Kristen Stewart on 'Dawn' Sex Scene: Rob's the 'Thruster' (VIDEO)

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As the days until The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 slowly tick down, the press blitz is on for all of the film's stars, and Kristen Stewart found herself in Jimmy Kimmel Live's chair on Thursday night for an interview that was a bit awkward thanks to Kristen's shyness, but eventually she opened up about some of the juiciest parts of the film.

Rocking a seriously short green dress and high heels that really flaunted her legs, Kristen was her normal nervous self as Jimmy peppered her with questions about her life, fame and then eventually about Twilight. Kimmel seemed particularly interested in the sex scene, which he called surprisingly "explicit," and asked Kristen to explain just how they kept it PG-13, and what exactly can make or break that rating.

Kristen said that while Rob has blamed her for being the boundary pusher in the sex scene, he's ultimately "the thruster" and had control of the situation. Still, it's not so much the movements that can tip the ratings, but other little things.


"It's weird what tips you over ... like noises. You see the results of [motioning with her hands]," she shyly explained before cutting herself off. Hey, even the interview has to be PG-13!

In more child-friendly news, Kristen said the wedding scene got her all sorts of emotional, not just because of the every-girl's-dream aspect of it, but because it seemed like a graduation of sorts for all of the Twilight cast.
"It felt too real, almost. It was coming to the end of the series and maybe it feels like this at normal weddings, but it was almost like 'aw, all of you guys!'"
Dawn opens nationwide on November 18.

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    Thanks for the link Lisa22 i bookmarked that site.

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    Could you imagine viewing them filming that? Kristen making noises and Rob thrusting? asdfhaduspfhasdpfsdh

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    Beautiful, goofy, endearing gorgeous Kirsten - her outfit really show of her long..legs! I love her hair ponytail too. yeah ... indeed Kirsten, it's all about "noises" and " thruster"...blame it all to your bf Robert :)!! I can't believe BD1 is in the theather Friday - this year have just gone by!!

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    You know men when it comes to Twilight, they become such little babies! I love the Twilight series! Breaking Dawn - Part 1 is going to be amazing!

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    Elin Börjesson

    Yes! Yes! Yes! OMG it's almost here! Breaking Dawn - Part 1 is going to be huge! I can't wait!!! I'll be going on opening night with all my girls! Let's go girls! Woooo!