Plunging Dress Fashion Rewind: Demi Lovato vs. Jennifer Lopez (POLL)


If you've got it, flaunt it!

Last night, Demi Lovato sported a purple floor length gown and flaunted her cleavage in a VERY low-plunging dress at the 2011 Latin Grammy Awards. The sexy look had us remembering Jennifer Lopez's infamous green Versace dress that she wore at the 42nd Annual Grammy Awards back in 2000. Although J-Lo was first met with a negative response from critics, she turned that style into must-have fashion statement.

Two sexy gals -- one very hot look. Who wore the cleavage-baring dress best? Vote in the poll and sound off in the comments.

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  • serena-m

    j. lo duh! the original. and also. the better color and flow of the fabric. she can just pull of the dress better with her personality. demi's dress, i love her but, dun like the color and the cut mixed together.

  • Beyonce Stan
    Beyonce Stan

    Her stans are smoking something if they think Demi is better looking than JLO. Get out here with that BS. Still cannot stand JLO as a person though.

  • Bubblegum

    Demi can wear whatever she wants but she really is not showing cleavage. She is showing her chest. Pretty much half a boob. Cleavage is made when they are shoved together. Maybe I'm old school but to me, J-Lo looks best. I read earlier that Demi's dress was on backwards.

  • Laura

    Demi looks better, great colour, amazing dress and always look beautiful.

  • Yuly

    Definitely Demi Lovato. Color is beautiful and she looks beautiful, her dress is less revealing than JLo's.

  • ADE

    Demi is really beautiful but she is going overboard with the clothes she is wearing I know she is an adult but still she has little kids looking up to her.

  • joanna

    none of them. both dresses are hideous and completely revealing.... showing off your arms and legs is one thing but a plunged neckline is too much. (but the color of Demi's dress is gorgeous)

  • ADE

    demi is so gorgous but I think she is showing to much cleavage

  • teilaaa


  • Kist

    Demi win, she is beautiful.

  • DeMarco

    It is a shame that Demi couldn’t show off more of her great body with that dress. She should really make the most of her prime and wear something a bit more exciting instead of concealing her incredible physique.