE TO SHOW PROOF OF AGE (21 AND OVER ONLY!)

PLEASE NOTE: You must sign in to Celebuzz (or use Facebook to sign in) in order to comment and win.

This giveaway will close on Thursday, November 17th at 9 AM ET.

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  • Denisha Peterson
    Denisha Peterson

    celebrate the drink at a holiday party

  • KH Bride
    KH Bride

    I would celebrate with my husband. Our anniversary is coming up and this would be perfect!

  • Mina Di Marco Rosas
    Mina Di Marco Rosas

    Winter is right around the corner and with winter comes the holidays, this holiday my family is coming from up north and we'll be getting our first house therefore they're all coming over. I would celebrate it in the company of my husband and great family. I would celebrate to our very first home and a many more great years ahead of us.I really hope i win this Nicolas Feuillatte’s Holiday Limited Edition champagne as a housewarming gift. :)

  • Tris Shela
    Tris Shela

    I would toast to a celebrate a birthday milestone that is coming up.

  • linds82

    I would make a toast with Nicolas Feuillatte's Holiday Limited Edition champagne to new business and professional relationships that are successful! What a blessing they are, as they pay the bills :)

  • Kayleigh Sarah Louise Jewell
    Kayleigh Sarah Louise Jewell

    This would be opened on mine and my husbands 2nd wedding anniversary which also falls on the same day we got together which would be 6 years on the 1st of december:)

  • Kathryn Perkins
    Kathryn Perkins

    My husband and I would definitely use it to celebrate our 3 year anniversary!! :)

  • wheat636

    My sister in law is having a small NYE party - I'd bring it for everyone to enjoy!

  • Ade Widiastiti
    Ade Widiastiti

    i would celebrate my dad's birthday next January. after all he's done for the family?..he definitely deserve some champagne.. <3 <3

  • katmagick

    I would celebrate by popping it open on New Years Eve

  • chelyea

    My wedding anniversary is next month. I'd absolutely celebrate with my husband and this champagne.

  • cmpetree

    I'd save it for New Years and pop it at midnight!

  • Kim Holmes
    Kim Holmes

    I would celebrate my 3 year anniversary with my bf, which I just realized was yesterday. oops :(

  • Jennifer Causby
    Jennifer Causby

    We would celebrate my husbands birthday with this bottle! jennifercausby at hotmail dot com

  • danielleakame

    i would celebrate it with graduating nursing school! yay! i think it would be perfect! or i would gift it for my friends wedding toast! she doesnt have any family so her close friends have to make it special!

  • ambermiller86

    I'd celebrate with my husband :] Just.. a random dinner together and pop open the bottle!

  • Jd Drenchek-Scavo
    Jd Drenchek-Scavo

    I would celebrate by opening this on our wedding day

  • Lena Toulhoat Naef
    Lena Toulhoat Naef

    I would celebrate with this bottle of Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne by opening it on my wedding anniversary :D

  • Liza Sanchez
    Liza Sanchez

    a romantic evening, just the two of us alone with a nice botle of Champagne.

  • emorgan223

    None of my friends are going home for Thanksgiving, so we are having our own! This would be a perfect way to top off our first Thanksgivings without family.

  • Catalina Gude
    Catalina Gude

    I would celebrate it with my husband. Me and my husband don't get much of a lone time. Would like to have just a moment to ourselves and enjoy each others company. And celebrate life!

  • greekmamaof2

    If I won I would celebrate with the bottle of Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne by having a nice romantic dinner with my husband . We just celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary!!

  • Yaritza M. Rivera
    Yaritza M. Rivera

    I have 'followed' you on twitter (@karma5o4) and 'liked' you on facebook. I would celebrate with this bottle of Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne by bringing it in to my office Christmas party! After all, when you spend more time with co-workers than at home, they do become family.