Lea Michele Gets Her ‘Glee’ On in Los Angeles (PHOTOS)

'Glee' High School Photos
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This week’s episode of Glee had everyone talking thanks to not one, but two controversial sex scenes — and whether you loved them or were against them, the show must go on, so Lea Michele and crew are back to work!

Michele was rocking some fashionista-worthy double plaid as she strolled on set, sporting a black-and-grey poncho paired up with a cream-colored plaid skirt. Lea skipped the plaid for her all-black leggings, and was otherwise accessory-less save for a brown paper bag that she was lugging around. Apparently, it was a great day on set, as Lea tweeted on Wednesday:

Still shooting in our mystery location.. Can’t wait to go home and watch all my favorite shows tonight!! #TopChef & #AmericanHorror :)!!!!! … Great day at work today with @chordoverstreet and @CoryMonteith :) Heading home to watch tv now!!

Mystery location? Well, all we really know about these photos is that they were somewhere in Los Angeles … so the mystery remains intact!