Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2011: The Sexy Pics (PHOTOS)

Million Dollar Bras
Victoria's Secret's most expensive bras through the years.
Exclusive Pics!
Celebuzz's backstage VS photos!
Celebuzz was behind the scenes at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on Wednesday, and while we’re still working on the goodness that we were able to get hanging with the supermodels backstage (stay tuned for that today!), it just wouldn’t be right to hold these photos from you until then.

Whether it was Miranda Kerr, Adriana Lima or any other Secret girls, there was a whole lot of color, a whole lot of skin, and very little clothing — which will surely make for one massive television special once it airs on CBS November 29. Until then, all you can do is flip through the photos above, wonder what it must be like to be that beautiful … and then have a snack and remember that life ain’t so bad.

Check out the photos, and as we mentioned, be sure to check back with Celebuzz later on Thursday for our special behind-the-scenes feature! Want us to just send it to you? Sign up for our Facebook feed!