Exclusive: Kendall & Kylie Jenner Pick Up Stylish Sisters Award, Talk ‘Hannah Montana’ Lifestyle (PHOTOS)

Kendall Hits The Catwalk
Kendall Jenner makes her runway debut.
Kendall and Kylie Pics!
The Jenner girls through the years!
Kendall and Kylie Jenner were honored in Hollywood last night at the Style Awards, where they picked up the award for Stylish Sisters. The gals proved it was well deserved because they hit the carpet looking amazing! Kendall wore a dress by Lulu Blue and Kylie was in a keepsake skirt; both wearing Giuseppe Zanotti shoes.

Celebuzz chatted with the the girls backstage and they talked their fashion must-haves, modeling, new cars, and how they stay grounded through it all.

CB: Congrats on picking up the Stylish Sisters award!
Kylie: Thank you!
Kendall: It is such an honor! 

Do you feel more pressure when deciding what to wear to something like this?
Kendall: Not really, I don’t feel pressure. But I am excited and honored to be accepting this award. I think it’s really cool to be able to come to something like this, especially when fashion is such a big part of our lives.

How would each of you describe your style?
Kendall: Edgy, but fun. Definitely colorful…but at the same time edgy! It’s a mixture.
Kylie: I would say simple. Simple colors, and more texture. I want to be different, but it’s really whatever I’m in the mood for that day!

What have Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe taught you about fashion?
Kendall: Our sisters definitely took a big part in our style choices and we definitely learned things from them, like how to put things together. We have evolved our own style though.

When you girls go out, whether it’s to a red carpet event or just hanging with friends, what do you have to have in your purse? 
Kendall: Really, just my cell phone!
Kylie: Cell phone, lip gloss, black eyeliner, powder … that’s about it! Oh, and a mirror!

Happy 16th birthday Kendall! Hear you had a party Saturday?
Kendall: It was so much fun! Yes I did, at the Andaz. A bunch of my friends came and my family, obviously.

Have you been driving your new Range Rover all day?
Kendall: Yes! I did drive it a little bit with my dad today. It’s such a nice car, I can’t get over it. I still don’t even feel like it’s my car though! Like, I get in it and I feel like it’s my mom’s friend’s car.
Kylie: I don’t even feel like it’s her car!
Kendall: Today, [Kylie] is like where is my computer? I was like, I think it’s in my car — wait my car? That doesn’t even sound right.

Did you know you were getting a car?
Kendall: No, it was a total surprise!
Kylie: I was in on it! I knew for a while.

Did you just drop some hints to your parents? Or steer them in the direction of a Range Rover? 
Kendall: I knew I wanted a Range Rover, but I seriously did not think I would get one! I had no idea that was going to happen. I went and looked at different cars as well, my dad took me to a bunch of places. I just never expected that, I thought there is no way that is going to happen. Then it did! I was so excited, I cried!

You girls are very grounded for being so famous. Is it hard to balance this red carpet life with being just normal 16 and 15 year old girls?
Kylie: We go to school, so that helps a lot.
Kendall: School definitely helps, it really does.
Kylie: If we didn’t go to school it would be hard, but school brings us back.
Kendall: And we love going to school! We really do. We love being able to have that aspect still in our lives. It’s like being Hannah Montana and living two lives! We love it, and we love being able to have our friends. It is a little weird sometimes, especially when they come up to us, like our friends at school don’t expect us to be like that.
Kylie: At all
Kendall: They just think of us as normal kids because we’ve known them since kindergarten.
Kylie: They don’t know this side of everything.

So what is next for you girls outside of school? Will we see you model together again anytime soon? Or are you going to keep going solo Kendall?
Kendall: I’ve been solo, so I’m staying solo. We’ve done some fun shoots together, but it’s never going to be a set thing [modeling together].

Congrats again girls!