Porcelain Black Tells Celebuzz: Tom Cruise Turned Me On!

Porcelain Black talks to Celebuzz
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Celebuzz is totally crushing on the "Naughty Naughty" Porcelain Black!

She's got rock star style, a sassy attitude and a dirty mind -- what's not to love? 

In a racy interview, the singer opens up about her wild youth, her unique style, getting hot over Tom Cruise, and her big celebrity crush!

Were you a troublemaker growing up? I wouldn’t say I was a troublemaker, but I did do whatever the f***k I wanted and played by my own rules. I stayed out way later and probably didn’t even come home half the time.

So you were good and not getting caught, then? Yes. That’s the key. Don’t get caught.

Was there ever a time you did get caught and couldn’t get out of it? Yes. I snuck out of my house. I used to sneak out through the basement window and climb up to the road behind the house where my friends would pick me up. I dislocated my knee in the car and had to go to the hospital and the hospital called my mom. She thought I was in bed.

Now you have a rigid schedule you really have to stick to. Are you glad you got that out of your system? I mean, you don’t have to party all the time to be crazy and have fun. I have an awesome team around me and we have fun no matter what. I’m definitely just trying to focus right now and be on my A-game. Working hard pays off.

How did you come up with your stage name? Porcelain is a nickname I’ve had since I was little. I originally was called Porcelain and the Tramp, but everyone thought I was a band, so I just ended up naming the project that. I wanted to revamp everything so I changed it to Porcelain Black. I kept Porcelain and added my favorite color.

What made you decide to dye your hair two-tone? Two and a half years ago I just went for it. My hair has been every color of the rainbow so I just did half black and half white.

How do you come up with your wild fashion choices? I just like different pieces. I don’t know what I would call my style, but I really like vintage and high-end pieces a lot. If you have a vintage piece, no one else can really copy it.

You have the only original song in Rock of Ages. How did that happen? The song is called "Rock Angel." I got the part, but I don’t have any lines in the movie. It was cool meeting Tom Cruise, Russell Brand and everyone there.

Were you nervous to meet them? No, not really ... I just thought it was crazy and larger than life. Adam Shankman was so great. Tom Cruise was rad. He was really nice and just chill ... I knew he was hot but I didn't expect [for him to turn me on]! (laughs)

Who is your current celebrity crush? Eminem, because I grew up with him and I've always had a crush on him. And we both think the same way because we're from Detroit. I don't know man, I think we should just get it over with already...

Are you dating anyone? No, I’m single.

What can we expect from you coming ahead? We’re going to do two videos – one main one and one sort of underground one. I’ve got some shows coming up to promote the single.

Take a listen to Porcelain's new song, "Naughty Naughty" below: 

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  • poisongirl

    Rock n roll? LOLWUT. If you think this is rock n roll you're deaf dumb and blind. This is garbage. If you want rock n roll listen to Joan Jett.

  • poisongirl

    this girl has no class. homeless looking or not, he's the one laughing all the way to the bank in one of his lambos or hummers...

  • Cynthia

    Porcelain is too fucking classy for that nasty ass homeless looking scumbag.

  • Cynthia

    When the fuck did music become about calling people out? Who the fuck cares if she's a name dropper, starstruck wanna be artist or not. The fact is she IS signed and she IS making music that is being heard around the world. Whether she does or does not make a song with Eminen doesn't really matter at this point. Home girl did a song and video with Lil Wayne. It's just gonna get better while you fans, friends, supposed fans and friends or acquaintences all sit back and watch. Just enjoy the music. It isn't about her damn life. Its about her vision. Let her do what she's gonna do regardless.

  • poisongirl

    EW BAM. Stop screwing these hookers and get back with Missy. This one is just as classy as the one with tattoos on her face...

  • Alexandria Miller
    Alexandria Miller

    It's amazing that some people have time to worry about her personal life. Her Porcelain and the Tramp's work and her Porcelain Black work are awesome and are on my iPod. Her music is was matters.

