Robert Pattinson Has a Stand-Off with Jimmy Fallon (VIDEO)

RPattz & KStew Kiss!
The two stars smooch on set.
Breaking Dawn Premiere
Robert Pattinson & Ashley Greene at Breaking Dawn Paris premiere
Kristen [Stewart] was so good at this game,” Robert Pattinson told Jimmy Fallon of his girlfriend during their Late Night stand off on Thursday evening. The host challenged The Twlight Saga: Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 star to a bow and arrow darts dual and RPattz got the first shot!

Both dressed in a protective clear body wall, the men were to shoot three arrows at each other from a close distance with three scoring zone. Whoever has the most points after three shots is the winner. RPattz’s first shot totally missed earning him zero points. Luckily, Jimmy missed also.

So who won the stand-off?

RPattz’s second shot was aimed at the crotch area which would gain him 20 points. He was a bit shy of his target but still earned five points for hitting the torso. His last shot, however was a success, earning him 20 points and winning the game! RPattz, 25, Jimmy 10. 

The Twilight heartthrob has been making the rounds on all the shows this week. He has appeared on Fallon, Late Show with David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel LIVE, TODAY show and LIVE! with Regis & Kelly.