Paula Abdul Breaks Down During ‘X Factor’ Elimination (VIDEO)

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Thursday night was elimination night on the X Factor and for the second time in a row, Paula Abdul found herself in an unfortunate situation with two of her groups in the bottom. The four judges are required to vote an act off after watching them sing one last time, but Paula had a major meltdown when asked to cast off one of her own beloved groups.

It was between the R&B boy-band Stereo Hogzz and the all-American girl group Lakoda Rayne. Both have been having a hard time identifying with the audience, as the Stereo Hogzz were in the bottom two last week as well.

We all know Paula can get … emotional … but did she not realize what she signed up for? Perhaps she didn’t expect her groups to ever be pitted against each other, but it was bound to happen at some point.

As the seconds were ticking down on the clock, you could tell host Steve Jones, who is thought to be the first thing changed for next season, was getting flustered trying not to go overtime. Simon Cowell could clearly see that Paula was having a nervous breakdown, so he stepped in and controlled the situation.

Eventually Paula realized if she abstained, the Stereo Hogzz would immediately go home because judges Nicole Scherzinger and L.A. Reid already voted them off, so she indicated she wanted the Stereo Hogzz to stay to give them a chance and let Simon decide. Simon voted the boy group out and that was that.

Check out the drama for yourself in the video above. She starts breaking down at about 2 minutes in.

What do you think? “Poor Paula” was a worldwide trending topic on Twitter last night. Do you feel bad for her too? Let us know in the comments.