Should the Muppets Host the Oscars? (POLL)

Dancing on 'Muppets' Set
Jason Segel and Amy Adams bust a move!
Now that the Oscars are without a host, movies and puppet fans alike have nominated the Muppets to take over the MC duties.

We don’t know who started this petition, but we love it! Think of the opening number! Envision all the gowns Miss Piggy’s juicy legs could trot around in! Gonzo and his chickens could do reenactments of the year’s nominated films!

With the upcoming Muppets movie, the crew has already done a number of movie parodies THAT WE LOVE. Here’s a spoof of the Green Lantern trailer, roasted to perfection: 

The possibilities are endless, really. Plus no matter what they do it would be way more entertaining than last year (with apologies to Anne Hathaway and James Franco).

What say you Celebuzzers — should the Muppets host this year’s Oscar Awards? Take our poll! 

Update: It appears our dreams have been dashed. Billy Crystal just tweeted:

“Am doing the Oscars so the young woman in the pharmacy will stop asking my name when I pick up my prescriptions. Looking forward to the show”

Even so, the question remains: is this the right choice? Team Muppets forever!

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