Porcelain Black Tells Celebuzz: Tom Cruise Turned Me On!

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Celebuzz is totally crushing on the “Naughty Naughty” Porcelain Black!

She’s got rock star style, a sassy attitude and a dirty mind — what’s not to love? 

In a racy interview, the singer opens up about her wild youth, her unique style, getting hot over Tom Cruise, and her big celebrity crush!

Were you a troublemaker growing up?
I wouldn’t say I was a troublemaker, but I did do whatever the f***k I wanted and played by my own rules. I stayed out way later and probably didn’t even come home half the time.

So you were good and not getting caught, then?
Yes. That’s the key. Don’t get caught.

Was there ever a time you did get caught and couldn’t get out of it?
Yes. I snuck out of my house. I used to sneak out through the basement window and climb up to the road behind the house where my friends would pick me up. I dislocated my knee in the car and had to go to the hospital and the hospital called my mom. She thought I was in bed.

Now you have a rigid schedule you really have to stick to. Are you glad you got that out of your system?
I mean, you don’t have to party all the time to be crazy and have fun. I have an awesome team around me and we have fun no matter what. I’m definitely just trying to focus right now and be on my A-game. Working hard pays off.

How did you come up with your stage name?
Porcelain is a nickname I’ve had since I was little. I originally was called Porcelain and the Tramp, but everyone thought I was a band, so I just ended up naming the project that. I wanted to revamp everything so I changed it to Porcelain Black. I kept Porcelain and added my favorite color.

What made you decide to dye your hair two-tone?
Two and a half years ago I just went for it. My hair has been every color of the rainbow so I just did half black and half white.

How do you come up with your wild fashion choices?
I just like different pieces. I don’t know what I would call my style, but I really like vintage and high-end pieces a lot. If you have a vintage piece, no one else can really copy it.

You have the only original song in Rock of Ages. How did that happen?
The song is called “Rock Angel.” I got the part, but I don’t have any lines in the movie. It was cool meeting Tom Cruise, Russell Brand and everyone there.

Were you nervous to meet them?
No, not really … I just thought it was crazy and larger than life. Adam Shankman was so great. Tom Cruise was rad. He was really nice and just chill … I knew he was hot but I didn’t expect [for him to turn me on]! (laughs)

Who is your current celebrity crush?
Eminem, because I grew up with him and I’ve always had a crush on him. And we both think the same way because we’re from Detroit. I don’t know man, I think we should just get it over with already…

Are you dating anyone?
No, I’m single.

What can we expect from you coming ahead?
We’re going to do two videos – one main one and one sort of underground one. I’ve got some shows coming up to promote the single.

Take a listen to Porcelain’s new song, “Naughty Naughty” below: