Armie Hammer Thinks His 'J.Edgar' Character is 'Too Sexy' (VIDEO)

'J. Edgar' Trailer
Leonardo DiCaprio stars in the biopic. Watch »

Okay, Armie Hammer, we get that you're REALLY good-looking -- there's no need to rub it in our faces!

When Rolling Stone film critic Peter Travers asked Armie to express his J.Edgar character, Clyde Tolson, through song, the hunky actor excitedly jumped at the chance to show off his singing chops. 

His song of choice? Right Said Fred's infamous "I'm Too Sexy"!

Armie currently stars in the Clint Eastwood-directed biopic, J.Edgar, opposite fellow hunk Leonardo DiCaprio. Armie's character, Clyde, is Leo's right hand man and alleged love interest (the two share an onscreen smooch!). 

So is Armie's character really "too sexy for his shirt"? Check out J.Edgar in theaters now to find out! 

Meanwhile, enjoy the original rendition of "I'm Too Sexy" in the video below!



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