Kim Kardashian: Thanks To My Loyal Blog Dolls!

Kim Kardashian
Kim's Message to Fans
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Hi everyone! I just wanted to thank you guys for all your support these last two weeks. I took a break from blogging for a while, but I’ve missed you guys so much and I want to start sharing my updates with you all again.

I’ve been reading all your comments on here and, as always, my loyal blog dolls have been nothing but supportive. You all know who you are, so thank you! I love you guys. Kim xo



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  • RadioEuforia

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  • Jae

    Kimmy I admire you n your family very much. Only you n your fam know what you are going through. I believe in you and know that you will pull through such hard times. People talk a lot and that's on an everyday basis. Continue what your doing n ignore the negativity. You have a very supportive family and in life that's all you really need. <3

  • Chesie Camingay
    Chesie Camingay

    funny how some people still defend this gurl...shows how stupid you are to believe that she actually cares about each and everyone one of you....SHE DOESN'T GIVE A DAMN!! Get it through your thick skulls...she needs fans bcoz she needs the ratings && the money. How pathetic...if you can defend someone who cares about no one else but themselves...shows how selfish you are just like KIM K. Why are people treating her like as if she was GOD...she got famous from a sex tape. Maybe the supporters should make a sex tape too so maybe one day it will be in the public eye and you will become a selfish && inconsiderate bitch just like your so called "celebrity" KIM K. wake the fuck up people

  • ana

    you post get a life at the end of every post my question is who has the kind of time to go throw every post bashing kim and writing a response.seriously take your own advise.. you sound like such a loser defending someone that doesnt give a flying shit about you! for being a true non-hater you sure hate alot on anyone that doesnt agree with you "GET A LIFE"

  • ana

    they could have fed all the starving children in africa with all the money they spent on the wedding.Saved lives but instead it was used to throw one of the most over the top unnessisary wedding in history and thats what it will be remembered as and kim will be remembered as this girl with millions of dollars that has never in her life done anything to help people in need.she has the power to save countless lives but instead she would like you to vote for her brother on dwts. sad

  • AlaBella

    Take all the breaks you need, Kim. The less we see you, the better off we are!

  • A true non-hater
    A true non-hater

    are you mad that you dont have fame in your life. if you feel that way why did you even log on to this site. either way what you feel does not matter this is a democracy not a detatorship so get a life and find something positive in life o and by the way you cant speak for the whole america.

  • Brit

    Fuck this FAT BITCH!!!!

  • A true non-hater
    A true non-hater

    but your kid will know that you obviously watched the tape of kim and the things that she was doing so how do you explain to your kid that you watched it. then commented on it on a website of the person who was in the tape. how do you explain that if you were so over it you would not have responded to it. get a life.

  • A true non-hater
    A true non-hater

    that is so funny because if a child inmitates what they see on tv what does that say about the parents. if the parents dont explain to there children what real and whats fake or whats on tv and what is real life how is that kims fault. she is not even in your home. her shows are only on for a hour a day. or per episode. your kids are home with you for 24 hours. wth. you should be the example for your kid not a tv personality. stop blaming kim and get a life.

  • A true non-hater
    A true non-hater

    Kim, Let your haters be you motivators and let God heal your heart and rejuvenate your heart. I would love to see you work out your marriage. I think it should be off camera and out of the media. But there are some fans out here that support you. Your clothes rock, And your perfume rocks. and you are fabolous. Put on your christian louboutins and let the haters hate, and keep it moving.

  • A true non-hater
    A true non-hater

    you guys boycotting will not change whats already in her bank account. and if you were really people that did not like her you would not comment or even visit her site. Point being wether you like her or not. She still is gonna get paid. whether you support her or not. if the money or whatever didnt come from you get a life. Bottom line her clothes are cute and people will buy them cause they are cute not what kim is doing in her private personal life. and her perfume smells great. so get a life and ambitions of your own. judge lest you be judged. go look in the mirror.

  • Yadi Flores
    Yadi Flores

    Your a strong woman Kim & I admire you!!(:

  • Yadi Flores
    Yadi Flores

    Be stong Kim!!(:

  • ole witch
    ole witch

    the reality is that people, especially females, young females do imitate kim in what she does, buys, dress, etc this sends a verry bad message to young females if i had a daughter she would no longer be watching the k dash family im done with it

  • Jenny

    Hey JAZZY, maybe try typing normal and never call someone stupid when obviously you are fake and stupid :) xoxo, Jenny <3

  • Chole

    Oh so you would have divorced someone 72 days into the marriage that's sad..

  • Nathan

    You're gay

  • Ryan

    She's cool cause she divorced in 72 days..?

  • Kim

    Julie you are completely right.

  • Noel

    Um Michelle isn't a idiot. You are more so the idiot since you believe whatever the media says.

  • lanam

    are you a nun? dont watch what you dont like...and become a nun to pretent you better then others

  • lanam

    Kim is lonely and has no man in her life. Do you think it making her happy? Kim, be truthfull to your loyalists, show your mistakes and stay strong. Dont act like you are week. keep your head straight and shoe no waivaring. Speak your heart, become a spkeswoman for a cuase. Yse your popularity to do good in this world. Kris was not your-type...good for you to not waisting your time on him. Marriege is not in him maturity-language yet. You can take a break from making lots of money and use yoru time to start 'feed-the-hungry' program...or something of that source. Be relatable, speak your mistakes. Be your own my mom said...if you will nto protect yourself,,,who will.

  • Selby Yagel
    Selby Yagel

    When will your next sex tape be ? ,loser,...........LOL

  • Unsure

    So I'm going to assume Kim Kardashian herself won't read this but hope she will, I'm seventeen years old, I'm from Australia, and I've been watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians since I was fourteen, possibly earlier. So for the past three years or so, I've been thinking 'hey Kim Kardashian is a pretty strong, inspirational woman, she's hardworking and gets what she wants' but now, I guess I don't really know what to think, you see from what my understanding is, marriage is a committment and its a forever one, it's not something you jump into and it's definitely not something you jump out of. What I'm saying is you don't just go around declaring your unconditional and everlasting love to someone and 72 days later file for divorce, isn't 72 days far too soon to call it quits on a life long commitment, I'm not trying to be a 'hater' or anything, just in my mind, I do not understand how someone with so much status is so comfortable to call it quits and make a mockary of marriage. Do something real, be a real person, because thats what real people want to see, we wanna see real people fall in love, for real, forever, that's whats beautiful, and no amount of makeup/photoshop/nudity can substitute for that. Thank you

  • Ana from Melbourne, Aus
    Ana from Melbourne, Aus

    I believe until you have been in the situation you cannot comment. I believe in trying to make it work however, WHEN YOU KNOW YOU KNOW! Good on you for following your instincts Kim! Wishing you all the best!

  • JJean

    Michele is right Kim you needed to give it a chance and not just run. Did you ever concider yourself to be to much of a princess? maybe you need to come back to earth and realise that it takes work to make a marriage.

  • nunew1228

    Hey kim hang in there sweetie its never easy its his lost!! I knew he was not for you he was an prick! I have been trying to get in touch with lamar i just got tired of trying my son name is lee harris and its just to much to go into on here if you get this i wld like to go into further details you shld have the email thanks

  • Liana


  • Linda Wineteer
    Linda Wineteer

    Kim you made the right choice though it may of been just a little late. I watching the details up to the wedding, it was very clear that he no respect for you or any of your family member's. Don't look back and stop looking for love in every man you meet. When the time is right, God will bring him to you. Just be patient, love all you girls and your family. Tonight, Go all the way Rob!

  • elle

    Still much love! Happy you can be in control of your own destiny! Screw the H8ers, they hate cause they cant have.


    fok of kimmy

  • maira1222

    I dont understand how some ppl dont like the kardashians but yet they take the time to post comments on their pages or blogs. If you dont like them, then dont read or see anything about them! its that simple

  • Theresa

    Oh come you say that on every post? Something must be bothering you to feel so much hate towards this family. They all stick with each other through and through and even through the midst of media backlash, their family ties get stronger. They may do things that not all of us agree with, but who's to say no one else has gone through the same situations, or one's like it -- where they deserve to be treated with hate? I may not agree with everything they do but I love them all anyway! They are hilarious and a lot of the good they do gets covered up or doesn't get any attention. AND clearly all you haters still care about them, otherwise you would steer clear of commenting any of their blogs and news articles. You do realize they probably get paid for each comment and click? :) Love you Kardashian's and Jenner's! Keep on Keepin' On

  • Julie

    what a fantastic idea! The only reason she's blogging is because people have caught on to what a fraud and money hungry family they are and she's desperate to stay in the limelight. You're a joke Kim and your time is up.

