Exclusive: ‘Potter’ Stars James & Oliver Phelps Give ‘Hunger Games’ Cast Advice

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Although millions of fans were left devastated when the Harry Potter film series came to an end this past summer, fear not — as this is only the beginning of HP’s legacy!

With the release of the eighth and final film (Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Part II) on Blu-Ray and DVD Friday November 11th, Celebuzz was lucky enough to chat with James and Oliver Phelps (who portray George and Fred Weasley in the films) at — wait for it — the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

That’s right, we sipped some Butterbeer (delish!), stopped by Hogsmead (so fun!), then sat down with the guys to talk about all things Harry Potter.

How does it feel to be back here now that all the films are done?
James Phelps: It doesn’t really feel like it’s ended. There’s always something going on, and there’s always such excitement around the park.

How did you feel the first time you came to the park?
James: We were a lot like everyone else. We just kind of looked around in amazement. We had done some stuff to prepare for the park a couple years ago, like recording for rides.
Oliver Phelps: Yeah, we thought it would be good, but in the other sense we just thought it would be a few things with Harry Potter stickers on them. Then you come here, and the attention to detail is incredible. Like for example, on the film sets, you’d knock on the wall and it’d be hollow, whereas here, it’s real.

What would you recommend to doing first?
JP: The Dragon’s Challenge is pretty fun it’s obviously the main ride. There are other great parts, but we made the mistake of doing them all at once.
OP: Yeah, we get to go to the front of the line, which is great in theory, but you get it done in like 20 or 30 minutes.
JP: Not great for the stomach.

What are some of your craziest fan encounters?
JP: The premiere in London was pretty crazy. People kind of saw it as an end to their childhood.
OP: Yeah we we’re kind of like, “It’s ok!”

What was it like to see your character die in the last film? Was it emotional?
JP: It wasn’t emotional because I filmed it. As I filmed it, I just kind of lied there and went to sleep. [Laughs].
OP: I think it was emotional for everyone else. The reaction really just kind of hit home for everyone.

Was there any death in the last one that was particularly hard for you to watch?
OP: I mean Snape’s death was really hard-hitting for a lot of people.

Hunger Games, another book series turned (soon-to-be) film is getting ready to hit theaters, and there have been a lot of comparisons to Harry Potter. Do you have any advice for the cast and the journey they’re about to embark on?
JP: Whatever you can do, do it. We definitely have the “You can sleep when you’re dead,” mentality. When we go on press tours, it very much just like “go here, do this, do that,” because it’s pretty unique.
OP: Just run with it and enjoy it.

Are there any moments from the books that you wish made it to the films?
OP: There’s a couple. Definitely the swamp scene from The Goblet of Fire.
JP: It’s hard to say, because even with the first one, if they put everything in the film it would be like seven hours long and that’s the shortest book of the series.

We’re sure there are some people who would sit down and watch the whole thing.
JP: I think there would be. [Laughs]

These films are pretty dark, what were some funny on set moments?
JP: I remember in The Order of the Phoenix, there’s a really serious scene and they’re getting reactions from about 20 people, and the camera pans down and ends on Rupert [Grint] and he just starts laughing.

Would you guys considering going to back to the red hair ever again?
JP and OP: No. [Laughs]
JP: It’s funny because when we first got the role, no one really believed that we did. It wasn’t until we kind of showed up with the red hair that people started to take us seriously.

Don’t forget to pick up your copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II on Blu-Ray and DVD out now! And act fast, because shipments of all eight films stops on December 29th!