Justin Bieber to Appear on ‘Maury’? DNA Test Awaits!

Biebs' Wardrobe Whoops!
Justin Bieber arrives on stage with his fly down.
The Maury show’s infamous paternity test could have one of the most famous names in the world on their next results special — if Justin Bieber accepts their invitation. 

The Biebs has been caught up in baby drama ever since Mariah Yeater filed a lawsuit claiming she gave birth to his child. 

“We are actively pursuing this story,” a spokesperson for the Maury show tells the Huffington Post.

“This would be a huge TV event,” Amy Rosenblum, former executive producer of Maury, added. “When I brought the DNA test to TV for the first time on Maury, I had no idea it would still be as popular today as it was then. Maury is trusted by millions of viewers and if Maury told Justin ‘You are not the father,’ everyone would believe it.”

This is the kind of stuff you can’t make up: A young woman claims a global superstar is her baby daddy, only to become a media sensation herself, getting the attention of TV execs. Only in Hollywood! 

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