Justin Bieber to Appear on 'Maury'? DNA Test Awaits!

Maury Povich Invites Justin Bieber to Take Paternity Test
Justin on Baby Claim
Justin Bieber addresses paternity suit. Watch »

The Maury show's infamous paternity test could have one of the most famous names in the world on their next results special -- if Justin Bieber accepts their invitation. 

The Biebs has been caught up in baby drama ever since Mariah Yeater filed a lawsuit claiming she gave birth to his child. 

"We are actively pursuing this story," a spokesperson for the Maury show tells the Huffington Post.

"This would be a huge TV event," Amy Rosenblum, former executive producer of Maury, added. "When I brought the DNA test to TV for the first time on Maury, I had no idea it would still be as popular today as it was then. Maury is trusted by millions of viewers and if Maury told Justin 'You are not the father,' everyone would believe it."

This is the kind of stuff you can't make up: A young woman claims a global superstar is her baby daddy, only to become a media sensation herself, getting the attention of TV execs. Only in Hollywood! 

Do you think Justin should go on the show? Tell us in the comments below! 

Mariah Yeater in Tears!
Biebs' alleged baby momma storms off set. Watch »


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  • Stacey Moore
    Stacey Moore

    its simple, plain and easy....if u didnt sleep with the girl (which i dont know) then ur ot the father...but situations like this...is where ppl especially girls would try to do anything and everything to get all eyes on them...u r a young man whos pursuing their dreams and im proud of u...little dumps in the road like this is not going to break u down on the road ( u have too many supporters)....Put God 1st and i promise everything will work out just fine...just know Without him u r nothing:)....keep ur head up and leave it in Gods hands...one love stacey Moore

  • MJ

    What I can't understand is WHY would you take a test if you did know even know this lady nor sleep with her! Uhhhh, GUILTY!!!!!!! What a little twerp and not a fan!

  • iSpeakTheTruth

    Just because Justin is a famous superstar, doesn't mean he isn't still a teenage boy. And he's gonna do what teenage boys do and one of those things is having sex when they get a chance! Now, I doubt that he is the father of her child, but it's still a possiblity.(He has a penis too ya know!) I mean he's famous with fans of all ages and is in the public eye, so you know he won't say EVERYTHING,... of what he does in his life, and won't answer EVERY question that the media asks. He's gonna let the good things out, and the bad things private. And don't any of you dare say he doesn't do bad things because we ALL do in life!!! So what do I think? Well, I just want the damn results! Oh yeah, and it would be a total hit if he was on that show, like they said, Maury would have HELLA RATINGSS,...!!! So, should He be on there? Yes!:)

  • angel.

    I like just but i'm not that much of a fan but I just know he's not the father. People make up storys without thinking the plan through. Hope he does go on the show and show them that he is not some slezzy guy people make him out to be. The way I see it he loves Selena Gomez and so far I like it that way very cute couple.

  • Dina Mitchell
    Dina Mitchell

    I think he should go on the show to prove to this woman that he's not the child father. Also prove to his fans because they all are wondering if he is or not. So dont wait to go to court, just go on maury.

  • thisbitch

    lol He should go on, 'cause if he is the daddy, we'll all laugh as his career empire slowly falls around him >:D Or we'll laugh at the chick who lied and watch Justin sue the hell out of her XD

  • kat

    Justin, take the test and get it over. If you not the Father...the world will laugh at the accuser.

  • Sigh people V.V
    Sigh people V.V

    I think Justin is lying... but yet again.. that lady's face and how she answered the question she seemed to have something she is lying I'm not sure but i will watch the interviews and find the answer for myself

  • Krishnaman Shrestha
    Krishnaman Shrestha

    this oldy has no manner and don`t think about her reputation before the money and publicity

  • belieber

    justin should take the test cause we all want to know..and even though justin is the father of that baby, i will never and ever hate justin.i still gonna be your biggest fan.. but i know justin will never do that.. xoxoxo

  • savannah

    I am a huge justin fan and i feel soo bad for justin he is getting acused for something he didt and wouldnt ever do i think he should go on so we can all no i love you justin and i belive tht you are NOT the father of tht baby as someone else said is she just wants the attention and the fame but i dont think justin is going to give her too much of any of tht

  • WhoYoDaddy

    Not to mention he/she looks like a freakin' t w a t t in that inset pic...what a mo...

  • WhoYoDaddy

    I think even Baby Bieber can freakin spell WHAT correctly!!

  • WhoYoDaddy

    Hollywood Boulevard is the only place in America I'd give terrorists a attaboy for taking out.... Obviously I'm just kidding, but if one city had to go, that decadent dump would be my choice. That place is destroying America's values and morals, history. This country is like a third world cesspool compared to when I was born here in 64. God help us but he won't until we help ourselves and clean up that dump and now.

  • a dude
    a dude

    Is Justin Bieber really a woman in costume? Because it's like baby, baby, ooh..

  • Kim Green
    Kim Green

    Why would Justin hookup with someone that looks like that she looks like trash

  • Vash

    I say he should go on there so we can see how much of a joke he is. I hope he's the father so that everyone can see how much of a d-bag this kid is. Loser.

  • JLo

    Lol I like how they put his head on a woman's body in the picture.

  • Justin bieber
    Justin bieber

    Thx for all the support everyone but i still don't know wat I am going to do yet

  • britteny

    justin should take the test we all wants to know the result

  • Teacher

    Not that I'm a Bieber fan, but giving Maury a ratings bump has no useful purpose in this world. I'm sure taking the 'baby daddy test' on Maury is far down on the priority list for Bieber's booking agents. How about Joe Walsh as a guest- maybe he won't owe all that child support after all?

  • courtneybaaaby


  • unitedbiskets

    Justin's people would not let him get in the same room with someone who is either so deranged or so malicious she would make up huge public lies that damage Bieber's hard won career. She's doing it to get attention and make money, and it's working. It's a shame Justin has to waste his time on this, and he is not going to reward her with more attention than necessary to make her go away.

  • Justin Beiber's Mother
    Justin Beiber's Mother

    Bieber sucks. . . though I really hope he does have that Baby Baby Baby OH! t(;=;t)

  • HannahB

    JustIn should definitely go on the show. I would love to see the DNA results live but somehow I dont think he would do that :(