Kellan Lutz’s Post-‘Twilight’ Goals: Less Smiling, More Butt Kicking

Kellan's Gun Show
The 'Twilight' star shows off his buff biceps.
Kellan's New GF!
Lutz walks the carpet with his new leading lady
Kellan Lutz and Nylon Guys hosted a party in West Hollywood Thursday night, and Celebuzz caught up with the busy actor who has Immortals coming out this week and Breaking Dawn: Part 1 next Friday. While Twilight may have been Kellan’s breakout role, Immortals showed him where he wants his career to go.

“I love action movies, that’s where I want to spearhead my career,” Lutz told us.

But there is one habit that he has to kick first …

No, not bad eating (you’ve seen him shirtless right?), but smiling!

“This happened all the time on [Immortals], we’re doing the epic battle scene on set, a long five-minute fight, and I have learned all my weapon training, which I love, but I was grinning ear to ear! They are like, ‘Kellan you’re a God, you’re about to kick ass, but you can’t be smiling so much!’”

“I really had to fight that,” Lutz continued. “I had to work on not smiling. Then they would push in [for a close up] and they were like, ‘Kellan you are smiling with your eyes’. I was like, ‘What do you mean by that!”

Still, with Kellan’s action-packed roles come injuries:

“I grew up with so many brothers and I just love to push myself to the limits. I have no tattoos, so scars are my tattoos. I just messed my hand up big time filming Java Heat.”

“It’s a big practical action movie, which means they use real explosions. I had to get all gelled up for this one fireball RPG scene, which is a missle — the fire is going over your head, you are literally on fire. And I did it again! I was smiling! You can only blow up a building once so you have one take, but we got [the shot]. It was great.”

What do you think readers, do you see Kellan Lutz being the next Jason Statham? We think action flicks are the perfect genre for him!