  • Tegan

    I'm am so sick of hearing about "Oh she's not rock n roll... blah blah fucking blah". For one thing, Hole's music isn't even Rock n Roll if you want to get technical. Courtney's music followed more Pop guidelines than anything, you tell me that "Celebrity Skin" was NOT fucking Pop with some Heavy guitar riffs... and don't get me wrong, I think Courtney is great. BUT It was her attitude that made her Rock n Roll. While Porcelain's sound isn't 100% Rock, she is inspired by Rock n Roll. Her attitude is Rock n Roll. Her message is the same one that made people fall in love with the whole rock n roll movement, don't be afraid to express yourself and be yourself, don't let anyone determine who you are and what you do. It's life, live it your way and fuck the haters. The select group of people who keep bringing this up and think you're the keyboard warriors of rock music are narrow minded about music, though I'm sure you claim yourself to be a pro. Music is about being innovative, thats the beauty of it, it's sound is forever changing. It's taking different influences and trying to create your own. Really, Genre is only a thing that should exist so you can find your CDs in a record store. You're totally missing the fucking point!

  • Kitty

    Ew! Who the hell would want to be the next Cortney Love? She is washed up as all hell and her music SUCKS. As far as the "next" lady gaga, I sure hope she is because Porcelain is much more attractive and her music is dancey like Gag's but the delivery is much better. I LOVE what Rock & Roll looks like- it looks like Porcelain! <3

  • Stella

    I'm so tired of everyone referring to this poser as "rock n roll". Her music is extremely synthasized and produced by RedOne, she performs in leotards and has back up dancers. And most of all, she has to refer to herself as "rock n roll". Please, just because you growl doesn't mean you rock. She's the next Lady Gaga, not the next Courtney Love.

  • Starla

    How is this proving any points? You sit there too scared to reveal your real name to back up your mouth. "i am not gossiping i know shes reading this so im simply proving my point that she used nate when we were kids to get a jump off" -Yeah you ARE gossiping and still not proving anything except that you were never a true friend (if you even hung out with her in the first place). "as far as that comment she made it pissed off alot of people back home." -Really? Which comment? The one she said that she grew up with EM or the one where she said that she had a crush on him? Either way, there is no reason anyone should be angry, says a lot about you & your crew. If anything you would think that it would make you laugh but "pissed off"? You're making people beside yourself look like fools.

  • unknown

    yeah actually they do ...everyday.

  • unknown

    i am not gossiping i know shes reading this so im simply proving my point that she used nate when we were kids to get a jump off and she knows what im talking about. and lol for all of you who think they will be releasing a single together, you will feel dumb when you relize theyre NOT. im not attacking her by any means i think shes talented and driven but as far as that comment she made it pissed off alot of people back home.

  • unknown

    No..nathan his brother. google it.

  • Starla

    Hey "unknown" nameless person who is supposedly friends with Eminem's brother- why don't you use your real name? Is it because it would make you look like a s*** talking idiot with nothing better to do? That's what it looks like. If you used to hang out with her, why don't you just call her up yourself and tell her what you told her in your first comment instead of telling all of us anyway? And if it's because she no longer talks to you and has forgotten all about you, then I wonder why- but it's not too hard to figure out. "she shouldn’t be name dropping like that bc I just told them about that comment..nate told his brother and they laughed bc he doesn’t know her" So you read this and then ran to tell Nate what she said and he ran so quickly to tell EM? Yeah okay, it that's true then you've proven my point. No wonder why she no longer speaks to you. Perhaps you should graduate the 7th grade physically AND mentally because right now you're just a little kid who takes pride in tattling and gossiping. Hey Chicken Little- the sky is NOT falling, okay?

  • trainwreck

    I'm pretty sure she dated his nephew...

  • Ha!

    You realise Eminem and Porcelain are releasing a single together? So dude, you're a fucking tool.

  • ha random
    ha random

    Riiiiight like he really hangs out with and listens to his loser brother...smh.

  • Tina

    Apparently Eminem has done a song with her for her album though? It would be awesome if they did because their voices would be awesome together.

  • unknown

    because I used to hang out with her all the time she lived in rochester michigan and never 8 mile lol nathan and I grew up together and I still talk to him and his girlfriend who also knows her. I'm not putting het talent down by any means but she shouldn't be name dropping like that bc I just told them about that comment..nate told his brother and they laughed bc he doesn't know her. she tried to get backstage to meet em this year and nate told him not to talk to her so he didn't.

  • Starla

    Hey "Unknown", how would you know if she's met Eminem or not? Did you grow up near 8mile? Even if you did, how is it your place to say what she's done and what she hasn't?

  • unknown

    Alaina lets be real..you dated nathan his little brother when you guys were kids and you got lucky if you met him one time. You NEVER grew up with eminem lmaoo settle down

  • Alex Larsen
    Alex Larsen

    I have no idea who this person is, but she has awesome hair.