Pucker Up! Justin Bieber Blows Kisses in Spain (PHOTOS)

Biebs: Hola Brazil!
Justin Bieber greets fans.
How lucky are the Beliebers in Spain right now?

Justin Bieber hit Madrid earlier this week for his European promotional tour. Sporting a thick knitted sweater, JB waved to fans gathered outside of a TV studio before blowing kisses to the crowd awaiting down below. Hope Selena Gomez doesn’t get too jealous!

Not to worry, SelGo has been accompanying the Biebs to all his European stops. The happy couple popped by Ireland for last week’s Europe Music Awards before they were caught holding hands in Paris. Tres cute!

JB is set to visit the UK this Sunday — so be sure to follow Celebuzz on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr for more Justin Bieber news!