Nikki Reed Pens 'Breaking Dawn' Song, 'Now That I Found You' (AUDIO)

Twilight star Nikki Reed and her hubby Paul McDonald have finally unveiled their latest collaboration: a duet!

On Monday, Nikki called into On Air with Ryan Seacrest to premiere their lovey-dovey duet, “Now That I Found You,” which will be featured on the Breaking Dawn soundtrack. Nikki revealed that her American Idol husband wrote the melody, and she penned the lyrics!

Listen to the track and let us know what you think.

McDonald opens the song, “I hope your eyes just smile forever, only once I’ve told a lie / I hope these days go on forever and always right by your side / you’re all I want to know for the rest of my life.”

“Now That I Found You” is set to hit iTunes this week.

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  • Sunny

    I think it's a cute song. I'm actually pleasantly surprised. Can definitely hear it on a Twilight soundtrack.

  • Brandi K
    Brandi K

    I love it... and it will be on the soundtrack on Part 2....

  • efifs

    nikki has a better voice then paul

  • Alyssa Harris
    Alyssa Harris

    I don't think it's bad at all...she actually has a really good voice! It's a sweet song :)

  • gigbug

    it cant be on the soundtrack Nikki said they recorded it two days ago

  • Laura

    I don't know what she's talking about, this is not on the soundtrack...

  • Jill

    Im sorry but this is just awful and the timing is quite suspect. Hate to be cynical but just eww. Sad what people will do for attention. And I try to find the good in everything but there is none here. I have tried so hard to give her the benefit of the doubt but this just .......

  • May

    I think I am going to gag

  • Jacqueline D. Cruz
    Jacqueline D. Cruz

    the execution is just a bit off, i dont know. its not bad it jus sounds .. amateur /: