Who Is Jennifer Lopez's Rumored Boyfriend Casper Smart? (PHOTOS)

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Jennifer Lopez On the Floor
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Jennifer Lopez has reportedly found romance once again with her backup dancer Casper Smart. Despite the nearly 20 year age difference, J. Lo is 42 and Casper 24, the two are reportedly an item. 

TMZ.com even posted a pic of the newly single mother-of-two posing with her dancer backstage. So who is Casper Smart? You may not know the name but he's performed with everyone from Beyonce Knowles to Nicki Minaj. Click the pics to find about more about Jennifer's alleged new man. 

Casper has tweeted about the rumors (sorta), writing on Saturday: 

"I wish ppl would get there info right!!!"
As of this past weekend, he was still on the road with Jennifer, even writing:
"In San Fran bout to hit the stage with @JLo #JLO and the dope @JLoDancers !!!!! Leggo!!!"
This isn't the first time J. Lo would have fallen for a dancer. Her former husband Chris Judd danced on the set of her "Love Don't Cost a Thing" music video, in Sept. 2001. Their marriage ended in 2002. 


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  • Beatrice Harvey
    Beatrice Harvey

    So far from what I've seen, he's butt ugly and he's nothing to write home about. He could use a huge makeover that will help him alot, believe me!

  • Beatrice Harvey
    Beatrice Harvey

    Wowsa! Jennifer is HOT! Her so called rumored boyfriend is not! Not by a longshot! Well since we all know who is now, he's a broke bum!

  • Lissa

    I think Casper will end up being hurt. She is on a rebound. Does not stay with her relationships. He looks like a kid compared to her. Look at what happened to Demi Moore. She looks old now and he does not want her anymore. JLo has problems.

  • Julia Orayen
    Julia Orayen

    It's actually a nice and helpful piece of info. I'm glad that you shared this useful info with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing.

  • Nicholas

    Thanks Connie!!! We really owe you a huge giant motsner-sized thank you for supporting Dave and the Schmutz Company and being so amazingly accepting of the stuff that we do at the Schmutz Lodge.

  • Jacqueline D. Cruz
    Jacqueline D. Cruz

    how does one have a "supporting lead" role COLOR ME CONFuCiuS CASPER, y not. smh

  • cathy

    good for her. At the end of the day, she is JLO and can do whatever the hell she wants. So, if she wants to tumble in the sheets with a young fit man, then good for her. After being with Marc Anthony's skinny ass, it's exactly what she needs!! =) power to her! Go head with your bad self!!!

  • nubia

    No this woman need to stay on her own for a while. She caant divorce three months later she is seeing a little boy. No man that is disgusting. What kind of example is she setting to her little girl. Come one. She needs to be alone for a while and find herself first and figure her self out because clearly she doesn't know who she is judging by the different men in her life that all of different colours and cultures. Clearly the problem is with her so she needs a bit of time out.

  • Alex

    I think she's lookin for a good compagnon someone more reliable and honest

  • bronxgem

    J-lo needs to give up that ghost.... she done tasted the rainbow and it's sour.

  • Sartain

    I think she is interested in being a cougar now so she would be the more mature one who’s in control of the relationship and has the power while showing how sexy she is and how she has such strong sexual needs.

  • AlaBella

    Her relationship with Cris Judd didn't end well. Just sayin'

  • Lydia Roberts
    Lydia Roberts

    I’m glad to see Jennifer Lopez happy again and having fun in a relationship with Casper Smart after all that she has been through even though he is 18 years younger than her. Casper Smart is so lucky to have such a sexy, curvaceous and sensual woman be a cougar for him. I have always liked younger men. I have never dated or had sex with anyone older than me – it hasn’t been a conscious choice, just a fact. I love their youthful energy, it makes me feel young. Not that I am old – really, 35 isn’t, and society is more accepting of cougar relationships these days.
So beware guys the cougars are on the loose – and if they lure you in you might just be in for the best ride of your life.