  • Sana

    Hey Kim Just stay strong and i love your show and i will keep seeing it and Also say good luck to your brother Rob i really want him to win dancing with the stars and I can't wait to see it tonight i can't wait

  • Holly

    I have to say, I'm very disappointed in Kim K. How do you make such a big deal over a "fairy tale" wedding and keep going on and on about how in love you are, to throw in the towel 72 days later? I mean, you spent more time preparing for the wedding than you did staying married. Makes no sense at all. It makes everyone, including her fans, that have watched her feel absolutely dumbfounded. I won't be subscribing to anymore Kim K drama. The only one that seems to be the purest is Khloe. She keeps it real.

  • aaaaa



    is good that you take your time! i wish you the best. Saludos from MEXICO, CAMPECHE

  • kidneykraziness

    You're welcome Kim! Love ya!

  • Jenna

    Patty, there are always going to be idiots like Michele.

  • Jenna

    Patty, there are always going to be idiots like Michele.

  • Isabel Alejandra Díaz
    Isabel Alejandra Díaz

    You take your time Kim, we all love you and support you!

  • janet

    ppl must really bored n stupid if they take the time to write negative things, whoo cares what they think. they should get a f'n life n ef off your business if they dont like u kimmie.! your the bestt <3.

  • Lion in the Winter
    Lion in the Winter

    Sorry BUT there is nothing appealing about a woman who found fame by being peed on in a publicized sex tape. Nothing whatsoever. Nor is there anything appealing about the father who made his money off of defending OJ Murder Simpson. Fake wedding, fake people, fake appeal. I would love to see America turn its back on people like this and find others who offer something of substance to account for their celebrity status.

  • The KarTRASHians
    The KarTRASHians

    Can't stand this whorish pimple on America's backside. Every single thing she says/does is to make her and her mother another $ - nothing more. The Kardashians represent the lowest nadir of America - excessive consumption with NOTHING of any value to show for their pimping themselves out.

  • Kamala Rana
    Kamala Rana

    kris always needed to be down to earth since beginning which everybody has seen...n kim jumped directly into marriage which was supposed to be slow n better understanding...but still there's time to remake all of it.. love you kim..this time take an understanding u xoxo n u r strong!!

  • Jessica Lind
    Jessica Lind

    hey kim just wanted to say, forget what everyone is saying about you, you are a strong individual and have to deal with alot of stuff people say about and your hubby have your reasons why you guys decided to split but its none of our business...i wish people would just learn to mind their business about certain issues. Love ya girl!.....xoxo

  • Chrissy

    Hang in there Kimmie!!! You'll get through this just fine!

  • Souad Wehbe
    Souad Wehbe

    wlcm Back Kimmie I miss u sooo much love u doll <3

  • olessia

    awww, be strong babe!!!! xxx

  • krystal

    Kim, just stay as positive as possible. You shouldn't have to be subjective to all the negative comments that people are saying. Just continue focusing on your healing and just take some "ME" time. Hope all goes well. BTW- good luck on the tyler perry movie. Enjoy your time with different people and soak in all the good times that comes you way.

  • Miz.B

    YAY!!! Im so happy your back. You should never let "No One" or "Anything" get down, always walk with your head up high. In life we have our ups and downs but that doesn't make you any less. Ppl need to understand the oh well it didn't work for you, who cares, oh well keep it moving. I really like you and your family. I think you guys are so hilarious ♥ …… Stay strong that after a hurricane comes a rainbow.

  • JJ's Mommy
    JJ's Mommy

    Ok, so I am not going to bash Kim for all of this. I think they were in a whirlwind romance and got caught up in the moment. You could see in Bora Bora they were never going to last. He mocked her about her earrings. Kris was never the right guy for Kim. She wanted to get married & live the dream, and she fell for the guy who finally treated her right. I know the feeling of being caught up in the moment. Once those wheels are in motion, its really hard to stop them. I understand. I think they should have at least tried marriage counseling, but thats their decision, not ours

  • JJ's Mommy
    JJ's Mommy

    Ha Ha, thats my husbands Bday. Boy would he be happy with that

  • Cary


  • Sylvette Marie
    Sylvette Marie

    Dont Worry Kimmy you take all your time that you need its your life we just see you on TV and have fun with your crazy fam. Love U all :)

  • Good Bye
    Good Bye

    I am an ex fan and a single mother and don't want my daughter to grow up and make a sex tape where the guy pees on her... how could you have done that? So over you and your publicity stunt of a wedding.

  • patty

    Are you kidding me ? He loves $$$ Not KIM !!

