‘Hunger Games’ Trailer to Debut on ‘GMA’ on Nov. 14!

'Hunger' Posters
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Hunger Games fanatics: Are you ready for the first official trailer from the sure-to-be-a-blockbuster movie? Then set your alarms/DVRs for Monday, Nov. 14, as Peeta himself (Josh Hutcherson) will unveil the first legit trailer on Good Morning America.

Hutcherson will be live from New York City during the 8 a.m EST hour of the show to unveil the trailer — which is the first full-length release since the quick snippet unveiled during the MTV Video Music Awards in August. The footage, according to Lionsgate, “will mark the first time ever that audiences will be exposed to sights and sounds from the film such as Katniss’ home District 12 and the opulent Capitol.”

The trailer will also simultaneously be streamed on the jumbotron in Times Square for the world to see.

Not quite sure what Hunger Games is all about, but want to get in-the-know? Check out Celebuzz’s very own Amber James’ breakdown on CNN, and be sure to check back here on Monday morning for the trailer!