  • jazzy

    i love kim kardashian&&,all thhe kardashians andd jenners. there soo funnny.&&,all the mediaa&&,magazinne peoplee are soo stupidd. theyyre aa ricch family thaat people are soo jelouus oof. soo whaat iff kimm gott aa divorcee soo early, itts herr liffe. shhe knoos whatss shes doingg. and everyonne elsse doesntt kno what itss likke too bee them. i love all oof you guyyyss :))))

  • Cara Cazinha
    Cara Cazinha

    soooo glad to see you blogging again!! We missed you!!!

  • Ashley Oakes
    Ashley Oakes

    I would have done exactly what you did, Kim. You're a smart, successful, & beautiful woman--all the negativity people are throwing at you and your family is ridiculous! I suppose it just goes to show a person can never make everyone happy, no matter how hard they try. There is too much hate and envy in this world for a person to step back and look at the whole picture. You have my support. Good Luck and may God Bless you and your family ♥

  • bing

    well, she was okay and really, i couldn't care less about her issues.. it just really annoys me how she could throw away a marriage just like that.. she said she married for love but then went on and said something like she was already having doubts even before the big event but was just pressured that's why she went through it.. ftw.. she's pretty and all but she just seem so FAKE.. even when she did that event after announcing her divorce and looked sad.. well, she looked fake-sad and staged and phoney.. i like her sis khloe better..

  • judy

    kim,not bashin you . jus given you sumthin to think about ! ''real people ( as in everyday ppl who have money issues n health issues , etc know when they get married its for better or worse , sickness and in health !! i have been married since 4/09 ... my new hubby has endured all my health woes ( stroke n dianosed with sle lupus that will one day most likely take my life as it is attacking my liver ... also due to ins co stopping my benifits n waiting the 2+ years til i was approved benifits n ins co was forced to reinstate my benifits ... we were within inches of losing our home n had to go on welfare to eat !! i was a mgr and hadda leave my job after 25 yeafs service point is .... we endured ''real '' in sickness and in health , for richer or for poorer !!! we are committed to one another .no matter what ... we compromise , we talk , we disagree, but thru it all we know we are here forever n love one another .... we met on internet , he was from tulsa oak n im from pittsburgh pa .. we met , fell inlove n were married within 7 MONTHS !!! please think about this n give it another try or atleast put a hold on your divorce n spen time getting to know your husband before you jump to rash decicion ... no one needs to have input but you and kris !!! he seems to love you very much ... and i believe you love him ... marriage isnt perfect n anyone who tells you it is is lieing !! good luck n God bless you .....

  • maira1222

    Hi kim please stay strong there's alot of people that love u and your family. Ignore the negative comment out there and just think about all the great things that are yet to come. yes your going thru a very hard situation and alot of people go thru it and dont get call out or bash for it, but yet you do because your in the spotlight, people must not forget your a human being with feeling just like us. your the only one that know why and we must respect that. Stay strong and dont let any of the negative comment bring you down.

  • Preety Kaur
    Preety Kaur

    hey kim.. I'm a huge fan of yours. i understand that you are going thru some hard times. just wanted you to know that what ever decision you have made or about to make, i'm always there to support you and will always be a loyal fan of yours. i know divorce is ain't easy, may the lord bless u with all the happiness that u need also the support u need. you have a great family so i'm pretty sure u will pull this hard times off as easy as possible. take care kim. love you always.

  • Jessica Kore'
    Jessica Kore'

    love ya keep the faith!!! xoxo doll

  • CER

    Hi Kim, I hope things work out for you. My daughter 5 and I love you and your family. Please take all the time you need to heal you are such a beautiful young woman take care of your heart! Love ya doll xoxo God Bless

  • kaitylove

    i just wanna say i am a HUGE fan of you and your sisters...i am a high school drop out and a single mother of 1 and you and your sisters inspire me to be a better person for my daughter...i to am going through a divorce my husband i werent even married for a year before he cheated and left me and our daughter...i wish you all the best!

  • IEd Rivas
    IEd Rivas

    Love ya kim!!

  • Priscilla

    I think her wedding was a bit hasty, but I feel sorry she have to go through a divorce, those are never something to be taken lightly, especially a super public one! Feel better, Kim!

  • Lorraine

    She should take as much time as she needs on her break from blogging. I like Kim Kardashian; there's a lot of Kardashian bashing going on, but I'm not one of those people. I think she's pretty cool... Leave her alone.

  • not hot now
    not hot now

    Who is going to be the next "IT" Girl? The Kardashians and Jenners are not popular anymore.

  • For Immediate Release
    For Immediate Release

    KARDASHAIN FREE ZONE DAY NOVEMBER 27, 2011 Mark your calendar... Boycott E Channel

  • Michele Cox
    Michele Cox

    grow up and get back with your husband he loves you